Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Finds!

It has been awhile since I did a Friday finds.  Since I'm not thrifting very much these days I don't have a lot to share.  I do wander through the thrifts but have cut my buying down to almost nothing!
This cute cat earring holder was found at GW and I just had to have it!  It is on my dresser and holding some of my favorite earrings!
I had butterflies on my mind when I bought this .99 plastic bin.  Not sure what to do with it but it's mine now! 
I love vintage table cloths and this Christmas one is round and makes a great tree skirt for $1
These footed glasses were hard to photograph, but the dragonfly on them had me smiling!  Only .75 for three!
(I looked for that 4th glass but guess that's why they were at the thrift, only 3 of them)

Three Lefton Lambs for $1
So cute!

This Hall restaurant ketchup container was .99 at Habitat for Humanity!
I could not pass this cutie up! 

I've been doing a little planting as Spring has sprung!
A tomato plant
and some Herbs for my Mom
These are outside our mutual front doors.  I got this little fountain as a surprise for Mom.
It is solar powered but with the wind blowing it blows the water everywhere and empties the bird bath or bucket pretty fast!  So maybe in summer with less wind it will work better, but it's cute!

We have bird feeders and flowers and hope to plant a few more things.
In front of Mom's window and both our front doors!  
In front of my window so Annie Belle and I can watch the birds from inside.
We have a young pair of Cardinals we are watching grow!
We have such a deer problem here in our neighborhood but they don't like these flowers very much so they might last!

It's cold and rainy today but hopefully I'll get a bit more outdoor planting done this weekend. 

Annie says this is not her 'best' side but as you can tell from this view she has gained a lot of weight.  I bought her 'diet' food and now if I can just get her to play a bit more and lose some weight.  I am careful about the amount of food I give her but she has 'fluffed' right up! 
Still a sweetie and loves her Mama...even if I do have her on a diet!   

Wishing you JOY,