Thursday, November 16, 2017

Give Thanks & Health Update

Another busy month! 
November is always a month that reminds me to count my blessings!
I tweaked my cubbies to reflect Thanksgiving.  Soon it will be all red and green and Christmas!
Replaced the ghosts with fall flowers!
I found this sweet bowl for Annie at the thrift shop.  She likes pretty things!
Scored this sweet pink planter half price at an Antique Mall
I could not pass on this adorable Paris souvenir salt & pepper set
I finally took this photo of the wonderful fun gifts my friend Donna @ Distressed Donna Down Home gave me.  We met in Madison, Ga for some fun shopping, great lunch and lots of laughs!  Donna finds the best things and she shares! 
Mom and I are about to head to Texas for a family reunion on my Mom's side. Her brother, sisters, cousins and more cousins.  It will be a great trip.  We will stay at a condo on Padre Island so I will have the beach to walk and shells to find.  I'm really looking forward to some downtime, family time and lots of great food at Thanksgiving!  We will also visit some family members in Houston who won't make the reunion.

My latest tests had good results.  No masses found.  Everything looked good but the paraesophageal hernia will still need to be reviewed by a surgeon.  I saw a new Dr (Gastroenterology) and he was great!  He had reviewed all my tests and history and said that I might have spasms of the stomach and/or intestines.  I have a prescription for an antispasmodic that I will take with me to Texas.  I am also scheduled for a Endoscopy to check my stomach for an ulcer.  So the tests continue, but all the really BAD things have been ruled out.  Whew!
I am feeling better and will continue to watch what I eat and how much.  I am feeling more positive about everything.

And finally
I am so thankful for all of you!
Wishing you all the most wonderful Thanksgiving