Friday, July 23, 2010


Hi Everyone!

I heard in blog land that there were some good deals to be had at Hobby Lobby.  I went by yesterday and whoo hoo~ 80-90% off!
 I found lots of goodies and couldn't help but load up that cart
Cute pink candles and little decorative items
Wall hooks~French Shabby Chic
90% off this cute 4th of July Rooster
Cost: $2.00
This metal sunflower covers the hole for the umbrella 
on our deck table.... $2
 Look a Flamingo!  Another $2
I stuck him in my tomatoes
Lots and lots of tomatoes just waiting to ripen
Wait what is this?
One ripe cherry tomato...picked, washed and popped in my mouth!
YUM!  The first tomato I ever grew myself. 

A Little trip to Value Village turned up some more 
bargains and a few of my favorite things

Lots of goodies and wonderful low prices!
These are so funny and at 30 cents had to join my
Flamingo collection
I flipped over this cupcake jar
These tidbit plates were 20 cents each and I
found the matching napkins NIB for $1
These are from Crate & Barrel.  Each plate has a different design and a matching napkin....Score!
Several other finds: Pyrex refrigerator dish,
Old salt & pepper with matching vinegar bottle and
a orange juice decanter.  Some of these will be
in the Etsy shop by next week! 
I used Blue Onion dishes in my last tablescape here
I found these little fruit bowls in the Blue Onion
pattern, only these are made by
Kensington Ironstone, England
There was one cup and saucer also.  The design is
a little different then the USA pattern
 These have a plainer edge

Some books and a few items that I will show you
on August 6th for the Blogger Rooster Party
complete my purchases!

Thanks for stopping by
I am joining in two fun parties 

Yard Salen Party with DEBBIE
Some of my Favorite Things with Laurie

I hope you will visit both of these gals and check out the 
other fun posts!  Until next time...


Susan said...

Congrats on all your treasures, Linda. You are definitely a savvy thrift store shopper. Good job! Susan

Jane said...

Your cart was full! I didn't know about Hobby Lobby's sale so I'm going to have to head over there tomorrow. Love the dishes that you found...and what great prices!

Gayla said...

Wow, you have some wonderful supplies and surprises in your treasure trove! I think you SCORED!!!! Thanks for the sweet comment you left me just now. Blogging is another good thing we do for ourselves. Hugs from MO~

Pondside said...

Well, you certainly had fun!! Good hunting!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hey Girl you picked up some great things. I adore the cupcake too. We don't have a Hobby Lobby around here. . Boo Hoo.

Congratulations because you are a winner of my giveaway. Stop over and see, then email me your addy so I can forward it to Girards. They will send your gift directly.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You did good! I went by HL yesterday and they had things 90% off, but it was picked over. Guess that meant I did not need anything!! :-D
Have a great weekend.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh Linda, you've made me want to jump up and run to H.B. What great buys. Those flamingo s/p shakers are the cutest! Love the no calorie cupcake. I think you're going to have to steal my blog name, because you are such an incredible bargain hunter. So glad you linked all of these bargains to Favorite Things Sat. Have a fab weekend. laurie

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Forgot to tell you, your tomatoes look beautiful! I've become so good at being a thief, if I lived close to you, I'd be trying to rob the produce from your tomato vine! (I might even take that cute flamingo with me too)laurie

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

Just stopping by from debbiedoos! Great bargains you found. Love the blue and white china for sure!

Bounty Huntress said...

What a haul!! Your tomatoes look way better than mine. Mine have been attacked by huge bugs. So nice to blogmeet you and thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to future posts. Love that McCoy Cat yarn holder from your previous post too!!!! Have a nice weekend.

Chatty Crone said...

Love your pink Flamingo and Pink cupcake. My goodness girl you like to shop! Me too. sandie

Martha's Favorites said...

Wow! What great deals! You scored! Lucky lady. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings, Martha

Sarah said...

Looks like your basket was full of fun bargains. I rarely get to Hobby Lobby, but just might have to make a trip tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up. ~ Sarah

Jacqueline said...

What? I didn't hear about this. I better head to Hobby Lobby in the morning. It has been way to long since I have been there. Great finds!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Fantastic finds, so jealous of that pyrex refrigerator dish, I've never found one of those!!!

Gypsy Fish said...

Wow! you realy found some great bargains....thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment...have a great weekend.

Susan said...

Oh, too many wonderful things, Linda. It's so much fun finding great bargains and coming home with a haul of great treasures. I'm heading to Hobby Lobby myself today. Keeping my fingers crossed there are some good sales and things left for the taking in my area.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Sherry from Alabama said...

Now you quit tempting me you bad girl. I'm trying to stay out of Hobby Lobby because I don't really NEED anything from there. But I have so much trouble driving by that store without stopping in. Oh, but I so love your flamingo!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Debbie said...

Now I am jealous over your scores....I had a fun trip yesterday to a store called could read about it...but only found a few fun things. You where on a roll! Those flamingo salt and pepper shakers are a hoot will make a cute table with those:) Everything is fantastic...I may head on over to hobby lobby today, I need a project to do. Thanks for joining in on the party. Debbie

Deb said...

