Monday, July 28, 2014

Catching Up!!

So much has happened in the last month!
My Mom moved into her new apt and seems to be setteling in.  It's been a big adjustment but being here and close to me is making her happy I know!  We are in the process of finding new Dr's and that seems to be going well.

Tiger has had a great summer!  Trying to write his name (not bad for his first time)

Hiking in the mountains with his Dad
He loves the outdoors!

Picking Blueberries
and eating ice cream are favorite summer activities

Swim lessons at the YMCA were very successful 
Along with lots of summer reading! 

I've been busy helping Mom settle in and trying to do more downsizing in my home.  I'm ready for a vacation!  So guess what?  I'm taking one!

My oldest daughter Ashleigh has to have her wisdom teeth out and I'm going to fly out to Cali and stay with her while she recovers and also have a few days vacation!  Betsy @ My Salvaged Treasures and I are hoping to meet for lunch while I am in Cali!  I love meeting blogging friends.

SPEAKING of meeting blogging friends....
on my way home I am going to stop in Denver, Colorado and spend a long weekend with one of my dearest blogging buddies
Kathe and I have been blogging friends for years now and have come to be close friends even though we have never met.  That will be taken care of soon!  I am so excited and so is Kathe!!  I've never been to Colorado so I'm excited about that also!  It's going to be so much fun!  You know there will be lots of photos!

I'll be blogging about my trip soon!

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Wishing you JOY,


Friday, July 25, 2014

"The Collector"

I found a few great books at the thrift shop 

I love finding books that are by some of my favorite authors at a great low price!

This week I read "The Collector" and found I could hardly put it down.  I liked the characters and the plot was interesting.  Take a professional house sitter who is also a writer and mix them up with an up and coming painter, add theft, murder and love to the mix and you have a really great story from the pen of Nora Roberts.  It kept me engaged and reading late into the night to finish it, always a sign of a good story!

I just started "The Island" by Elin Hildebrand and will share what I think of this book next week!

I'm joining  Literary Friday

Wishing you JOY,


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Few Thrifty Finds

The last time I dropped off items at the thrift shop I, of course, looked around and found a few things to bring home!
A very eclectic group but fun!  
This Ironstone pitcher/creamer is so pretty!
It's "Petite Flora" made in Japan and sold at Sears in the '70's
I love the soft colors and it looks great next to my house plants!
I also found this's a project
I like the shape and the height the price ($1)
It has been painted and while I like the color it doesn't go with my room so I'll repaint it
see....a project!  
And I could not resist this cute pillow! 
It isn't perfect colors for my living room but it was only 25 cents so it came home with me!

I'm working on taking more items to the thrift shop as I downsize my dishes and other collections.  I'll share more about that soon! 

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Wishing you JOY,

Friday, July 18, 2014

Literary Friday!

I love to read and have decided to join 
at Art @ Home with Ricki Jill

This week my favorite book is
I have read many books by Elin Hilderbrand and they never fail!  Set on the lovely island of Nantucket her books are full of interesting characters in personal crisis.

Try any of her books and you will not be disappointed!

Wishing you JOY,


Monday, July 7, 2014

I Went To The Thrift!

With all the items I'm donating you would think I wouldn't need to 'shop' .... but of course I did!
For $2.41 this is my haul!!
This flag piece made it into the cubbies
This wine glass is from Christian Brothers winery in Napa Valley.  The first winery I ever visited back in the '70's.  It is no longer in operation so finding this glass brought back some great memories! 
The cards are for crafting and the dish will fit into my toaster oven.  I have a few pieces of this bake ware and it's pretty great in the microwave and the oven.
This children's book has wonderful illustrations and I've been picking up black frames for a wall display of some photos I took in Paris
This Oyster shell is pretty cool and just reminds me of my blogging friend 
Ron at Uptown Acorn
This mini painting and easel caught my eye...I 'might' have to change the picture to a cat so Charlie will still love me!

...and you can never have too many glass flower frogs!  or can you???

I'm sharing my finds at 

Wishing you JOY