Monday, May 30, 2011


I found a few items that I haven't shared with you yet and they are all Pink~
All these were found thrifting
The restaurant ware cup
By Shenango was .40 
I love this sweet little juice glass
and it was only .50

I saw these listed on ebay as tea bag holders.   
I could also see them used as butter pats. 
Only .95 

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How about a Tiger photo before we go...

Here he is meeting one of his Great Grandfathers for the first time


Sunday, May 29, 2011


It's been a busy week here at A La Carte so I'm going to re-post last year's Memorial Day offering! 

I hope you enjoy! 


Today was so pretty and busy but thought I would stop for a cup of tea and what better way to celebrate Memorial Day then with red, white & blue!
A simple tray with a $1 place mat
I like the flowers on these cups 
These were made in China and I found them at the thrift store last week.  They are in very good condition.
The little red teapot was found at Home Goods
The pretty white napkins are also thrifted

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Hope you enjoyed your tea! 

Let's Remember those who made sacrifices so we may have our freedom!
Dedicated to the memory of my Dad
Lt.Col. C. P. Buschmann
I love you Dad! 

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Here are some of my latest vintage thrifty finds. 
All came from thrift stores.

I 'think' this is a Verde pattern #503 1-1/2 qt refrigerator dish without the lid.  It was only $2 and since I love Pyrex...home it came
This vintage tablecloth is in pretty poor condition but I love the colors
And the pattern so for $1 I am taking a chance it will clean up or it can be used as a cutter piece
 I love vintage cookbooks and have quite a collection of the 
Betty Crocker series
 These remind me of growing up with a Mom who loved cookbooks and would read them like a novel!  
I was excited to find these pieces to add to my small but growing collection of this pattern called Sussex.  The plate was 75 cents and the bowls were 2 for 70 cents

I have slowed down on my milk glass collecting unless a piece is unusual and this one qualifies.  I love the design
since it looks like Lilly of the Valley to me and for $2
I added this to my cart
**This was made by Westmoreland and the only Lily of the Valley piece they made according to my research**
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It has been a beautiful Spring here in Georgia.  Our yard has bloomed and the birds have been visiting.  We even have a nest of Hawks high up in a tree in the wooded area behind our house.  We have been trying to spy on them as they hatch and grow!  So much fun!  In keeping with the bird theme I re-did my cubbies and collected my bird collection from around the house.  Hmmmm...larger then I remembered...oh well hope you enjoy! 

That is a lot of birdies!
All these birds were thrifted or bought on clearance 
All of these were thrifted except the lovely Fenton Glass bird I won in a giveaway from Vintage Christine
Some of these are orphan S&P shakers so they are a double collectible for me
This vignette was created from clearance items bought at Michael's
The tray is Couroc Giftware from Monterey, CA found in a thrift shop.  The other bird decorations are from Hobby Lobby on clearance.
The yellow bird is from Michael's and the other items were thrifted
(remember the Blue Bird of Happiness?  It helped me announce that my daughter was having a baby)
I am very happy with the cubbie display

These birds are scattered around the deck garden
The Red and Blue metal birds were clearance from
Dollar General last fall
This was a Birthday present last year
I try to keep some water in it for the birds on these hot days
Dollar Tree bird

Hope you enjoyed the birdies....
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Friday, May 20, 2011


If you are a regular reader of A La Carte then you know I have a 'thing' for Boopie!  I bought some last year on the
Worlds Longest Yard Sale 
Paid a little more then I wished for the two glasses that match but I was in love

I did a post about Boopie and how to tell if it's Candlewick or not

I even found green boopies and paid $1.97 per glass...yikes!
So imagine me just stopping in the Salvation Army store...walking around and what to do I see....
I found seven of these cute little glasses 
 I only took a picture of 4 & no I'm not sure why :)
Oh the Boopie, wait I don't have a basket
I ran up to the front of the store grabbed a basket and as I'm coming back for MY BOOPIE  what do I see???  Another person's hand hovering near my boopie...I tell this very nice lady that I was getting these and just had to go get a basket....she backed away.  I mean don't get between Linda and her Boopie
Did I mention they were only 49 cents each!!
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today is Kathleen at Faded Charm's 100th White Wednesday Party!  I wanted to join in the celebration with her and all of you!

I stopped in a thrift store and there in the glass showcase was this set
I have been looking for a pitcher and glasses in the Harvest Grape pattern by Indiana Glass but they are always out of my price range
This is in beautiful condition
I asked the price....
for all of it??
The details of this pattern are lovely and I am thrilled to have this set!

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Kathleen, these are for you
Happy 100th party!