Friday, August 31, 2012

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Susan Apron

Have you heard of the Traveling Susan Apron?
It started back in March 2012.  A wonderful lady named Susan who blogs at
My Mother's Apron Strings creates an apron each month and gives it away!  The winner of the March apron was Meggie and this is what she wrote about the apron!
Sisterhood of the Traveling Susan Apron
Borrowed Photo from Susan's Blog
Susan has just notified me that I am the March winner of one of the beautiful apron's she sews and then gives away each month. If you are looking for wonderful recipes and photos, check out her blog, My Mother's Apron Strings. Attached to her recipes are many heartfelt stories of life and family.

I've decided to keep the wonderful gift for two weeks and write a few words in a journal about what I did in my kitchen while wearing the apron. Then, I will pass the apron and journal on to one of my blogging buddies, hoping she will do the same. Just think, in a year, Susan's apron will have traveled to 24 different kitchens. 

Yes, this is a knock-off from the book and movie, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Somehow, I think we will have less trouble fitting into the apron than we would the pants.

Thanks again, Susan! I am honored that you chose me......

Meggie Mac

Yes this apron has traveled to several bloggers
Meggie at Meggie On The Prarie in Texas
Elaine at Pear Tree Log in England
Scarlet at Tales From Beyond The Nook in England
Jane at The Maple Syrup Mob in Ontario, Canada
Deb at Just Cats in Ontario, Canada
and Susan at Just Sayin' in Ontario, Canada

Guess where it is now?
Here at A La Carte!
The apron arrived with this wonderful note and sweet gifts and of course
The Apron!

I am truly blessed to have been chosen to join the sisterhood and will do my best to get inspiration from this very special apron!   Just think this apron was born in Redmond, Washington and has traveled to Texas, England, Canada and now is back in the USA in Georgia! 
I know it has stories to tell me and I will share them with you in upcoming posts! 
This is a favorite thing for sure! 

I'm joining 
and a new party starting Saturday Sept 1st
A Favorite Thing with Claudia at
Mockingbird Hill Cottage
Please drop by and join in the fun!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer's End

It has been a hot and dry summer for many of you.
We have been lucky to have rain on and off for the last few weeks.  Cooler temps and late summer blooms have made it a wonderful August. 
 Let's celebrate the end of summer!
A simple dinner for two!
I bought this tablecloth and matching napkins at Kohl's several years ago on clearance but this is my first time using them
the blues, browns and greens are some of my favorite colors
To tone down this busy pattern I used a solid blue placemat from dollar tree and brown rattan chargers found at a thrift shop
I found these blue plates marked down at TJ Maxx
I love the beach feel they have
A matching napkin
with amazing shell napkin rings found at a thrift shop a couple of summers ago
I added a vintage brown wine glass and a blue water glass to complement the colors in the tablecloth and of course they were thrift shop finds
A view of the place setting.  The flatware is some I've had for a long time.
For a centerpiece I pulled out a vintage blue vase and added some Hydrangea blooms that are turning a pretty shade of green
I added my Pier 1 bird salt & pepper shakers 
they are just too cute!
The white shell for a butter dish completes this setting
Thanks for joining me and celebrating these last lovely days of summer
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I'm also keeping all of those affected by Isaac in my thoughts and prayers


Monday, August 27, 2012

Mr. Toes!

We have a new member of our household
Turn around and show the folks how handsome you are....
Meet Mr. Toes
He has 'adopted' us and we have become very fond of this funny guy.  We think he is a young cat and not at all feral.  Very friendly and sweet.
He started hanging around our yard and coming on our deck. He and Charlie would have conversations through the screen door.  Mr ALC offered him food and water as he looked pretty skinny.  He has continued to return daily and hang out.  
He has adorable white 'toes' and does air biscuits all the time. 
 So Mr. Toes he became!
He makes us laugh!  
Do you think the birds will notice I'm in their bird bath???
He is one relaxed dude!
We are planning a visit to the Vet very soon as he has not been neutered and I'm sure has had no shots!
Charlie watches him and they converse daily!
Charlie likes him as long as he stays on the other side of the door!

