Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I wanted to join Stephanie's party this week since I've had this photo from the longest yard sale 
ready and waiting!

So would you buy this??
A Fire-hydrant
It's yellow and rusty and weighs a ton!
NO not for me and hey what would you do with it?? 

Now, would you buy this??
Awww much more my style...
I did say to myself, Linda you do not need another green canister...but look at it!!!  Wonderful color, that design
No plastic, just a lovely ground edge and the price????
$ YES it came home with me!

Please stop by Junker Newbie's blog for her party


Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I had a special lunch with friends last week.   Many of you know Sue from her blog Rue Mouffetard, she and her hubby The Boss just moved into a new home and it is beautiful!  Visit her blog for a great tour! 
Sue is a fabulous cook and now she has this incredible kitchen to cook in!
Sue served us turkey meatloaf with sundried tomatoes, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans and the most delicious homemade bread!  Then came the desserts!  No photos, I was too busy eating.  We all brought some housewarming gifts but Sue gifted us with vintage items she had saved from her Father In Laws estate sale.
I collect aluminum trays and this one is beautiful
Look at the design and the handle!
She also gave me this amazing bowl
I love the design~ Needlepoint
Vintage Homer Laughlin Kitchen Kraft OvenServe
From the very early 1930´s, Homer Laughlin China was the leading manufacturer of a very successful type of oven-to-table dinnerware. These lines were called Oven-Serve and Kitchen Kraft. The variety of items offered and the many patterns and decaled lines that were made represent an endless field of interest for collectors today.
OvenServe was introduced in 1933 and was designed by Fredrick Rhead. It consists of a comprehensive series of shapes designed for baking, broiling, chilling, freezing and otherwise preparing food. Various sizes of casseroles, pie plates, dessert dishes and baking dishes were made in OvenServe. In order to provide a perfect table settings, cups, saucers and three sizes of serving plates were produced. OvenServe was made in Orange (called Pumpkin by collectors), Melon Yellow, Ivory and Ivory with decorations.

Thank you Sue!  You are such a generous friend! 

Tiger will be 5 months old on Sept 7th! 
Surprise Tiger! you now have a high chair~he is growing so fast, the pediatrician ok'd them to start him on pureed food.  He has had applesauce and sweet potatoes so far! 
Bath time with Mommy is always fun
  This photo was taken when we went out to eat on my last visit.  Tiger has lost most of his black hair and it is now a soft brown with red highlights.   Blake is off crutches and getting more mobile every day. I think these two guys are very handsome! 

And one last announcement for a friend
As most of you know, PJ @ Seens From The Backs Of My Eyelids, has a brother, Henry, who lost everything he owned to fire on Saturday, July 24, 2011.  The outpouring of help for Henry was so overwhelming, PJ would like to thank you all in a special way.

On next Wednesday evening, September 7th, she will have the computer randomly select three names from her Wednesday blogpost this week.  

The first name selected will win a $100 e-certificate to

The second name selected will win a $75 e-certificate to

The third name selected will win a $50 e-certificate to

All you have to do to enter my drawing is be a follower, leave a comment and MAKE SURE THERE IS A LINK TO YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR COMMENT.  Easy peasy, right?

Before the end of the day on Thursday, September 8th, PJ will contact the winners and before the end of the day on Friday, September 9th, she will have the e-certificates sent from Amazon to the winners.

Hugs to all!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Before showing you some of my thrifty finds I am sending all my prayers and best wishes for family, friends and fellow bloggers on the east coast in the path of hurricane Irene!  Stay Safe!

I haven't been thrifting much lately but wanted to join in Diann's party.  I have some random thrift finds I haven't shared with you previously
 Two jadeite in rough shape for 50 cents and a bowl in the Sussex pattern that I'm collecting for 25 cents
I could not pass up this JAJ made in England (Pyrex) bowl for $1
I have not been able to find out the name of this pattern but it has very nice fall colors
JAJ patterns are so different from the Pyrex made in the USA
These items were bought on 1/2 price day.  Love the ceramic pumpkin and the cute number game! 
This white candlestick was 50 cents
and this cute basket was 25 cents

That's it for some random thrifty finds
I'm joining Diann at The Thrifty Groove for her fun 

Thought I would end with a cute Tiger picture.  I will be seeing him on Monday and as always I can't wait! 


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Many of us are looking for vintage Pyrex these days.  The beloved 'fridgies' are always a treat to find.  Unless of course they are some of the 'abused' Pyrex we all see and cry about.  
 Several months ago I found this fridgie at my thrift you can see it was marked .40 and I bought it because it was too sad to leave it there all alone 
 I used a magic sponge on it and brought back some of the color that the dishwasher had ruined
I paid .25 cents for this recently.  Another poor abused red fridgie....I might see if the magic sponge can bring back some life to this one also
I almost did not buy this fridgie since almost all the red color was gone but for .15 I picked it up...I do believe this one is beyond 
magic sponge saving

I plan to use these fridgies.  One by my sink to hold scrubers and another can be used for leftovers even if it isn't the cutest.  Would you try to remove the rest of the red color from the top fridgie?  My question....would you have bought these?  and why is it only the red one's that I find this way?  I did not find lids with these fridgies but have added some I found at other thrifts. 

