Tuesday, June 28, 2016

JUNE! The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I am ready for June to be over! 
Now you know I normally love June
It's my birth month and I always party all month long...not so this month.
But I had the best of intentions.
June 9th saw me turn 66 and all was good.
 I celebrated with Mom and then another celebration with Sara and kids.
My friend Carter who is owned by my houseguest Mr. Toes came to visit us.
We celebrated by going to the Flea Market near me that I have never been to in the 3 yrs I've lived here?!?!?!WHAT
It was so much fun and I found a few goodies to share in another post.
That afternoon we decided to go eat and I chose Waffle House.  I love (or use too, do you see it coming?) their patty melts.  So we ate and it was good and greasy as those things are meant to be.  We shared a Pecan Waffle as dessert. 

All that greasy food just sat in my stomach and hurt.  It was a long night but the next morning I felt better.  Just too much grease and all I thought.  I have issues with reflux and take meds for it so didn't really worry much.  I was OK on Sunday & Monday but not great.
Then Tue morning after Carter left my stomach was hurting a little bit.  Mom and I were suppose to go to WalMart (and thank goodness we didn't).  My stomach pain continued to get worse and worse, I broke out in a sweat and finally threw up.  I got Mom to take me to the ER....yes the Emergency Room. 
This was no ordinary pain and I knew it!
I was also checked for my heart since there is history of heart disease on both sides, but as I guessed it was my gallbladder.
UGH!  I had acute pancreatitis and gallstones with one large one blocking the duct.  The admitted me to the hospital and planned to remove my gallbladder, but first had to get the pancreatitis under control.
It was early evening by the time I was admitted and I was panicking because the next day was my big birthday luncheon celebration with my friends in Atlanta!  I didn't have my phone until Sara brought it to me.  I contacted everyone and they gave me a pass considering I was admitted to the hospital!  :)
Oh but it gets better! 
I was NPO (nothing by mouth) and I do mean NOTHING!  for two days.  IV antibiotics and just wait and wait.
This was on the ceiling above my bed and made me smile.  All the nurses were wonderful and so surprised at my good spirits.  Apparently I was quite sick but the women in my family have a high pain tolerance so I powered through most of it.  I will admit to a couple of pain meds but sleep was needed.  
Carter sent me this gorgeous bouquet of flowers and it cheered me up so much.
I had calls and visits to help pass the time.   Carter came and took Mr Toes so we didn't have to worry about him (he will be coming back later this week). 
They finally got my blood enzyme levels down to normal and did the surgery on Thursday.  It was laparoscopic surgery but you have to have intubation, and that was a first for me.  Of course I don't remember any of it!!
I stayed another night since I was pretty sick.  Usually this surgery is outpatient and you can go right home but I'm glad they kept me another night. 
My first meal in days and it was delicious (well not really but it was food).  Sara got me home and between her and my Mom have been taking care of me.  It was rough couple of days but I'm doing great now! 
Thank you to everyone who prayed for me and sent me messages on Facebook. Emails, cards and gifts.  You are all so special.  I am still limited in lifting things and driving but I'm healing well and feeling so much better then I have in ages!  Who knew all it took was a simple (ha ha) gallbladder surgery! 

Wishing you JOY,


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June & Junk!

Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes.  It was a good day and I have a few more celebrations still to go! 
I treated myself to a shopping day and that included some thrift shops (of course) and here are my finds!
Fiesta!  all these bowls for $2
This adorable starfish bowl was .25
.50 for this sweet little bowl made by M. A. Hadley

Moving on to plates!
I haven't been buying many plates lately but these were very happy finds!
This just had to come home with me.  It will go on the wall somewhere and only .55
This set of plates might be my favorite of the day!  Sold at WalMart a few years ago I found a couple of salad plates but didn't have all 4 designs.  These are the bread plate size and will be so pretty on the wall and cost only $1.91
This was an interesting find at Habitat for Humanity.  A small wood box and when I opened it these items were inside.  I think it was someone's meditation box.  I paid .75 for this! 
and to end my show and tell
This red Eiffel Tower bottle was .79 and you know I can't resist an Eiffel Tower anything!  

I can't end this blog without mentioning the horrible events of this past weekend.  So much violence.  So much hate.
It has to stop!
This is an attack on the LGBTQ community and our freedom in this country.  
Again, it has to stop!
We must stand up and be counted on these issues.

I'll end with a couple of photos of the Grands!  They had a great time in So Ga
Tiger catching his first fish!
Four total!  His Mimi fried them up and they had the best catfish ever he said!
Scout is such a happy girl!

Wishing you Peace!


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

The last few weeks have flown by. 
I love having my Mom next door.  I see her everyday and of course I've been helping her get settled.  So much more to do but it's livable at least.
This guy has not been happy with all the comings and goings of the Grands but he is happy that this week seems calmer.
I can't believe it's JUNE and tomorrow is my birthday.  It has truly snuck up on me and if you know me you know that is unusual.  I do love my birthday!  But I will be celebrating all month so it's OK!
Sara has gone to a conference and Blake has stayed in town to work and get some much need repairs done on their house.  The Grands have gone to their Pops & Mimi's house for a few days.  This is their first time to be away from both parents for this long.  So far they are doing fine.  Pops (Sara's Dad) took Tiger fishing and they caught 4 catfish that Mimi fried up for them.  
Scout enjoying corn on the cob! 
Tiger enjoying some cartoons during quiet time!

My SIL Blake has been so helpful during the move.  He has put up safety bars and towel racks for Mom.  Put together a new bed she ordered and moved a desk (a very HEAVY desk) she found at a thrift shop from the store to her home.
Thank you Blake!

So that's about it for now!
I will be back with more soon I hope!