Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thrifty Christmas Things and Aruba???

WOW...a week until Christmas!
This month is flying by! 
Last week I stopped at a yard sale and found all these goodies.  I think many of them will be used for crafting and they were cheap!
2 glitter bells, 2 birdhouses, 2 sleighs, a vintage Santa and a Bubble light replacement bulb!
All for $1.00
Then I went to my favorite thrift shop and found these vintage ornaments
Cool little plastic whirly ornaments...I've never seen any like them, but they just say 60's? 
What do you think?
The bag of these was also $1
I was also lucky enough to meet my Atlanta blogging friends for a fun lunch!  
I haven't seen these ladies in a year and that is way too long!
We ate at Maggiano's Little Italy Restaurant
I had chicken Piccata and it was delicious!

Now what's this about Aruba??
My amazing daughter Ashleigh contacted me after Thanksgiving and asked if I'd like to go with her on a little vacation before Christmas...
Without even knowing where I said YES!
Then she said...ARUBA!
I must admit I didn't know exactly where Aruba was but I knew it was an island and had beaches
It is in the Caribbean Sea and right off the coast of Venezuela
Ashleigh has us staying at a hotel right on the beach.  FIVE full days!  I am so happy.
She said after the year I've had she knew I could use a vacation and she always tries to be somewhere sunny and warm before Christmas!
I am sure I will feel this way soon!

Charlie will be taken care of by his favorite cat sitter my good friend Donna!
  As you can see he isn't real concerned....right now that is.  He does hate when I'm gone but I told him this would make me a much better kitty mama.
Rest, relax, read and oh yes an exotic drink or two won't hurt.  Time with my oldest girl child is a bonus.  We will be back for Christmas of course!

I might blog or I might not...who knows.
I will take photos I'm sure! 

See you soon!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Kitchen Fun Christmas Swap!

What a fun idea, a 'Kitchen Themed' swap!
Erica at Golden Egg Vintage was our hostess!
I was lucky to be paired with my long time blog friend Deb at Garage Sale Gal
The box was full of goodies when I opened it up!
All these extra little goodies! 
Coffee, candy(the best stuff not even shown as I have already been eating it) and some crafting items.
Made with Love was her theme!
This ornament is so adorable!  In a cute cookie cutter it is hanging on my Kitchen Tree!
And this adorable little Bakery with all sorts of Gingerbread men!  I love it so much!
Here they are together!  I have a pass through from my kitchen and I have my little kitchen Christmas tree there and added Deb's adorable creations!
Here is the complete tree!
Deb also sent a couple of sweet treats for my Grandson Tiger (he loved them) and two adorable finger puppets.  I forgot to get photos but I will.  One is a pony he has named Spotty and we have been having the best play time with him.
That's just how sweet and thoughtful Deb is.  I am so lucky to call her friend.
You can check out her blog post to see what I made and sent to her 
I had a lot of fun making these and it was fun to see we both went with Gingerbread themes!
Thanks Deb!
Looking into the kitchen from the living room
I have been so blessed with friends made here in Blogland.  Christmas is such a busy time for all of us, so it's nice to take the time to do exchanges and connect with others.

Wishing You JOY


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Friday, December 12, 2014

Vicky's Ornament Exchange

This is my 2nd year joining Vicky @
for her annual ornament exchange!
It is so much fun and you get to meet two new blogging friends.  The one you send ornaments to and the one who sends to you!
I received these adorable ornaments from

Look at the fun items in my package!
This handmade clip on ornament is a spider that Karen calls Charlotte~ she knew I would love this on my Pink and White tree!
She also made this adorable star ornament for my living room tree!  I love it!
She included a great smelling handmade soap called Spiced Mistletoe and...
this adorable Eiffel Tower necklace...she said I could use it to bling up my tree and then me!
(I've already worn it)

I love everything and had such a great time getting to know Karen!  I sent a package to
Julie @ Julie's Lifestyle and she blogged about her ornaments Here.  Julie is super sweet and it's been fun getting to know her!

Thanks Vicky and let's do this again next year!
The link ups are HERE so you can check out all the fun we had!

Wishing You Joy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Tablescape Challenge 2014

Word verification seems to have suddenly appeared on my blog and many others.  If you just ignore it and hit enter after your comment it will post!
Try it and let me know if that doesn't work!

I have been looking several days for a tablescape I could copy for a challenge over at Cuisine Kathleen.  My only criteria was that I had to do this without spending any additional $$~
The one I choose was from Andrea over at 
Opulent Cottage
I love the colors, plaid and that great sleigh...could I do this?  Well yes I can!
I recently found a sleigh at a thrift shop and knew this was the table I was going to 'copy'!
Of course I changed it up's my interpretation 
but I am really happy with how it turned out!
I had some plaid place mats found at the thrift shop this year but no green chargers.  
I changed it up to use white chargers and red plates.
My sleigh is a little different but gives the feel of the original.  I did use a small burlap bag underneath because I didn't want the metal runners to scratch my table.
I used a green napkin instead of a green plate and added some greenery to give the feel of the birds nest she had on each plate
I had two different picks I used since I didn't have four of the same kind.  Making do and not feeling like I have to be perfect is what this challenge is all about to me.
I used some Winterberry patterned water glasses
and I like how it kept the table looking a little bit lighter.
Votives' with gold tea lights add some glow
My sleigh has a Cardinal on it so using more red appealed to me.  I filled it with greenery and a couple of bottle brush trees like the original

Andrea used a more casual flatware, but I loved the look of this old set of Reed & Barton sterling in the lovely Tara pattern
My table is in a dark part of the house, so I took a couple of flash photos
Instead of green tree bowls I used red and added a few tiny ornaments to pick up all the colors!
I'm pretty happy with my copy cat interpretation!
Andrea's original

My interpretation!

Join me and many other tablescapers at 
Cuisine Katheleen for our 
Christmas Tablescape Challenge

Wishing you JOY,


Monday, December 8, 2014

Crazy Christmas!

It is only December 8th and it has been a crazy month so far!
More decorating has happened
My 4 ft tree is up and decorated
I really loaded it down this year with favorite ornaments.
The tree topper is a vintage elf kneehugger this year!
I am so filled with JOY 
This Santa was found in a large bag of Christmas decorations left beside the recycle bins.  I took this guy and a couple of other things and donated the rest to my favorite thrift shop.
This book case got two shelves of winter items
More Christmas and vintage in the other bookshelf
Items I've found thrifting and also gifts from friends 
make my Christmas decorations extra special
Mostly vintage in the cubbies
Angels, Elves and Mr/Mrs Santa
The birds have found a warm home on a thrifted plaid scarf.  
A little red bird has joined them after...
a little accident...Whoops!
I've been working on getting everything decorated and gifts in the mail this week.  
Still hoping to get out a few Christmas cards also.  

So remember this post not long ago
When I announced I was going to be a Grandma again?  Well we found out....
It's a GIRL!
So happy and excited!

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Wishing You JOY,