Sunday, August 2, 2009


That's right we've moved. The commute proved to be too long for me and started to effect me in many ways none of them good. We had discussed moving closer to my job and the time had come. We started looking at homes and found the most wonderful old 1969 ranch in Lithia Springs. It was a foreclosure and was in pretty good shape and at an excellent price. I love it! 3 bedroom, 2 bath with screened in porch and all on one level. A full basement so lots of storage and Carter can have a man cave. We closed on May 1st and here we are 3 months later. Most of our things are here, still in boxes and so much work yet to do but we love the house. I am 20 minutes from work. I am so much happier at work and not as tired that is for sure. So our summer has been taken up with moving, work on two houses (we hope to sell Carter's old house) and just working on getting settled. Maybe by Christmas? Carter and I are not quick about any of this.

One sad note is that we have lost Emily. She made the move just fine and we were letting her outside ( she is just not a happy indoor cat). After two months, she just disappeared. Carter and I are both very sad and I miss her every day. I hope she has found a new home and is happy. She was a very moody strange cat, but we love her. I still dream she will just show up one day.

So to end on a high note, next weekend is one of my favorite things...THE LONGEST YARD SALE. We will have a long weekend this year to enjoy it. Last year we had a blast and plan on doing the same this year. It is a junkers dream. I'll share any good finds with you later.