Friday, December 31, 2010


Yes, it's that time of year when we remember the year past and look to the year ahead.  This past year has brought many changes to my life!  I realized that I was more or less 'retired' as the economy has not opened up a lot of job opportunities for me.  It is a change I am still getting my mind around but so far I'm OK with it.  I turned 60 and had a blast doing it!  It didn't hurt too badly. 

I saw my blog grow and found out how much I enjoy doing this.  It's such a creative and fun outlet for me and my passions.  Through blogging I met new people!  I met many Atlanta bloggers and have made some wonderful friends.    I also have made some fabulous friends that I have yet to meet face to face but some 'road trips' are being planned! 

I have cried with some of you over the loss of loved one's and beloved pets.  I've enjoyed sharing the joy of grandchildren already here and those who had new one's born.  (Next year I will be a new Grandma and I can hardly wait.)  I've been touched by so many of you who share your struggles in life....physical, financial and that awful feeling of depression!  I hope I have in some small way been there for you, as I truly care!  

I've fallen in love with your sweet furry children...dogs and of course the cats!  I've shared my sweet Charlie with all of you and have enjoyed your comments about him.  He also has a kitty girlfriend, Gizzy, that he has met blogging!   

I took you on the Worlds Longest Yard Sale with me and hope you all had a lot of fun!  We will be going again in 2011!  We went to the Great Smokey Mountains, a road trip to Texas and lots of thrifting along the way.  

I've had great luck with winning some wonderful giveaways and I've had a blast doing some of the giving!  In January 2010 I did a give away for 50 followers and 50 posts!  I am over 400 followers now and a giveaway for that is coming soon!  It has been a joy to get to know all of you!  

I don't 'do' resolutions but I do set some goals and pick a word to describe my main focus of the coming year.  Last year my word was GROWTH, and growth there has been.  I have become stronger, braver and more content with my life.  This will be an ongoing goal but I'm happy with the growth I had this year.  

My goal for the coming year is ORGANIZATION!  Many of you ask, where do you keep all your thrifty finds....I do have a large basement and that is wonderful because I do have a lot of stuff!  This year I need to get it all under control.  There is lots of 'stuff' everywhere.  My goals are to edit, combine and organize my stuff so I can find it and use it.  I will have stuff to sell, pass on to friends and return to the thrifts.  I will enjoy my stuff more this way I'm sure.  I do expect I will continue to acquire new stuff but with more organization I will know what I have and what items will be on my want list.

Organization is needed in my personal life as well.  I truly need to get better at taking care of myself.  I will eat better, move more and make sure I take my meds (gosh am I that old?).  I am very lucky that my health issues are not serious but I want to make sure it stays that way.  I also want to keep organized in regards to my blog.  I have been trying to balance posting, reading posts and joining parties.  I do love the parties but have given myself permission to do them as I can and enjoy them!  Since I host a party it's the one I must do each week and I have enjoyed hosting more then I thought I would.  

So here we are...saying a fond farewell to 2010!  

I have posted 285 times (including this post) in 2010!  My most viewed post was Thrifty 4th of July with 361 page views!  I have had folks read my blog from the following countries: USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, South Korea, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Russia! (Ya gotta love the 'Stats" app on blogger) how fun is that! 

So my dear blogging friends I wish you the Happiest of New Years!  I can't wait to see what 2011 will bring!  

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness!



Thursday, December 30, 2010


I can't believe that we are about to bid goodbye to 2010! 
This has been such a great year of blogging for me.  In October Debbie asked me to take over her Garage Salen Party.  I was honored to be asked and as you all know changed it to Junkin Finds Friday!  Here we are at the 9th party and the last of 2010.
I've asked all of you to share your favorite finds of 2010.  I started 'reviewing' my posts to find my favorite finds and all I can say is boy did I buy some junk this year!  Still there were some stand out moments.  I have narrowed it down to 10 items.  So with out furthur ado I give you the

Favorite Pyrex Find
For some reason finding this Verde casserole just made my day!  I love Pyrex and this pattern is one of my favorites.
Bargain price of $3.98

Best Yard Sale Find
Without a doubt finding all these glasses in the Kings Crown pattern for $2 was a big score!  I kept a set of 4 and had enough extras to gift to a friend! 

Best Yard Sale Score for re-sale
Finding all these pieces of Franciscan Desert Rose for $1 each was a 'start the car' moment.  It was a very hot day in Georgia and these folks just wanted them gone!  I am keeping a couple of pieces, have gifted one piece and plan to sell the rest.

Best Find in WHITE
I love milk glass and finding this sweet pitcher for $1 made it the best 'white' find of 2010

Best Find in RED 
 Lots of beautiful reds were bought this year but hands down these plates at $1 each were not only my best buy but my favorite red for sure
They deserve a close up!

Best find in Blue
 I think this little orphan salt shaker stole not only my heart but yours!  It was mentioned several times when it made it's appearance during the World's Longest Yard Sale posts.
At a mere 50 cents it is one of my favorites for sure.

