Thursday, April 23, 2015

Art Project Week 14 & 15

April brings a new theme to the Art Project

Color Safari (Exploring Inks & Paints)

Week 14
Art Challenge:  Watercolors
Journal Prompt: It's Water Under The Bridge
I covered the page with gesso and then blue watercolor.  I added a 'bridge' made from brown paper.  
I used stamps to add the journal prompt, more water colors to make a sky and water and ink to the bridge to give it texture.  

Week 15
Art Challenge:  Acrylics
Journal Prompt: Cry Me A River
Acrylics in shades of blue used to make a sky and water and a chain of 'tears'
I added the Journal Prompt but felt like it needed more
Inspired by Starry Nights I added swirls in the sky and liked the movement

I must say I am finding these prompts a bit hard this month, but it could have been the distraction of waiting for my Grandgirl to be born. 
Now that she is here, maybe I'll feel more creative.

Wishing you JOY,


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Welcome To The World Baby Girl!

She has arrived!  Fist first according to her Daddy!
Just minutes old!  Bright eyed & Beautiful!
My amazing daughter had another natural birth and Mother and Daughter are both doing well.
Born April 16th at 9:38 pm weighing 7 lbs 14 oz and 21 " long
Big Brother Tiger could not wait to meet her!
Tiger can't get over how tiny and soft she is.
Rosemary Scout Tabb
I got Tiger a 'Big Brother' shirt to wear at the hospital and he was so happy to tell everyone about his new baby sister.
When Sara was little she had a glow worm so Grandma had to get a baby glow worm that plays lullaby's for baby girl. 
Sara is doing really well and they are home now.
We are all so happy and very blessed.
She is sleeping well and nursing well and off to a great start!

Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers.
I am so happy to be a Grandma X 2!!
These sweet Grands are the love's of my life!

Wishing you JOY,


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Five Wild & Crazy Gals!

A road trip with my gal pals was planned for March (before I went on baby watch).  We decided to go to The Biltmore Estate and enjoy the Downton Abbey costume exhibit.  We left on St. Patrick's Day and traveled in style!
(warning long post)
Can't read the is Rose holding it.
Can you tell we were ready for fun, fun, fun!!
First stop was Greenville, SC for lunch at Mary's Fall Cottage
It was a beautiful day so we ate out on the patio.
Rose and Cheri enjoying the day.
The grounds were lovely.
 This is Falls Park on the Reedy near downtown Greenville.  Such a pretty park. 
We took a walk over 'Liberty Bridge' and of course we took photos!
The view of the falls was so pretty from the bridge!
Apparently I was having fun!
Wearing my green boa in a more sedate pose!
The Gang 
(minus our fearless leader Sue who took this photo)
Here is Sue with Joyce aka the "Two Lucy's" and believe me it takes something to keep up with these two!
We shopped a bit and then headed to our next stop
Christmas Tree Shops
 Most of us had never been to a CTS but had heard all about the store from Bloggers!  Great prices, so much stuff and it was all true!
Joyce, Sue (with her Lisa Rinna lips on) and myself having a fun St Patrick's Day in CTS!
(we did not get kicked out but it was close)
WE all bought a few little goodies and then headed for Asheville and our hotel.
We managed to dump the ice chest on the way in but they let us stay anyway!  I'm not saying Who dumped the ice but I think you can tell!
We rested a bit and headed to the Biltmore Estate and the restaurant we choose for our dinner....Cedric's Tavern
Joyce and Rose enjoying the rolls while waiting for our meal.  We had a great waitress and she answered all our questions about the menu. 
 Most of us were not super hungry so we split our entree's.  Sue and I split the Fish and Chips
Joyce ordered the Shepard's Pie, it looks so good!

Well it wasn't!  It tasted like baby food and was missing all the veggies that were suppose to be in it.  None of us were pleased with the quality of the food for the price we paid believe me!
(we did complain and they gave us a discount)
We celebrated Cheri's birthday!
The best thing about Cedric's is the bronze statue of Cedric (Mr Vanderbilts' beloved dog) 
It had turned a bit chilly and my 'buns' were a bit cold.  Lest you think I'm the only crazy one in this group
Sue also posed with the dog!!
We stopped for gas on the way back to the hotel and again posed for a special photo!
A group photo with some of Asheville's finest! 
They were really nice guys and enjoyed meeting the crazy 'Housewives of Atlanta'
The next morning we headed back to the Estate and the Biltmore which is a beautiful place
Before heading in.  We are all anxious to see this amazing house and the wonderful exhibit Dressing Downton .  The costumes were stunning and how I wish I could show you some photographs of them and the amazing house, but no photos allowed inside.  This does break a bloggers heart I must say.  The link above will take you to the information and there are photos of some of the costumes and the rooms.  I won't put them on here for fear of copyright infringement.  These costumes will be on tour this year and may be in your area, well worth seeing if you are a Downton fan!
It was a lot of fun and I'm so glad we went.  Lots of stairs but we took our time and all of us 'Ladies of a certain age' made it through the whole tour.
We drove around the grounds and I can imagine how lovely it is when everything is in bloom.
We did stop and visit the Greenhouse
It was beautiful in there and I had to pose for a photo of course!
The Orchids were stunning!
Time to head home and we decided to stop again in Greenville and eat lunch and shop a bit more.
Sue took us to one of her favorite restaurants in Greenville, "Grill Marks" and I must say it was one of the best burgers I ever had.  We ate and then shopped some more.  We had to stop at Mast General Store to bring home some mice from the famous "Mice On Main" project.
This is one I found and took a photo of it! 
Read about the fun HERE

We headed home and I must say this was one of the best trips I ever took.  We talked, laughed and had so much fun for 48 hours!  I almost lost my voice I talked and laughed so much.  It was the best therapy ever!  Thank you my friends for being such great gal pals.  Of course when bloggers go anywhere we take our cameras.  The photos on my blog are from everyone and I thank them for sharing with me.  One thing to remember is...
Truer words were never said! 

Wishing You Joy,


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Monday, April 13, 2015

A Few Thrifty Finds

I've continued my downsizing but as you know once a junker always a junker.  So yes I still shop the thrifts but I buy less and less.
My finds are few but one's I really love!
I've already shared this egg cup, but I also found these two Tervis Tumblers for .50 each!  They have Flamingos on them so they make me really happy.  I will have to buy a lid for them so I can use them in the car.
Corning Ware and Tupperware
Wonderful flowered pillow cases, shape cutters for Tiger to use with his playdoh and a divided pen holder to use on my art desk.  Also two Corelle plates.  All for under $4
$3 for this wonderful little table for the Grands.  The legs fold up for easy storage.
Pink is still on my mind with baby girl due any time now...I also found this great vintage jar for $1
The mini pottery was .41 and the beautiful serving dish (depression glass I think) was $2.99
A cute Vera Bradley wallet for $1.59
This bag will come in handy to carry baby things, it was $1.99 in new condition and I really like that I can wear it cross body.
I was very excited to find this charming sugar bowl at the thrift shop
It's McCoy so $6 was a good price to me.

I'm joining these parties

Baby girl has still not made her appearance.  She should arrive any moment now and we are all on pins and needles waiting! 

Wishing you JOY