Sunday, November 27, 2011


The Thanksgiving is put away and it's time for the Christmas decorating to begin!
I am so glad I spent the time last year to organize and mark the contents of my bins.  It will make it so much easier this year.  I can't wait to show you some Christmas decorations...but until then here is a little peek at something I bought while in Texas
Oh my more dishes!  But not just any dishes...
Christmas dishes!
Place settings, four
Blue, red and green
Dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, bread plate and mug
Sakura Santa's Retweet by Debbie Mumm
The salad plates have different Santa's on them
I have two of this design
and one each of the following designs

Notice the cute little birds on each of the Santa's?

I found these at the thrift shop and didn't buy them since I knew I could not them home.   But then could not forget them so I went back on Monday and they were still there and 25% Sr final price for this set...$7.50
Love them!  I decided it would be worth getting them and they can stay at Mom's until my next visit when I will drive my car.   I will miss doing a tablescape with them this year but could not resist these at such a great price!    

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Thursday, November 24, 2011


As this day comes to and end I wanted to say how Thankful I am for all of you!
Today was a quiet Thanksgiving for Mr ALC and myself...I will be seeing my girls soon
The cubbies for Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving table for two
I re-worked the fall centerpiece by adding my Publix Pilgrims and a candle
The place setting 
I started with these chargers I found in a thrift store
I love the raised edges.  I placed them on place mats  I found last week for .50 each
I added green plates I have used many times before
and the new thrift store terra cotta plates
Then a pumpkin plate
Topped with a green bread plate and a turkey
Lots of layers but hey, it's Thanksgiving!
The rim shot as Marigene calls it
I love these napkins found last year on clearance
and the Pier 1 napkin rings from a thrift shop
The silverware is Mr ALC's family silver
I used my square footed green goblets and added a small bowl for bread & butter
We had Turkey, cornbread dressing, snap peas, rolls and cranberry sauce
My turkey platter was found on clearance at TJ Maxx last year.  
I am happy the table came together easily this year
Before I blow out the candle and end this Thanksgiving I want to say how much all of you mean to me.  I started blogging for fun and never ever dreamed that I would find such amazing and loving friends.  You have all enriched my life more then you will ever know. 


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It is sad but true....I am a plate addict!
I've had this addiction for many years but it has really grown since I started blogging.  Why you ask?  well...there is Tablescaping and of course since my plates are mostly thrift finds there are parties each week where I can share them.  I know I'm not alone...I've seen those closets and storage rooms with stacks of plates (dish heaven!)
STILL with the economy the way it is I have cut down over all on my thrifting and have been really trying to avoid buying more dishes...but sometimes a girl just has to do what she has to do!

Here are the plates I have bought in the last couple of weeks
It started off very innocently....this little Corelle plate was only 10 cents and I already have a few so it made sense to add this for such a great price

Then this adorable Christmas plate was found at the thrift for 99 cents and it's just so darn cute and it's almost Christmas so this too seemed like a good purchase

Look at these beautiful lunch plates, perfect for layering for Thanksgiving, only two plates and 80 cents each.  
These were a must agree right??

There were three of these cute black and white plates....I don't need them I know but look how cute and I see a wonderful future tablescape, and they were half price so for $1.50 these jumped into my cart!  If you had seen them first you would have picked them up right??

Now look at these sweet white J & G Meakin bread plates...they will look so cute with those black and white plates...1/2 price day and so only 24 cents each...I mean really!

Now we come to the real two ways about it these next two plates were an extravagance!
But look!
Is this not gorgeous?  A beautiful Blue Ridge plate and in pretty great condition and there was this
another amazing Blue Ridge Pottery plate
They were $3 each but the money was for a Dog Rescue Charity and well...I had too!!!

Sigh, I would tell you I won't be buying more plates but we all know that is not the truth and I just can't lie to you anyway! 
So yes, My name is Linda and I'm a plate addict!

I'm joining these fun parties today
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Sue at It's A Very Cherry World

Now I better get digging in that dish closet and get my Thanksgiving table set...I hope you will stop by blater in the week to see it!  

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I love vintage!  When I find something vintage for a very thrifty price it makes me very happy!  Today I have a few items to share with you.
 I love aluminum trays.  This one was a great find at the thrift on 1/2 price day, so yes only 99 cents!
I love the detail!  
It is stamped Wilson Specialties Co in Brooklyn NY

This was a fun find for me!  I remember having these nut bowls growing up.  The nut crackers fit into the large holes with little picks in the smaller holds to get out the nut meat.  It pretty great condition (has 3 ball feet I forgot to photograph) and only $1.50

I found this pretty creamer for $3
It looks like the 'needlepoint' pattern from Homer Laughlin's ovenware but I can't be sure. Anyone know?  

That's it for this vintage gal!  I'm joining Suzanne for Vintage Thingy Thursday

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Monday, November 14, 2011

I BOUGHT......

Thanks to all who played along....this was fun...
I enjoyed seeing what items you thought I might buy

The veronica glass had lots of votes... was priced a bit too high, but I would love to find one at the thrift store!

Some of you guessed the pink cow creamer
Cute but it did not call my name

Many of you loved these
And I must say I love them too... they were too big for this gal's feet, so not the boots

A couple of you thought I might have chosen the cool vintage ornaments
I did like a few of them a lot but I do have several vintage ornaments that came from my childhood already, so no ornaments this time

Many of you guessed that I bought the Flamingo Salt and Pepper Shakers
And you would be right!  
These guys came home with me
I really love them and tried to leave the store without them but they called my name so I splurged and paid, gulp, $12.50 for them....outrageous for this thrifty gal!  

Now I put all the names into a pile and mixed them up and the Flamingo's choose
My sweet friend Susan @ Writing Straight From The Heart! 
 Just email me your address and I will get the Pilgrim Salt & Pepper shakers to you asap!

It is good to be home and I'm enjoying being back where I can play with my treasures.  I put away the Halloween and got out a few fall/thanksgiving decorations.  I won't start Christmas decorating until after Thanksgiving!  


Saturday, November 12, 2011


I'm home!

It feels so good to be home!  I slept well even if Charlie was on top of me all night...he was afraid I might disappear again I'm sure!  Mr ALC is also glad I'm today while I rest I thought I would do a post about the Antique Mall I visited while I was in Texas.
This was a fun find! A wicker rickshaw!
Only a couple of thousand dollars!
This display caught my eye....Pyrex and vintage ceramics oh my!
Oh be still my heart....I love this 
A mere $795
Oh so cute vintage Flamingo S&P's
I love this vintage bar....
More vintage Flamingos
These are so gorgeous!
Whoops...'gorgeous' price also!
Who doesn't love a pink cow creamer
It's a bad picture, but I love this cute pink Veronica glass...I loved Archie comics growing up!
I love this creamer!  It's made by Shawnee and had a large price tag on it
The matching S&P....I have these that I found if I can just find that creamer for a bargain price!
This was photographed through the glass case so the color didn't come out great...but I love this wonderful dresser set in a sweet pale pink
Vintage Flamingo planter
Love it!
Cute little Birthday angel
Some great vintage ornaments
Pink & White Cowboy boots!  
Ya gotta love Texas! 

It was a fun afternoon and a way to escape some of the stress in Texas.  I did buy one item, can you guess???

Everyone that guesses correctly will be put in a drawing for a fun 
Thanksgiving giveaway!
I have a set of these Publix grocery store S&P's
I love them and would love to send one of you a set!
So make your guess by Monday 11-14 and I will put  all winning names in the hat and choose a winner! 

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Many Hugs,