Saturday, July 31, 2010


Just a few more hours left to enter the "Let me shop for you on the World's Longest Yard Sale" Contest!  It ends Sunday Aug 1st at noon eastern time.  

A few more of my finds from last years WLYS!
 Last year I found this very cute notebook decorated with buttons for $1 ~ I had decided I needed to start recording what I bought and what I paid so I could remember
This turned out to be the perfect book
I am trying to remember what I bought in 2008
And I will have all my 2010 purchases listed when I return home

This Samsonite Train Case isn't in the best shape
but I love it for storage
This little glass was chipped but I loved the bird 
decoration and for 50 cents bought it
I walked by these S & P shakers a couple of times
since they weren't marked but finally bought them for $1

I love this shade of green in the sandwich glass 
plate I bought for $4 not the best price but  it was
at a sale where they were cheaper on some other items I bought...not a dealer, a real yard sale
Mr ALC and I found these wonderful mock ups for a sign company...we loved them and were going to buy one But the guy gave them all to us for the price of one!
Winkler Sign Co, Inc.
We ended up with about 5 of them
This is one of my favorites
The info is interesting!

So there you have it, more of our incredible finds
If you haven't already entered the contest then



The countdown to the World's Longest Yard Sale continues
I am going to show you a few of my favorite finds
I am also linking in with these parties!!

2008 was my first WLYS and Mr ALC and I decided to 
have some fun.  We decided to find each other a gift and set a limit of $10....I had an idea of what I wanted to get him and
looked and looked.  I finally found my 'item' and who should wander up to me but Mr ALC himself.  I had to walk away from my find and hope I could get back to it.  He finally wandered away and back I went.  It was still there, wrap it up quick I told the guy.
I know you are thinking, a coffee mug? 
And a very plain boring one at that.
nope....Mr ALC use mug soap to shave and
had his in an ugly chipped coffee mug
This is vintage Homer Laughlin
 and just the right size for mug soap...he loves it and uses it all the time.  A great reminder of our first WLYS!

Now Mr ALC bought me the following
On this first trip one of the items on my list to look for
were individual creamers, hence the cute peach pitcher
He also got me this great Swiss Army Knife as he said
every woman should have one!  I love them both!!
A few random items 
4 fire king white bowls, a milk glass hat and
a small pitcher 
Don't forget if you want me to shop for you
to enter HERE 
You only have until Sunday noon Aug 1st to enter!
So if you want this crazy lady
Shopping for you don't forget to enter
We did not buy this sombero but Mr ALC enjoyed
taking my photo in various hats that weekend!


Thursday, July 29, 2010


I am joining in a new party.  This is only it's second week so take a peek and maybe you will join in!  It's called

and is hosted by Dayle a

We had rain showers off and on today
It made everything so steamy
I took a few minutes in between showers to walk
around my yard and enjoy a few of the flowers

Thank you God for your gift of Flowers
Simple Pleasures~~

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This has been one busy day.  I posted about my 
When I realized it was time for Tablescape Thursday and our Summer School class at Alphabe-Thur 
(Rainbow colors) this week RED 
I challenged myself to do a tablescape in about 30 minutes!
I only used Red and White! 
I decided the breakfast room would be the easiest
 The placemats are kitchen towels folded in half
Then I used a large red plate as a charger
Next a white ironstone plate and to that I 
added a Red coffee mug with hearts
I love these mugs! 
Vintage juice pitcher and glasses
Fiesta sugar bowl, salt & pepper
Milk glass vase with red carnation design was bought 
in a Montreal thrift shop while on vacation
I used red handled silverware, red napkins and
white animal napkin rings (a pig and rooster)
each place setting has its own cat creamer
Breakfast anyone?
Everything on this table was bought at a thrift or yard sale
(I think I need to move the kettle grill not such
a pretty view out the window)

I also wanted to share some REDS from the 
WLYS from the last two years
I got this set of wood canisters (marked Japan)
This nice family was selling some things from Grandma's Estate 
I bought several items and enjoyed this really lovely family
This is the only one that meets the red theme
I fell in love with this pitcher and six juice glasses
This dealer had lots of gorgeous vintage things and
at really decent prices.  I paid $20 for this set
 This very cute little vase is only 5" tall
I saw it in Mentone, Alabama just sitting in an
open case.  I picked it up and looked, the seller said $10
I kept looking and went to other booths, came back by and picked it up again he said $7, I kept looking.  He was on his cell phone and looked at me and held up his hand $5 I motioned back $2, he went to $4, I kept going $2 and I heard him say this lady is killing me, lol, but he sold it to me for $2! 
That is what the WLYS is all about to me! 

I am linking up with these fun parties
Suzanne at Colorado Lady
And to end this post my favorite red
My tomatoes!
A tribute to my Dad who always grew them!


Wow can you believe that July is almost gone?
Just about a week from now I will be 
heading to the 
My first WLYS was in 2008 and I had just started to collect
milk glass.  I found several wonderful items on that weekend 
 and I want to share a few of them with you.

These three bowls were bought at different times
Two of them, the largest and the smallest are
made by the Indiana Glass Co and are in
pattern know as Wild Rose with leaves & berries
You can see the detail on this bowl is all on the outside
I love the little knob feet
 The details are amazing on both of these bowls
The one on the right I call sunflower but I was 
not able to find out any info on who the maker is
I have seen this bowl in amber before.  All of these were very inexpensive under $3 for the large and $1 for the smallest
I also collect egg cups and when I saw this milk glass one
I knew I wanted it!  A Lot!! 
Not $20 worth!  I asked best price, $10
I walked away and came back and looked again
This time he said OK $5
The details are amazing on this little guy! 
This is an old piece of Milk Glass and sold to me by this really 
neat man who had lots of old radios and man junk for Mr ALC to enjoy.  This was one of my first purchases!
We stopped at a large field and a few of the booths were really 'yard sales' and not dealers
this was 25 cents...yippee
We stopped where there were a few tables around a small store
Mostly just farmers in the area...I saw this piece and since I already had one like it from a Thrift store wasn't really looking to buy it
 until he said oh... 50 cents!!  Well I HAD understand!
So now I have two and they are so pretty and useful
This piece was bought at one of our last stops
The lady had a fair amount of Milk Glass and I liked this piece as it was different then anything I owned.  She had $3 on it and we bargained until I got it for $2
It's a very pretty piece! 

I am joining in for White Wednesday #58

This will be my 3rd year of
The World's Longest Yard Sale  
If you haven't heard of it check out the link for info
It covers 675 miles from 
Gadsden, Alabama to Hudson, Michigan
This year we are going to start in
Danville, Kentucky
and head south! 
So many have made comments about how much they wished they could go to this and how much fun it would be!
Well for those of you who can't go...I will shop for you!
That's Right! 
The winner of this contest will have me looking for a special something just for them!!  The winner will give a me a list of wishes and wants and loves and I will see what I can find! Sound like fun?  
All you have to do is be a follower and leave one comment letting me know one thing you would love to have me look for on the
World's Longest Yard Sale! 
We are going to make this a short contest
open until noon(eastern time) Sunday August 1st
This gives me a chance to contact the winner and get their list of wishes, wants and loves before we leave on Thursday!
So What are you waiting for?  
Leave me those comments!!