You had a good day. Those tomatoes look great. Mine haven't ripened yet and I am waiting on green peppers too. Thanks for stopping by, Linda. Have a fun weekend. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

A Hopeful Heart said...

Wow, Linda, you always seem to come away from shopping with lots of great deals. I rarely do that well...guess I better go shopping with you.

That little juice caraffe brings back memories of my grandmother. She used that same caraffe for years.

Have a lovely weekend,


NO FAIR!!! No Hobby Lobby's in MN!!! I see lots of goodies for sure! Of course the blue and white plates call to me! I'm looking for white plates with blue flowers just around the edge of the plates. Have you ever seen something like that??
Happy weekend!
deb :)

BECKY said...

Oh, I love Hobby Lobby! In fact, I just popped into my local store last night. I was on a mission though, to find 2 things, and didn't allow myself to browse! Practicaly everything is always 50% off, depending on what week it is! But, wow, I haven't seen 80-90% off in a long time. It's really a dangerous place!! :D
And to Garage Sale Gal in MN...Hobby Lobby does have a website, too. I know it's more fun to shop in person,'s better than nothing! Have a blissful day!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Linda! Wow! You found great stuff! By the time I get there, all the good stuff is gone! Pretty place setting in blue and white! I scrolled down and peeked at your kitty post...cute! Of course, Charlie is the cutest! Thanks for the birthday wishes for Baby Kitty! Have a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

Toronto Yardsaler said...

Gorgeous goodies as usual. I like the way you mix the old and the new so well together.
What a tasteful blog. Not a man hammock to be found. LOL

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh look at you Linda, again with some great finds! Love all the pink and that rooster is adorable!

Have a great day!


jeff campbell said...

Such thrifty finds beat all ;-) Peace

Short and Sweet said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that cupcake! You really scored at Hobby Lobby and Value Village! That juice container is vintage and I remember that my mother had one just like it. Great finds all the way around!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Wow, Linda! You hit the jackpot girl! I love all of your goodies, but that cupcake jar is DARLING as are those cute plates with the olives. Well, everything is neat. I'm a flamingo lover, too. Glad you found so many neat things.

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes on my blog. I appreciate it SO much, and I'm hoping you have a wonderful day in return as well as a fun new week.


Sheila :-)

Julie Harward said...

Such cute the hooks and the have fun doing this huh? :D

mrs. c said...

You are the master of the great finds! I am alwas so impressed with your finds, you are a super shopper! The Mennonite farm is north of us near Etowah, Tennessee. It is a wonderful place to visit, open everyday but Sunday.

Mom Walds Place said...

Good shopping day! The blue and white cups alone would have made it a good shopping day.

Sailing Simply said...

Nice finds and deals! I really like your crate and barrel plates and napkins. They are sooo cute!

Deb said...

Great deals! Keep cool...somehow

Charlotte said...

Great finds. Love the cupcake jar!

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

It's been a Travelin Summer around Texas for me and not much Travelin in Blogland. I hope you'll forgive me for not visiting with you as often as I'd like. Just stopping by to say Happy Pink Saturday and Thank YOU for coming to CollectInTexas Gals Summer Travel Log!

Linda, are the BEST SHOPPER with an eye for bargins. Are ya about ready to open your own store?

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Wow! What a bargain hunter you have been! You have found some fabulous things! Guess what? I have that little cupcake! I have three of them (all slightly different from the other) and they are part of my Valentine's decorations.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. I was eyeing that lovely refrigerator dish, all right. You got yourself some treasures, Linda!


Nezzy said...

Woohoo and call in the cows!!! What wonderful treasures you have gathered. Ya'll must really have an eye for a great bargain!

Your tomato plant looks great. My grandkiddos just love strippin' mine right off the vine. I have eight of 'em ya know....grandkids...not tomatoes! Heeheehehe!!!

Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed week sweetie!

Mollye said...

Linda linda linda what great finds you got at HL. I don't ever do as well when I go in so I just try to stay far away, because I always come out trying to find the nearest food stamp sign up center!!!!! Guess I need a few lessons on bargain shopping at Hobby Lobby. You'd be the one! Happy Hugs, Mollye

Queenie said...

Oh I so wish we had a Hobby Lobby in our town :) Great finds and love the kitty post down below...hope you have a sweet week Linda!
Big hugs,

Sherrie said...

Okay what is the Blogger Rooster party? Did I miss an earlier post with the explanation? Thanks. By the way, I am announcing a give away tonight, I am just finishing up with the photos. Stay tuned. Have a great day.

Anita said...

Love your blue and white!! But I am seriously liking your pyrex dish. I have been looking for those in pink, yes, I said pink, lol. I bought some 1956 Melmac pink dishes, and remembered my grandmother also had pink pyrex, although only one divided casserole was left. I love the refigerater sets!


Wow! You really made out. Love Hobby Lobby , especially their sales!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Linda, I believe you hit the jackpot with all these deals. I went to Hobby Lobby and did not see all those great deals at ours. I didn't even see a clearance area. Love those blue and white dishes.

Jennifer said...

girl!!! You hit the jack pot!!!! I really love the little french hook thingys!!!!

Take care!!!

Rose said...

you did very well at Hobby Lobby , love that store. cong on your tomato growing love fresh tomatoes