I'm joining these parties today
at Junker Newbies

Rednesday with Sue at
It's A Very Cherry World

at Colorado Lady 
Oh and PLEASE do not put vintage Pyrex in the dishwasher! 


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have really neglected my deck garden this summer.  Between the heat and being gone so much it has really suffered.  Still there is some Summer Beauty in my yard!
The most beautiful plant in my yard is the amazing Hydrangea Tree
Mr ALC pruned it way back this winter and now it has the most beautiful blooms on it
They start out white and will turn a beautiful pink later in the fall. 
I never tire of it's beauty!

Last summer I planted a butterfly bush and it finally grew this year.  I have enjoyed the wonderful butterflies it attracts
Maybe I will get some new plants for the deck garden this fall

I hope you are all enjoying these last weeks of summer!


Thursday, August 18, 2011


The economy has really touched me here at A La Carte.  I am thrifting less and being much more careful in my purchases.  Until I can sell more of my inventory I will not be buying for my Etsy store.  So all my purchases will be for my use or for gifts.  I have already started my Christmas shopping!
I found these items at my local thrift on half price day
This Hallmark ornament was in the box and so cute.  Santa with a cookie and cocoa will go on my Kitchen tree this year.  The half price amount...$1
This snowman still had his Kohl's tag on him.  This can be used for a photo or favorite Christmas card display.  
For only 50 cents I had to get it!

Recently I shared that I had been going to the library more and more as even thrift books can add up.  My Library has a books for sale section, where older books and donated books are sold.  I found these amazing children's books for Tiger....
Penguin Pete is a cute story
Pooh's Colorful Garden is so bright
I paid 25 cents each for these books.  Be sure to check out the sale book section of your library.
Tiger and I have already read this book and he was very interested in the bright colors. 
I'm getting some much needed hugs and Tiger kisses tonight.

I'm joining Diann at The Thrifty Groove
for her Thrifty Things Friday party.
Head on over and check out all the ideas for saving money!  


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


It is hard to believe that August is half over already!  Summer will soon be ending and before it gets away from me
I have some catching up to do!

Several weeks ago I tried to make a Pyrex trade with the "Queen" of Pyrex Valerie of Vonlipi's Favorites.  She had these beautiful Delphite 'Bluebelle' bowls and I fell in love with them.  I did not have any Pyrex she is looking for but she traded with me anyway for a 'future' piece I'm sure I will find for her! 
I love these bowls and she included this little blue rabbit also!  Thank you my friend!  I will find you a special piece of Pyrex!

Tracy at Ms. Bake It had a give away for her 2nd Blogversary!  I was incredibly lucky to win an original painting by Jane McMullen who blogs at Artfully Graced
I love wrapped packages!
This whimsical painting of dragonflies is so much cuter then my photos show and the colors more vibrant!
I love this painting so much!  
Thank you Tracy and Jane!

I will be heading to see my sweet Grandson for a few days.  I will babysit one night so they can go to the movies!
A first date since Tiger was born! 
At four months old Tiger is a hard playing boy
A late night play session with Daddy
But when he finally sleeps
he is precious beyond belief! 

Hugs to all,

Friday, August 12, 2011


This year Mr ALC was not looking for anything in particular and with all the heat he shopped but not like this addict umm dedicated shopper!
These are my favorite items from Mr ALC's finds
This great Craftsman toolbox for $2
 And this coffee can full of tools for $1
See I am not the only thrifty person in this household!

The countdown of my favorite finds from WLYS 2011 begins...
 Top Eight Favorites
coming in at #8
 I was really happy to find this Pink Gooseberry bowl

This Pyrex baking dish has already been used in my its size

I have been looking for these raffia mugs and was so happy to find four

This hand embroidered scarf just tugged at my heart with it's beauty

You know how I love my Flamingos and even with the damage this one is a great addition to my collection

These Bluebirds of Happiness brought me just that

This was a close call but this cute milk glass bird with a Santa hat made me really smile and came in at #2

My Favorite Find of the WLYS 2011
 The Baby Brownie Camera just thrilled me when I found it and remains my #1 favorite find this year!

Now for what I found for Deb who was my winner of the 
"let me shop for you" giveaway
Deb gave me a list of some items too look for and I hope she is happy with what I found
Here are some close ups
Deb loves vintage buttons on cards

These vintage playing cards are so cute and could be used in some of the altered art and card making that Deb does

This hand embroidered dresser scarf is so pretty 

And two vintage hankies

Deb I will be sending this out to you next week!  

Thanks to all of you for coming along with me on this years trip!  I hope you enjoyed it.
A special thank you to Mr ALC who spent 2 days 'Driving Miss Linda' !
 I'm going to play with all my treasures now!