Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Time For Mom

Last Friday I got a call from my sweet Mom, she said 'I need you'.  So I made quick arrangements for Charlie, my plants and my mail and flew to Houston on Sunday.
My flight was delayed two hours, we had a rough trip and arrived in a rain storm.  But I got here! 
My cousin Heather picked me up and drove me to Mom's house.  Big hugs and me saying it will all be OK!  Mom had oral surgery two weeks ago to remove the remainder of her teeth and get dentures.  It's been hard on her at 83, and she had some dizziness and even fainted last week.  Yesterday I took her to the Dr who diagnosed her with dehydration.  Since not being able to eat normally she was dehydrated and he took her off two of her meds until her blood pressure comes back up.
(not my photo but isn't this pretty...sorry if I borrowed it from you...let me know)

Too say we are all relieved that it is only dehydration is an understatement, but it has also prompted a decision that has been too long coming
Mom can no longer live in her home alone!
FINALLY, she is moving to Georgia!
I've put my foot down and luckily she agrees :)
We are looking at a wonderful Independent Living community 8 miles from where I live.  She will be in a one bedroom with a kitchen so she can cook some but her evening meals are provided.
St Mary's Highland Hills
I am so happy that she will be close to me!
It will be hard on her to change all her Doctors but she will also be happier near me, Sara and her family! 
So much to figure out, what to take, what to donate, what to sell.  It will be a big job.
I will move Mom and get her settled then return to clean out the house and put it on the market.
If I'm a bit absent from blogging don't worry!
I will continue to visit and comment as I can, I would miss you all so much if I didn't visit! 

That is what is going on in my world! 
Too leave you with a smile on your face...
Tiger and his Daddy built him 
A Sandbox!  
Yes it has a cover so cat's will not use it for...well you know what!  

I'll try to keep you updated on all this as I can!

Wishing You JOY, 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Thrifty Things Friday #152

Diann and I are so glad to see you!

This week I'm sharing some thrifty items I bought this week.

That is what I paid for all of these items at my favorite thrift store.
I love these Tupperware canisters.  I have several and they are great in the kitchen pantry or in the craft room!  These need a good washing and one of the tops has a chunk missing, but for the price these were a great find!
These toddler cups were like new and keep Tiger from spilling his drinks on the carpet while visiting Grandma.
I fell in love with this little Santa bird, looks like he slipped on the ice and broke his wing....
This tray is perfect for Tiger's visits.  He can sit on the floor with a snack or use it as a coloring or play doh table.  So all this (including the tray) for only $2.41 (including tax) was a SCORE!

I've been looking for some new pillows for the couch to lighten up for Spring.  Being the 'frugal' person I am I've looked and looked.
I found these on clearance yesterday at Target for 50% off!  Yay!  

Love this soft purple.  Its not a color I use often but I really like it on the couch.  They also have a zipper and inserts so I can change out the covers! 
Both for $25

What bargains have you found this week?
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Wishing you JOY,

Monday, March 17, 2014

Bringing In Some Spring

As the weather warms up I'm making changes to my decor.
This was the top of one of my bookcases during the winter

I wanted to lighten it up and bring in some Spring colors...
I changed out the plaid napkin for this butterfly print with blue, greens and yellows! 
Added a few pieces of my pottery collection
This felted cat is a favorite thing!
A sweet friend made this for me several years ago
and it adds a whimsical touch to the vignette.
I think it makes a nice transition from winter to early Spring! 

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Wishing you JOY,


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thrifty Things Friday #151

So happy to see you!
Diann and I look forward each week to seeing what you have to share at TTF!

This week I'm sharing my thrifty St. Patrick's Day decorations.  I just add a few 'touches' of green here and there!
Lot's of green in one of the cubbies
Some favorite plates on the wall
This shamrock plate and cup on a shelf are two of my favorites.
The shamrock coasters are in a light green planter and just look cute!  The gorgeous vase is a family treasure I'll share more about soon.
This sits on the pass through from the kitchen to the living room
I love how the milk glass with the green is so pretty! 
I hung this little tag on one of my vintage candy jars

All of my decorations are thrift shop finds!  
I like being able to decorate for pennies for holidays!
What do you have to share this week?
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Here are a couple of tablescapes I've done in the past!

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Wishing you JOY,


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tiger Time 2014

I can't believe Tiger will be three in less then a month!  Time really does fly.  He is growing up so fast.  We have lots of fun together and I wanted to share some photos of my sweet boy!
We had a great time playing 'Eiffel Tower' with this wire cage I have in my yard.  
Just look at this face!
One cold day we created with PlayDoh and had so much fun! 
Love his shorter haircut
He truly lights up my life! 
He can bake a cake for his Mama
(she turned 32 but I don't think she minded the 23)
Work and play in the snow!
Share his Southern roots
and dance like no one's watching!

Today it was warm and sunny so his Mom and I took him to Sandy Creek Park which is just down the road from me.  It has a beach on the lake and is fun for the little one's to play.
Sand Castles with Moats
Lots and lots of trips with the water
This is serious business Grandma!

Can you tell I love this little guy?
Grandma and Baby Bear!

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Wishing you JOY,


Friday, March 7, 2014

Thrifty Things Friday #150

Diann and I are so glad to see you

This week I'm sharing a thrifty organizational tip with you.  It's not original to me but I finally decided to try this and I love it.
Scarfs....I love them!
I wore them daily in Paris and bought a few to bring home.  Putting them in a drawer and having to search through them when I want to wear one is a pain...so I decided to try this.
I took one of my wooden hangers and used plastic shower rings I bought at the thrift shop
I put the rings on the hanger and each ring holds a scarf! 
 I can see them at a glance and I love it!
I hung mine on the inside of the closet door on an hook rack that was already there so it doesn't tip as it does just hung from the hanger hook.
Easy and inexpensive.  I can also hang this inside the closet out of the way during the summer when no one wears a cute scarf in Georgia!

That's my little thrifty tip this week.
I can't wait to see what you have to share.
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Wishing you JOY,


Monday, March 3, 2014

Lucky Me!

Today a package arrived from Canada
and I was so excited!
I won this Pyrex Pink Gooseberry #444 from lulu and lolie a wonderful blog you should visit!
What makes this even more special is this bowl completes my set! 
The only one I bought was the smallest bowl.  The middle two were a special birthday gift from a Canadian friend and then the largest bowl was this win also from Canada!  
Happy and very LUCKY me!

Now when you look at this thrifty find
You see a bargain priced utensil bin from Target
But I see.....
A shelf for some small items including my collection of individual restaurant creamers
I am still tweaking this but love how it gives me all these 'shelves' for little things!

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Wishing you JOY,