Monday, February 27, 2012

My Latest Thrifty Finds

I had a great weekend!  Last Friday 2/24 was my daughter Sara's 30th birthday.  We had a dinner out on Friday night and then Saturday I stayed with Tiger while she and her hubby had a date! 
I love spending time with my family.  Tiger is growing so fast and is almost 11 months old! 
I love this child so much!

I have a few new thrifty items to share with you!
I picked up a Pyrex Cinderella #441 in Butterfly Gold for $1.81,  3 pieces of Brownware for $1.45 and two rattan chargers for $2
I really like this pattern and keep finding random pieces at the thrifts....marked Oxford #6880-1
Love the colors in these napkins all for under $1.50
These really cool Pier 1 ceramic napkin rings were only $1

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mugs & More

If you read my last post you saw my collection of Waechterbach mugs!  Many of you commented that you have some of their Christmas design dishes! 
They also make dishes for another member of our family...
our pets!
I have two cat dishes and one dog dish all found at the thrift shops.  Charlie eats his dry food from the dog just cracks me up for some reason!
Charlie is not impressed!

Many of you mentioned me using a new mug each day.  I didn't mean that I have 365 mugs, even I would have trouble storing all of those.  I do have 'many' mugs and I rotate them into use by season and holidays.  So at any one time I have 10-15 mugs to choose from.  Mr ALC has his own mugs and tends to use the same mug for several days just washing it each day. 
So here are some of the current mugs in rotation!
These are very 'springy' to me. Both are starbucks mugs and found at thrifts for under $1 each
These are just fun!  Love the colors of the high heels and Eeyore is inside the blue mug making me smile!
The Rooster mug has Cock a doodle doo in several languages around the inside rim.  We have two of these Cafe Du Monde mugs.  We have been there but found the mugs for .50 ea at the thrift shop, much less then buying them in the Big Easy!
I have 4 of these mug and I love them.  I like to take them on our vacations since they are plastic and insulated.  I hate coffee in a paper cup! 
I bought these last year on the Worlds Longest Yard Sale! 

I think that is enough about my coffee mugs!

Tiger was playing and his Daddy took this picture of him in the truck!
How can you help but smile at this cute boy!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Waechtersbach Designs

I love coffee mugs.  I like to use a new one each day that expresses my mood.  Flowers, cats, fancy, plain.  I also love seasonal mugs.  
I have all these hearts!
All of these have been found at thrift shops and yard sales.  All were under $1
Most of these are marked Waechtersbach W. Germany
The color is wonderful. 
Waechtersbach  (Vek ters bahk)
has been producing quality earthenware since 1832 in Waechtersbach, Germany.  I also have pieces marked Spain and USA
The designs are always fun on these mugs
The Panda in the center was a really cute find!
The Shamrock mug will be used soon.  I love the piano keys mug.  The little blue mug looks like something for a child.
I gave this one to Ashleigh and I use it when I visit Cali!

Some of these might be 'vintage' while others are not new and the patterns are still being made
I found this USA website selling mugs with some of the designs I have in my collection

This has been a fun and inexpensive collection that just sort of happened.  Do you have collections like that?  
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I joined a new photography party today and posted it on my other blog Viewing My World!
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pink Saturday

I wanted to join Pink Saturday today
I'm still featuring pink in all my February posts
After Valentine's Day I changed up the cubbies
but left all the Pink!
I have lots of pink things it seems!
I found this cross-stitch at a thrift shop for .39
I can't believe I was so lucky!  It goes well with my few pieces of pink pottery.
Pink, white and gray
My Mom brought me this cup from England many years ago.  It is a cup for my June birthday.
Thank you Beverly for giving us a weekly party to share all of our lovely pinks!
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Friday, February 17, 2012

I Found One!!

I have been looking for a shelf to hang on the wall to display some of my many treasures 
All of these are cute but the prices have been a little high for my budget...which you know is frugal....ok ok Cheap!
I've had shelf envy of Deb's on Just Cat's
She has such fun changing it out and adding seasonal items to it.  Love those doors!
So my search continued until last week!

Mr ALC and I stopped by a St Vincent DePaul's that we haven't been to in quite awhile.  The prices have risen but we still find some good deals there.
Look at the cute details...It needs a little TLC
but look at the price
I am so happy to have this shelf!  
Now to find the perfect place for it! 

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Amazing Tablecloth

I recently stopped in a thrift store that helps support abandoned dogs and cats
I've purchased a few items here before but its always a bit of hit and miss
This time was a hit
Someone put some amazing time into making this a very special tablecloth.  Look at this center section.  Not only does it have this lovely embroidery but also these crocheted inserts
*updated to say that several readers think this is tatting and not crochet....thank you ladies!
Close up of one of the corners
The tablecloth is more of an ecru color
Amazing work!
The backside!  
I am going to list this in my Etsy shop and hope someone will give it a good home!
*updated: one of my wonderful blogging friends has offered this lovely tablecloth a good home!*

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Red & Pink Valentine's Day

I thought I had my Valentine's table decorated....that is until I found this table runner at Home Goods marked down and I could not resist!
Red and Pink!  So here is one last Valentine tablescape for all of my sweet blogging friends!
This is one bright table but it makes me smile!
The crazy pink placemats are perfect!  I used a red glass plate at each place setting
I have two red heart bowls and used them with a hot pink plate underneath
The other two place settings had a pink heart bowl on another pink plate
I love the mix n match of it all!
Pink & white napkins (used previously) with an acrylic red pier 1 napkin ring
Two milk glass wine glasses 
Two milk glass tumbers
I love it! 
I added the nut cups I won in a giveaway
Two pink
Two red...I will add some M&M peanuts later
of course they will and red!
I found this white ceramic heart at the thrift for .25 and knew it would be perfect to write little love messages on!
I had the Camellias on the table again but they are really starting to wilt.  We had a cold snap so no new blooms to bring in.  
Today I changed out the Camellias for these lovelies!
I love Tulips!
Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pretty In Pink

I am setting another table in pink!
Last week was Tickled  Pink
this week....Pretty In Pink
Since I love Pink so much I have collected many plates and accessories over the years.
I used pale pink placemats, white chargers, pink plate with an awesome dotted edge and these vintage Rose plates. 
The Rose salad plate is by Homer Laughlin distributed by Cunningham & Pickett Inc
Hand Painted pattern is Dubarry (Rhythm)
I added my parents wedding silverplate by Rogers & Bros in the Starlight pattern from's as old as I am!
A pretty pink napkin and these adorable napkin rings I won in a giveaway!
Pink goblets from CSN when they were doing all sorts of giveaways!  Love these so much!  I also added bread plates with a white heart ramekin on top.  These were found at a thrift and still had price tags on them from Crate & Barrel
I really wanted to use roses for the centerpiece but as it's almost Valentine's Day they are at a premium price everywhere.  So I picked some Camellias from my front yard and love how they look! 
I used the only piece of pink Milk Glass I have to hold them.  Using a glass frog helped me arrange these very top heavy blooms
The bread plate is too pretty to cover with the heart ramekin 
but I did! 
It is made by Paden City Pottery and I think the pattern is called Old Rose...goes so well with the Dubarry!
A few votive candles and the table is perfect
I hope you enjoyed my Pretty In Pink Table!

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