Best find in Green
Finding these green boopie glasses with my BFF Sandie was a score!  I love my boopie and these are extra gorgeous!  These were one of my more expensive purchases at $1.97 a glass but they easily sell for $5 each at antique malls.

 Best find in PINK
 This was a hard category...I love my Pinks and have found many wonderful items this year, but this pottery planter won out...why...well the "L" of course! 
I paid $10 for this beautiful piece, a real splurge!

Favorite find from
The World's Longest Yard Sale

I tried not to buy this little guy but I could not walk away from this dealers booth without him....$3 and he makes me smile every time I look at him!

Best Christmas find
 I really love this vintage elf in plaster
He was found in January and had to wait all year to make his appearance on the blog!  I'm not even sure what I paid for him but less then $2 I'm sure!  

So that's it for me!  Whew...that was a lot of work!  I hope it was easier for you to decide on your favorites.  So link up and show us you best finds in 2010.  You know the drill, link your post not your blog and please leave a link back to this post so others can join in!  

I've enjoyed all nine of the JFF parties and I hope you will continue to join me in 2011~  Happy New Year!



We had our last 'Christmas' celebration on Tuesday night.  My daughter Sara and SIL Blake came to exchange a few gifts and enjoy a yummy meal.  This is our table from that evening.
I set the table simply!  
I love the Pfaltzgraff Winterberry dinnerware, it is Festive and Christmasy but still usable during much of the winter with it's simple pattern
I bought a 4 place setting several years ago at an after Christmas sale for 1/2 price.  I've added some pieces to it so I can serve 8.  I also have bowls & platters to match.
I added some red and green luncheon size plates for contrast.  I also used my parents wedding silverware
 The matching wine glasses were a thrift store find~12 glasses for $10
I kept the centerpiece simple
These matching tea light houses were found at thrift stores, one last year and one this year. 
For under $2 each they are a great addition to the table
 A matching serving bowl with pine cones completes the centerpiece.
We had ham (my daughters favorite), green bean casserole, corn casserole and green & black olives!

I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday
Be sure to join me for 
The link will be up later this evening.  I'm still trying to choose my favorites finds but I have so many it's hard to pick just a few!  
Happy Junkin,

Monday, December 27, 2010


Here is the table in the corner of my dining room.  It is really a small secretary.  It needs refinishing (project) but I decorate the top of the desk for the seasons. 
 I shared part of this last week, but wanted to show you the complete vignette.
This plate is Blue Ridge pottery and I have paired it with a cardinal and a crystal door knob
 This large compote holds some vintage shiny brites
Under the cloche is this angel and cardinal
On the wall is a plate rack with two JOY plates found at WalMart this year and paired with some red plates from Kroger last year
I also put a few decorations on top of my hutch 
I like the deep red of this Santa's coat
I also hung our stockings there this year
Mr ALC and I love Cardinals

I'm joining Marty for Table Top Tuesday
Visit A Stroll Thru Life for more fun vignettes

Now for some sad news...we have lost one of our blogging friends...Jeanette from Starting Over passed away Christmas morning.  Jeanette was one of the first bloggers to reach out to me when I started blogging and was such an encouraging friend.  Jeanette had lots of health issues but had just posted on December 19th that she was home after having surgery and was ready to get better and get back to blogging.  Jeanette's beloved husband Doug has been working in Saudi Arabia and is on his way home after receiving this news.  Please keep him and the rest of her family in your prayers.  Jeanette's daughter passed away in 1995 and I like to think there is much hugging going on in heaven right now.  I am so sad today but I know God's plan is perfect and it was his will that Jeanette's struggle be over. 
Rest in Peace dear friend
**For this Friday's Junkin Finds I'm asking everyone to share your best deals/best finds/what find made you happiest during 2010~  See you then!**


Friday, December 24, 2010


It's Christmas Eve!  I have wrapping presents left to do and a little clean up and cooking.  Not too bad.  We have plumbers here replacing some pipes in our kitchen area...let's hope there are no glitches!  

Charlie wanted to share with you 'his' Christmas tree!

This tree is in our TV room and sits on a cedar chest in front of the windows.  It is one of Charlie's favorite places since he can look out the windows and it's right under a heater vent.  He also loves to look at 'his' ornaments.
This is Charlie Kitty...the ornament!
It was made by my wonderful and oh so talented friend Susan at CluckleBee's and gifted to me this year
She made him from photos of Charlie
I think he is purr-fect!  Right down to those green eyes!
Thanks again Susan, you are the best!
This photo ornament of Charlie was from last year
This is the 2010 Hallmark Mischievous Kittens ornament
 I love the details on these ornaments
I have been collecting them for many years
Charlie asked me to buy these two cute cat ornies from Susan's Shop to join him on his tree this year
Aren't they sweet with their scarfs to keep them warm
Another ornament from Hallmark
This tree has only cat ornaments, bells and birds
These little birds are new this year and from WalMart
 Another favorite
Charlie is checking his tree for goodies I sometimes hide there for him to find
 Wishing you and your family a very Meowery Chirstmas
from all of us here at A La Carte!