Saturday, March 7, 2009


Yes I've been too long gone from my Blog. I have read my previous entries and find I like having a written history of things. So I'm back...I may only Blog once a week but I will try to not miss as many months as I have. that said...

Last Blog was Carter and I heading for Sanibel Island for Thanksgiving. Let me tell you that was one of the best vacations I have ever had. It was beautiful, warm and our condo was on the BEACH! We rode bikes (yep I rode over 10 miles in total all week) and we walked the beach and saw every sunrise and sunset. I fell in love with the beauty of Sanibel. We had our Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant called THE BUBBLE ROOM, it was this great place with memorabilia aka junk all over the place. Just our cup of tea. They had a traditional Thanksgiving meal and Carter ordered that and I got a specialty of the place and we shared. At the gift shop I found a beaded flamingo key chain that i turned into a Christmas ornament for our tree. A remembrance of a wonderful week.

Christmas was so much fun. We got a tree and decorated and had lights (bubble lights like from the Bubble Room Restaurant). Sara and Blake came over the weekend before Christmas and we celebrated with a meal and opened presents. We gave Sara a KitchenAid Mixer and she was very excited. We are looking forward to her baking us something. Blake received this awesome old radio Carter and I found on our Longest Yard Sale trip and Carter restored to working condition. Blake loved it and later told us he showed it to everyone on their trip down to the south Georgia families. The kids gave us some very nice gifts but my favorite was a blown glass vase by Sara's cousin Olivia Cash Agle. It is beautiful.

Carter and I had a special Christmas morning all to ourselves. We exchanged many fun gifts but my BIG surprise was an awesome new camera. Carter said after Sanibel where I was having some difficulty taking the pictures I wanted with my film camera that I really needed a good digital. Well I got it! Cannon 10D, AWESOME! I have had one outing with the camera and I was amazed at the photos I took. We went to the Botanical Gardens and I took some beautiful (if i do say so myself) pictures in the orchid garden. wow! Most of you have seen those pictures from the website but if not here is the link of course Carter helped me with the settings, but i'm learning. So all in all it was a wonderful holiday.

So January was pretty quiet for us, some junking and collecting but mostly quiet. February more of the same. We had a sweet Valentine's day at home. There is so much stress for us right now, both of our jobs are in industries that are considered luxury not essential so we both worry about work. So far so good, but the economy scares us and is in a BIG MESS. I feel cheated by my belief that Obama would lead us down a middle path and look at both sides, so far it has not happened. It scares me even more as i'm closer to 60 and looking at my "not so golden" years.

So to end this Blog on a high note, last weekend it SNOWED IN GEORGIA! yep lots of snow. It was so much fun (well for us anyway). Sara and Blake lost power over in Athens but did ok as they had gas heat and candles! Anyway, Sunday morning as it's snowing Carter and I get in the hot tub with cups of coffee. It was just awesome to look up and have all this wonderful white stuff falling from the sky. We laughed and just had a great time being warm and cozy in the snow. One week later? It's in the 70's....welcome to Georgia in the spring!

So I guess that's enough for this Blog....Later!