Saturday, August 29, 2015

O is for OKRA

Love it or Hate it?
This is the gorgeous flower that blooms before the okra pod grows.
These are growing at my daughter's house
See the little pods above the flower?
Some people harvest the little one's to boil and eat...
ewwwwww slimy! 

Or a little larger to slice for Gumbo or frying!

I love this little garden space in front of their house!  

So do you Okra or not?

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Thrifty Finds

I have continued to downsize but of course I also continue to shop for thrifty finds! 
Here are some of my recent purchases!
Who doesn't love a small picnic basket and especially one made my Longaberger dated 2001 and only $8
I found four of these fabulous large dinner plates by Villeroy and Boch.  I think they will make great chargers for a fun tropical table setting!  $1/ea
This tea canister was $1 and is perfect in my kitchen for the variety of tea bags I keep handy.
I found this small cabbage bowl with lid for $1.49 and had to have it! (it has strange markings and not sure it is bordallo pinheiro)
This plate is Bordallo Pinherio and is a Lemon Leaf plate.  I think it's gorgeous and when the gal said $1 I couldn't buy it fast enough!
I think it might be hung on a wall it is so pretty!
I really wanted the lid off this Tervis Tumbler to use with some of my Flamingo tumblers previously thrifted.  $2 is less then a new top would cost.  I also picked up these 6 napkins and some butter knives for under $1 total!  

I also found a few vintage items
This mixing bowl in blue and white made by Federal glass was $3 and just made me so happy I had to add it to my bowl collection.  The blue glass jar was .25 and I added it to my collection.  Now the cow creamer I had to get for $1, not vintage but it makes me think of my friend Shelia at Note Songs who loves her cow creamers!
Books are always a great find and my thrift was having a sale and every book was .10
The jello mold and star molds were a great find and will be used in Christmas crafting.
These two items for 10 cents each and the little glass is so cute it makes me smile!

This sweet girl is keeping her Grandma busy each day but I am loving every moment of it! 

Wishing you JOY,


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

N is for New!

Last week I shared with you my McCoy pottery collection and 'hinted' at another purchase!
I won an Ebay bid on two lots of McCoy pottery getting a super bargain! A total of 7 pieces and the cost was less then $9 each including shipping! 
Here are some of my NEW (to me) McCoy
These two vases are in average shape but the pink piece is a gorgeous Art Deco style and is so pretty!
These four are my favorites in the lot!
This turquoise planter has such a pretty glaze on it.  The tulip pot I have wanted for ages and they are usually $20-$30 on Ebay plus shipping!  
I love this yellow ivy hanging planter (originally they had chains they hung from) and I'm going to plant something in this! (average price for this piece was about $25 on Etsy)
This bulb bowl might be my favorite piece...maybe
anyway, it's gorgeous color and design just make me so happy

Wait, didn't I say SEVEN pieces...oh yes well sadly one arrived like this...
I am so sad as this was one of the pieces I was so looking forward to having.  The handles are amazing.  Since it wasn't wrapped correctly, the seller gave me a refund.
I am going to try to glue it back together to at least display it.  Hey we all have some chips and cracks on us but we still have value! 

So that's my New to me McCoy and I'm tickled to add these pieces to my collection.  I think I'm done looking on Ebay/Etsy for awhile but this was a great score for sure! 


Wishing you JOY,


Sunday, August 16, 2015

This and That!

Update on the babysitting, it's going well!
The three days with both kids was hard but last week with just Rosemary went much smoother.
This week I'll have her 5 days and I'm ready!
She is 4 months old today! 

I've also been the lucky lady to receive some sweet gifts in the mail, some late birthday gifts and I'm finally getting time to take photos and share!
My wonderfully talented friend Vicky who blogs at Life On Willie Mae Lane made this adorable banner and cute little hoop with fabric and I love it.  I hung it on my bedroom mirror.
The sweetest fabrics ever!  Thank you Vicky!

A surprise package came in the mail from 
Judy @ 20 North Ora
A box full of Paris! 
Judy is so sweet and knows how much I love all things Parisian!
This vintage print of the Eiffel Tower will be joining some others I'm collecting to make a gallery wall!  Truly a special gift!
This plate will hang on another wall and note cards are always welcome!
Love this banner and will be hanging it in my bedroom...Pink, Paris and the Eiffel Tower!
Unfortunately this cute mug came broken, but I'm going to try to glue it together to display it at least!
Thank you Judy for thinking of me!

This next little package came from Canada and made me so happy!
This adorable egg cup for my collection came from my sweet friend Valerie @ Vonlipi's Favorites
In her note she said this cutie needed a new home and she knew it would find one here in my cubbies and it has!  Thanks so much Valerie!

It's really such a loving and generous community that we bloggers belong too! 

Wishing you JOY,


Thursday, August 13, 2015

M is for McCoy Pottery

I love pottery! 
I am very drawn to it and have had various collections over the years.  One of my favorites is McCoy!  I think my first piece was this.
Found in a thrift shop for very little money it holds pens in my workroom!
Not a valuable piece by any means but one that makes me happy.
One day in a thrift shop I found this Aqua bud vase and was so excited.  I paid $1 for it and truly this started my McCoy collecting.  The yellow vase was found many years later and it was also $1.
In an Antique Mall I saw a very expensive piece I just knew I wanted.  I found one on Ebay at a reasonable price
With my love of cats this was a piece I really wanted (in pink) but love the blue/green glaze.
It's a yarn holder!
One year at the World's Longest Yard Sale I bought a collection of 8 ceramic baby shoes for $5 and this was among them.  It's unmarked McCoy and I've seen it in several reference books.

I didn't buy any more McCoy for a long time but began to get the collecting bug again on one of my last trips to the World's Longest Yard Sale when I found this piece.
From the 'Wild Rose Line' of McCoy the Pink flowers really called my name.

My blog friend Claudia @ Mockingbird Hill Cottage is a big collector of McCoy and I've learned so much from her.  I bought a couple of used reference books and learned even more.  
I sent her this piece for her birthday last year.
Also found at the WLYS, it makes me happy to know it's in her home!
When I found this sugar bowl at the thrift shop this Spring, my desire for some McCoy was ignited!
This gorgeous piece was found in a local Antique Mall and the owner of the booth happened to be there and gave me an incredible deal on it! 
A birthday present for myself! 
Claudia mentioned that she found some good deals on line so I started searching Etsy and Ebay.
One seller had this sweet bird planter 

and this unmarked piece from the Rustic Line
I made an offer for both and got a great deal!
Now I was on a roll and had some birthday money
so I looked some more.
This sweet pair of vases from the Blossomtime Line were on Ebay and I had a low bid and won!
I collect Pink Pottery and hadn't seen much pink in McCoy so when I saw this vase at a great price
I knew I wanted it for my collection.
From the Spring Wood Line it is a true pink.

At a local antique mall called Junk in the Trunk
I found this white planter for $5
This piece is from around the late 60's
Someone added some green felt to keep it from scratching a table I guess.  I like it's shape.
At this same place I found this piece of unmarked McCoy and had to have it.
I found it listed in both my books as McCoy.

So that's my collection so far.  Some of the gorgeous vases Claudia have call my name.  I keep on the lookout for good deals.  I 'may' have found one on Ebay the other night, but you'll have to wait and see! 

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Babysitting is going well and I'm so lucky to have this time with sweet Rosemary!

Wishing you JOY,