Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Grands!

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo once again...sigh...
I hope it will come back soon. I have things to say and 'junk' to show you. 
Until then I thought I'd share some photos of the Grands!

He loves Kindergarten and is doing really well.  His teacher is great and quote 'makes learning fun' unquote!
He is getting to be such a big boy.
He is going to the YMCA after school program and learning to play Soccer. I can't wait to attend some games.

What can I say
She is adjusting to daycare and has made friends that she plays with.  
She continues to love books and
and food...the messier the better!
Her curls make us all smile!

Of course brother and sister are best friends!
Enjoying smoothies together
Learning new things!

These two are the light of my life!
I am one lucky Grandma!

(all photos from Sara & Blake Tabb)

Wishing you JOY,


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

National Thrift Shop Day!

Who knew? 
National Thrift shop day? 
I'm all in for celebrating!!

A recent trip to the North Georgia Mountains provided me a chance to shop some new to me thrift shops.  Here are my fun finds!
This bathroom tray (originally from Bed, Bath and Beyond) was $1 as was the cute Avon bunny.   The wonderful pink pottery was marked down at another thrift shop to yes, $1
I've been collecting Golden Books for my friend Sherry and these three were! 
I could not resist this .25 ashtray because it is the same pattern as the little nut cup I found several months ago.  Restaurant ware from Syracuse china.

My favorite finds however where these two Paris prints...
Just .50 each, but the real treasure was written on the back
Purchases in 1992 on a 50th wedding anniversary trip to Europe! 
I just love them.  I will frame and hang on my walls. 

I think I'll take Mom to the local thrift shops today, I mean it is a holiday right?

Wishing you JOY,


Monday, August 8, 2016

The First Week of August!

So many changes last week!
Sara started back to work with teacher workdays.  Blake started his student teaching.  Scout started full time daycare and Tiger had mornings with friends and afternoons with Grandma.  He starts Kindergarten tomorrow!
Scout was not a happy little girl last Monday but as the week wore on she adjusted.  
By Friday...
happy girl and all smiles!

Tiger has been getting ready to start Kindergarten.  He is so excited.  I know he will love it.  Today he will spend the afternoon with me and we will do something special, 
maybe a movie!
and ice cream!!

I was able to make a few thrift store stops and found some treasures! 
(for those of you who mentioned my downsizing and now acquiring, well...I never said I was stopping buying just buying less, and I am!  big smile)
I found another cubby!  I think I will paint this one white and use it in my bedroom! 
This little step shelf was .99 and will be great for displaying some small things! 
I love lap quilts and this one was $3 and such a pretty blue
Pretty design with shells! 
These were $2 each and so a bargain as new one's are about $5 each.  These will be used to organize my spare room.
Some very cool items!
Aluminum hammered tray .50, pink heart dish .50, nut dish .25 and two books .50 each!
Love the red pitcher and the milk glass toothpick holder.  Under $2 for both.
This was my best find.  These little couches are loved by the Grands and for $3 I took a chance that I could get the cover clean...but someone else fell in love with it as soon as it hit the floor!
Mr. Toes has claimed this as his own!
So cute! 

Wishing you JOY,