Saturday, July 30, 2016

Junkin' with Donna & The Pink Post

I had a junkin date with my friend Donna (Distressed Donna Down Home)
We had to reschedule it due to my unplanned surgery but we were able to set a new date.  This time I drove to Augusta to meet her and see her booth!
We hit several thrift stores and antique malls during the day.  Now I confess to trying to take photos with my phone several times but it just would not work!  Too Hot? 
Who knows, but we had a blast and as the day progressed most of my purchases had a common theme...PINK!
So here is the Pink Post!
This bowl was $1 and the decorated edge is raised and just so darn pretty!
This big stoneware crock is a lovely shade of PINK!
A sweet little Fire King berry bowl and an orphan shaker for my collection
This Hull pottery pitcher was so unusual and had so much PINK on it and was such a great price I had to have it.
A pretty PINK flower frog for my growing collection and I also found
this clear glass oval frog with large holes for candles.  Great prices on both.
These PINK pottery bookend planters had to be my favorite purchase.  A pretty low price and when I got to the checkout, 1/2 price!!  Score. 

Donna and I had lunch at The Boil Weevil Cafe in Augusta, GA.  Such a cute little cafe and the sandwiches were excellent.  BUT, the desserts are out of this world!  I got to choose a piece of cake since we were celebrating my Birthday and it was a really hard choice. I finally went with the Coffee Toffee, layers of chocolate cake with a hint of coffee iced with coffee buttercream and dark chocolate genache!   Our waiter added a drizzle of raspberry over the whipped cream.  So this is probably the best cake I have EVER had!  Huge piece which Donna and I shared and I still had some to take home.  I would drive back there just for that cake! 

Donna and I always exchange gifts! 
I was able to pick out some things from her booth.  This PINK chalk board that Donna made and this PINK quilt that I saw on her blog and requested she save for me!  As always we had a great time!  Donna blogged about our adventure here so you can check out her great finds! 

Blogging Friends and Junkin Buddies
are the BEST!

Wishing you JOY,

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Friends & Fun Finds!

It is the slow hot days of July right now so not much going on
I did receive a few things in the mail that I wanted to share with you!
I have a collection of glass blue birds of happiness and my sweet friend Melanie found a pink glass bird and sent it to me! What a great surprise!  I love it! 

On Intsagram I guessed right and Shara sent me these cute goodies!
I love this vintage formica chip keyring and she also sent a necklace made with feedsack fabric! 

Since I missed my birthday party in June my friend Sue sent me a package!
Sue always gives the best gifts!
Look at these Paris plates and napkins and Pink Flamingo glasses! 

I stopped in a couple of my favorite thrift shops and found some goodies!!
This little cup with a bird on the handle was so cute and 10 cents later was mine!
I don't buy much Pyrex but when I saw this small casserole in great shape and only $3 well I knew I had to buy it.
I still buy orphan s&p shakers and this elephant and wooden shaker from the Smokey Mtns made the cut.  The pink doggies? just cute and pink.   .50 each!
PINK milk glass!  $3!!  
Two little Shawnee miniature vases for .50 each so I got both and will share one with my friend Claudia  who collects them also. 

So that is about it!  I'm healing well and my energy is coming back.  Mom is setteling in next door and having her close by is great!  The Grands are having a busy summer and growing like weeds!
I hope your summer is going well!

Wishing you JOY,

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Flea Market Fun

Thank you for all the good wishes.  I'm healing and doing really well.   I should be back to normal soon!

Before the gallbladder/pancreatitis attack I went to the Flea Market and today I'm sharing my few finds!
This adorable vintage print caught my eye and it reminds me of Scout so for $2 I brought it home!

This pretty milk glass vase is a gift for one of my friends so I'm not telling you the price, but she knows I'm a bargain hunter!
The white planter was marked .25 so I bought it and the lady asked if I like the green one and when I said yes, she gave it to me!  Now that is a score!
She also gave me this plastic egg carrier and all these little containers that will fit in the box also.  Great for crafting.  It was getting near noon and I think she was trying to get rid of stuff even if she just gave it away!
I paid $1 for this little ceramic elf and I love him.  He does need a good bath though.  I also bought a few plants but the deer found them yummy also and ate them after being planted in my front yard!

The Grands went to the mountains for the 4th of July weekend and here are some photos!  I love these two so much!
Tiger painting! He did lots of hiking and other fun stuff and even got a chance to use his new kayak!
Scout had a great time exploring!
and playing with Boomer
(Blake's Grandmother's dog)

My friend Carter was here for a few days to visit and help me out while the kids were in the mountains. We had a nice visit and Mr. Toes is back here now!

Wishing you Joy!