So welcome to our home
Mr Toes!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thrifty Things!

Many of you are starting to yearn for Fall!
I'm not quite there yet but looks like my thirfting is saying something different! 
Here are my latest thrifty finds!
These large chargers are going to be perfect for so many tablescapes. The brown band on the plate is great for fall!
Speaking of Fall....I found this beautiful table runner with the Kohl's tag still on it.
  I know this will be used soon in a tablescape~

To finish my 'fall' thrifting I found this gravy boat with attached plate.  This is Metlox china in the  Woodland Gold pattern.  I have been collecting this pattern for a couple of years now and this addition is perfect for Thanksgiving! 

The thrift shop I bought all these items at is one that supports Battered Women.  I donate things all the time and usually buy a few items also.
All my 'fall finds' cost a total of $3
yes they have great prices! 

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Flamingo Fun!

Last week was crazy and I missed doing a tablescape for Let's Dish with the theme 'Summer Fun' I decided to do one this week!
I took my inspiration from these  Flamingo trays I've had for several years and I just 'found' again (does that happen to you?)
I have two of them I bought on Ebay years ago
I think they are so cute and so a tablescape was born!
I added some bright plates and cute Flamingo glasses a friend sent me awhile back.
Staying with the 'theme' but showing some restraint...well you know what happened don't you??
Flamingo's Gone Wild!
Every time I turned around another Flamingo had sneaked it's way onto the table!
This guy jumped over from a vignette and brought a pink candle with him
The salt & pepper shakers said don't forget us!
Vase and shells...ok, that makes a nice centerpiece
But as usual Flamingos don't know when to stop
Each place setting now has a Flamingo Bell on it! 
Yes, really!
It's a good thing I'm very fond of Flamingos
Because this could have gone REALLY wrong
but I hope it didn't!
After all....who doesn't love a Flamingo
See...I did show some restraint on the napkins and used cute shell napkin rings got me, no I don't have Flamingo napkin rings because if I did...yep they would be on this table! 

I had fun doing this and I hope you had fun visiting!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tiger Tuesday!

I can't believe that summer is almost over!
Still pretty hot here in Ga but I can feel some changes in the weather.  The kids have gone back to school and that means a few mornings of daycare for Tiger.   I'm going over on Thur and stay a couple of days and enjoy some Tiger Time!
Here are some photos that will have to tide me (and you) over until I get there!
Waiting in the rocking chair for Mama to read him a book before bedtime!
While visiting his cousins in So Ga recently he played with a stroller and had to have one to take his Dog for a ride!  It is so cute to watch him!
Playing peek-a-boo with his Great Grandma Joy in the Botanical Gardens....
he is such a flirt!
Fuzzy pic but cute!  Tiger has his own broom and dust pan.  After eating if he has 'dropped' food on the floor (ie thrown it on purpose) he has to help clean up!  It's such hard work he was taking a milk break!  
This is what a happens when Tiger gets a slice of watermelon!  More peeze! 
And just today have a Cool Guys Lunch with Dad! 
He is intent on those fries!

I love Tiger Time!

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Cream & Sugar Anyone?

I love creamers and have collected them for years
Do you know what happens when you collect creamers? you also seem to collect sugar bowls and even stranger for me sets of cream and sugars!
I filled the cubbies with my surprising collection of 
Vintage Cream and Sugars
Honestly I had no idea I had so many sets!
In all sorts of colors
and all sorts of shapes
and sizes
Some were gifts but most were thrifty finds
This little green set is my smallest and I use them all the time!

I have all kinds of cream and sugar sets
Pink 'Imperial Ware' melamine to
Cobalt Blue Depression Glass
Classic Milk Glass to
Blue Ridge Pottery
From unknown makers to
the classic 1950's Ballerina pattern
 I love them but some are going to be sold to make room for other things! 
(if you see something you like email me)

This is my favorite set I think
Something about the color and the lines
made by W. S. George just call my name!
This display has been on of Mr ALC's favorites
maybe because he loves coffee so much??

Next up for the cubbies will be vintage creamers! 

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