Tuesday, August 29, 2017

So Much Sadness!

I haven't blogged much this month.  It has been filled with too much anger and sadness for me.
The events in Charlottesville sent me to my knees.  So much hate and racism.  I thought we were better then that but it seems we aren't.  A president that encourages it.  I just can't!

A couple of fun things!
I know this is blurry but Annie and Moe (the buck) had a stare down, then Moe proceeded to
Eat bird seed. These deer make me smile!
Mom and I watched our 99% eclipse and really enjoyed it.  
Then a storm named Harvey entered the picture.  I have family in Corpus Christi and Houston.  So far all are fine but some flooding and it's not over yet. So much destruction and loss of life.  I have prayed and continue to pray for all in the path of this storm. 

Then we got very sad news.  
My beloved Mama Rentz passed away.
She is my children's paternal Grandma and so so loved.  She had a great life and at 93 was ready she said many times but we weren't and aren't. 
So much love! 
Ashleigh has flown in from Calif and we will be driving down to So. Georgia today.  Sara and family will drive down tonight.  The funeral will be tomorrow.
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  This is a very hard goodbye for all of us.  
Here is the link to her obituary in case you are interested.  

I haven't been as faithful about reading and commenting on your blogs lately.  I hope that September brings more peace for all and a return to some normalcy! 

Wishing you JOY,

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Thrifting, Flowers and Painting

This was my July cubbie display but it will be changing this weekend!

Mom and I went thrift shopping one day last week and had a really good time.  She found several books and some bowls.  I hit the jackpot it seems!
Another pottery piece to hold more paint brushes.  I like this one because it is tall and holds them upright really well.  I took one off my desk that didn't work as well. Only .50!!
Brand new Pier 1 mug for $1.49
I love the Fall colors and it's big!
I've been looking for a plate rack to hold smaller saucer size plates and this one was $l.49 and is perfect for some of my Paris plates.  Now to figure out where I want to hang it...hum???
A Bible from the free pile! 
I love it and it is in great condition. I'll use this in my weekly Ladies' Bible study group. 
I must say I got REALLY excited when I saw this duvet cover.  Paris, Pink, Polka Dots!!  Someone made it and the fabric alone would have been more then the $7.50 I paid for it!  Washed and on the bed, it looks great!
This was my favorite find of the day.  It is a Napco Madonna vase and even if she does have a broken thumb, I love her.  I thought I might give this to a friend, but she seems so happy here by my Bible collection.  Only $1!!!
I also found two frames for $1/each.  One for this photo of Scout I had printed at Shutterfly and the other was my watercolor painting of Bluebonnets I did for my Mom.  She loves it! 

I've been painting again!
This was a photo from
'The Eggs and I'  Facebook page. 
Again I painted from a photo but decided not to put them side by side,  the colors are hard to match and then photograph but it's an inspiration not a copy :)

If this is your photo please let me know! I promise to start being more mindful of the photos I download so I can give credit!
This was really fun to paint! 

I was looking on Amazon for a travel case for my paint brushes.  I came across this one for $4 and it had brushes in it (yes all for $4)
So I ordered it!  Love the case and my good brushes will fit in there and be safe for travel!  The others will either be used for gouche paints or for the Grands!
I am a bargain hunter always!

I thought I'd leave you with a photo of my craft room.  Still a work in progress but the wall of shelves is finally done.  I need to go through all my art/craft/scrapbooking supplies and decide what to keep and what to donate.
That's a lot of stuff!

Wishing you JOY,