Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gratitude~Day 7

I'm grateful for modern technology!
For this computer I'm writing my blog on!

For the internet that lets me connect with all of you!

For Hulu that lets me watch shows I missed on TV

For videos that can be sent to a Grandma who is away
from her Grandson for a month!
(Thank you Sara)

For Instagram that lets me see Tiger's first barbershop haircut!

For cell phones that let me hear my sweet Tiger say
"I love you" 

I am so grateful for all this wonderful technology and the way it keeps us in touch with each other!



Gina said...

Technology is definitely something to be thankful for! It really is amazing!

Anonymous said...

It really is pretty amazing now that you bring it up ... when I was born we had a black rotary dial phone with three old nosey neighbors listening to every conversation. Look at us now!!! We've come a long way, haven't we?!

Sue said...

grateful for technology that keeps me from doing housework all day long because Facebook has become an obsession and it keeps me in the loop what daughter in NYC is up to!!

Susan said...

Oh yeah, Linda. Those are great things to be grateful for. I "ditto" each one! susan

Nellie said...

We have come a long, long way from my childhood! I wonder what will come next. Technology is wonderful - when everything is working.:)

Romeo said...

Isn't that the truth!!!! I love Skype for visiting with family, as well as the same things you mentioned! Life is good yes?!

I hope the world is treating you kindly!

Hugs and Purrs,

"Her" and Romeo

BECKY said...

Hey Linda! I'm sorry I've missed your other Gratitude Days. I'll have to go back and try to catch up. I agree with your items of today...but I didn't know about Hulu! I gotta look that up!

Jane and Chris said...

It can be a blessing or a curse depending on how we use it.
Jane x

Old Fashioned Gal said...

I agree Linda! Technology is great! I still can't get over how cute you grandson is! :) We're hoping for a boy ;)

Sarah said...

Amazing world we live in! I'm grateful too for the technology that keeps us all connected.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I agree! I love all of the wonderful conveniences! I have to add a hubby that knows how to use them all and has the patience to help me! heehee! Big hugs!

Chatty Crone said...

I totally agree with you Linda - So nice to be in touch! sandie