Thursday, June 30, 2011


When Debbie at Debbiedoo's came up with the idea of a magazine photo copy cat challenge, I thought oh how fun!  Yes it was but also a lot more difficult then  I imagined.  First I had to find a photo in a magazine I would copy.   It was hard since I had decided I only wanted to use items I already had.  I narrowed it down to 3 photos and this one won by a mile!

I have a lot of green glass so felt like I could re-create this photo
It came out of this Magazine
Are you ready....It wasn't easy but here is my version

 To me I captured the essence of the photo....the variety of greens against the white background
The magazine photo again and 
mine!  I'm very happy with it!
While taking the 'magazine' shot I also took additional photos
All the items in this vignette were from thrift stores.  
Hope you enjoyed the Magazine Copy Cat Challenge.  Please visit Debbiedoos and see how everyone else did in the challenge.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


How did it get to be the last Wednesday in June already??  This has been a whirlwind of a month for me!  First a week at Camp helping take care of Tiger and then my SIL breaking his ankle.  Not to mention my Birthday and trying to keep blogging.  So maybe this year saying goodbye to June is A-OK!

I won this great giveaway from my friend Suzanne at Shabby Chicks and it seems so appropriate for me!
I did manage to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton get married.  Lovely!
Suzanne and her daughters had a wonderful time celebrating and had several giveaways.  I won this "Keep Calm and Carry On" package.  This was a motto on a poster for WWII that the British Government hoped would keep moral high.  It was never really used and in 2000 the posters were rediscovered and the motto has been used on many decorative items! 
 I love it!

 Sweet Suzanne included this mini teapot with the Union Jack on it and some wonderful English Breakfast tea.
 A mug and notecards
and this bag of scones mix!
Mr ALC is waiting for me to make these!

Thanks Suzanne and believe me this package made my day when it came in June!   

I saw a yard sale sign last week and my car turned in....can you imagine? 
Nothing much really but I did see this
I've seen so many window projects in blogland but most of you have found your windows for free.  
 I was told it was $4....would you have bought this??

Well I did!!  but for only $2
Now what do I do with it?? 

I'm joining Stephanie at her weekly
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Thank you for all the great suggestions for using this crazy thing I bought
 I am working on something and will show you when it's done!  

Monday, June 27, 2011


I was hoping to never have to share this with you, but....
Mr ALC had an addiction!
Yes it's true!  He is addicted to...
 Not just any Coffee, it must be
Not a problem unless there isn't a Trader Joe's near where you we travel several miles every other month to stock up on our  HIS coffee!  So when we do we also go junkin!  I know its a hardship but someone has to do it. 
Near one of the TJ's is a fun Flea Market where I found two cute items
OK so he has been broken and glued back together...I did walk away from him, I did!  But he kept calling my name and I knew he needed a home.  He was only $1 and I just had to save him!
This Orphan S&P was 75 cents and is so pretty and joins my collection...then I went back for the Elephant!  

We also went to a Thrift shop and I found just a couple of things...
These great McCoy coffee mugs were only 50 cents each
This cute mug was 39 cents....what's that you say?  I have a 'coffee' addiction of my own???  Coffee Mugs??  well you just might be right! 

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Saturday, June 25, 2011


I am joining Beverly for her always fun Saturday party where we share all our Pinks!

I recently shared with you a swap I made and sent to Becki.  I received hers this week and it make me so happy!
Isn't this cute!!!  It was a swap based the initial of our first name
I told Becki that pink was one of my favorite colors.  The bird house and flowers just make this perfect and it's in my bedroom and I love it!
She also sent me this cute memo pad and a wonderful hand made hook
Thanks Becki!

Now look what I found in the thrift store...
Another Flamingo!  Oh my heart jumped when I saw this cutie.  He is only 3" tall, cost 25 cents and...
Is an orphan salt shaker! 

I also picked up these great storage boxes at Michael's on sale this week
They are so handy for hiding stuff, I mean storing stuff in! $2 each.

Pink & Turquoise fish glasses
Are perfect for a summer table
I used them in a tablescape last year.  You can see that post HERE 

 I have just listed 4 of these glasses in my ETSY shop!  

Thanks for looking at my Pinks and please stop by Beverly's 


Thursday, June 23, 2011


I can't believe it is Friday already!  The last few weeks have flown by and been a bit crazy.  I hope we are all able to settle down a little now.  While in Athens I stopped at a Thrift Store and hit the jackpot on books! 
These are just a few of the great children's books I found.  All of the above were 50 cents each. 
Some wonderful vintage cookbooks
also 50 cents each
This one especially caught my eye!  I can see Tiger and I cooking in the future can't you!  

Both of these books were 10 cents each
I love the vintage First Aid book
The book about flowers has some amazing drawings

I picked up all these fun books again for the amazing price 
of only 50 cents each 

Do you look at books in the thrift store?
It's one of my favorites bargains! 

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I'm joining Stephanie for her Would You Buy This party.  
My item is this...

It is a wine bottle holder
I don't like the way it looks with wine bottles in what to do??

I already bought this...about two years ago and as you can see the price tag is still on it...So I need your help.  Should I return it the the thrift shop or can you creative ladies give me some ideas! 

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Monday, June 20, 2011


It has been a very long day.
My SIL's surgery went well.  The Surgeon was pleased with the way the ankle came back together.  He now has a couple of screws in there! 

I can't thank all of you enough for your prayers and well wishes.  He still has a long recovery ahead of him but he is young and healthy and will do great. 

I'm spending a few minutes with this cutie and then getting some sleep! 
Tiger ~ 2 months old
13lbs 3ozs and 24 1/2" long

Hugs to you all,


Sunday, June 19, 2011


This is not just any Sunday, but Father's Day.  I am filled with sweet memories of my Dad today.  He had a huge impact on the woman I am today.  I miss him always.  Sending love Heaven Bound!
It is also the First Father's Day for my SIL Blake!  I will be seeing him later today and taking him for his ankle surgery tomorrow morning.  Please keep him in your prayers!

June is also my Birthday Month and I wanted to share my fun gifts.
You have to love a friend who gives you a stuffed Flamingo for your Birthday...Thanks Sandie.  We had a great lunch and wonderful laughs!

Sara, Blake & Tiger gave me this great bird planter and took me out to dinner.  It was wonderful to spend my birthday with them at camp.
  Sara who loves funny cards, gave me a mushy one and I love it!   Another friend, Sherry, sent me this cute card with a cat.  I think it will be framed!

This darling frame was a gift from Deb and arrived on my Birthday!  Thanks Deb, I love it!!

Mr ALC greeted me when I got home from Camp with this cute card (I am the Princess) and chocolate!  
He also gave me this fabulous potting bench for my Birthday!  He gave it to me early so I could use it and as you see I have!! 

I still have some surprises coming I've been told!  I celebrate all month long anyway!  
June has also been exciting as my sweet niece Amanda had her baby on June 16th
 Welcome to the world Ethan Wade
6lbs 6ozs, 19 1/2" long
So June is a great month and it's not over yet!  I'm joining The Tablescaper for