Friday, February 27, 2015

Art Project Week 7 & 8

I got behind in my art project, but I've caught up! 
I am going to share both weeks in one post!
February Theme
Layers You Will Love
Week Seven
Art Challenge:  Cover up good stuff
Journal Prompt: Going Undercover
I started the pages with something I love
Paris Eiffel Tower stamped with pink ink
Using oil pastels I made a rainbow design across the page.  
I used Gesso to soften the whole look of the page (layers, I keep saying to myself...layers)
I tried getting some texture by making swirls with an this point I'm really loving this page.
BUT....the challenge is to cover it up
I took a paper towel and dripped on lots and lots of watercolors, overlapping and letting them bleed
This reminds me a quilt and thus the 'under cover'
I ripped the paper towel in to many pieces to make a collage on the page.
Being close to Valentine's Day I choose a heart shape over the two page layout
Decoupage heartshape
Added more color to the page and wrote around the edge of the heart in black ink
loving the layers, but not afraid to cover it up
 Challenge completed!

Week Eight
Art Challenge: Repeating Layers
Journal Challenge: It's Worth Repeating

My Mardi Gras inspired colors of purple and green were stamped on the page in a checkerboard fashion using makeup sponges
I love these colors, but again it's all about the layers this month
Using watered down Gesso I covered the page then took thicker Gesso and using a small cup make circle shapes on the page
I wanted to add Gold as the third Mardi Gras color but didn't have any paint, so used some glitter glue which barely showed.  I pulled out a new circle stamp and used a stamp pad in a bronze color.  It got 'muddy' for me and I wasn't thrilled with it but the project goes on.
I used some water colors to soften the page and then a blue acrylic and a large cup to make more circles on the page.  Adding the journal prompt
It's worth repeating!

Even when the pages don't turn out like I hope, I am learning from them.  I'm not afraid to try something new and just keep going.   It has been a  really great challenge.
Thanks for following along.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

What A Week!

It has been a week since I last posted.
It seems I caught my Grandson's cold.
It hasn't been fun.
I've been resting and trying to feel better.  
Look what arrived int he mail to help me feel better!  I love love this Eiffel Tower mug and have already used it for my tea and honey.  A sweet 'just because' gift from my blog friend Barbara~ 

I have been thrifting items for the new baby girl
I found this CoSleeper Bassinet at the thrift shop for $ has already taken it's place in her parent's bedroom where she will sleep when she comes home.
I found some bassinet sheets, a few towels, sweet bib and book for our new baby girl.
So far she doesn't have full name but "Scout"seems to be the decided middle name.
She is growing and moving like crazy!
A very active baby her Mom says.
A big baby bump since she is due April 13th
We are all so excited!

Sara's Birthday is Tue and her sweet husband planned a get away for the two of them before baby #2 comes.  I kept Tiger even though I was not 100% and he was so good and played well by himself a lot. 
Having a picnic!
Tiger loves to take photos with my camera and has gotten pretty good at it.  I found an extra camera and gave it to Tiger.  He knows it is not a toy and he was so excited to take photos and have a camera of his own.  It was the first thing he showed his parents when they returned for him.
I know he will enjoy taking photos.
See the My Little Pony's on my front door...they have magnet feet and my door is metal.  These belonged to both of my girls and Tiger has enjoyed playing with them also.

So that has been my week!  I am behind in my Art Project but did start it yesterday and hope to finish it soon.  Then try to catch up with this weeks challenge.  I hope you had a good week!

I'll be watching the Academy Awards tonight
How about you?

Wishing you JOY,

Monday, February 16, 2015

Art Project Week 6

I am late sharing this weeks art project
I didn't get started on it until Saturday because I had such a busy week
February brought a new theme
"Layers You Will Love"
Art Challenge: When not to stop
Journal Prompt: "Don't stop til you get enough" (ooh)

First layer is crumpled tissue paper I put down with Mod Podge.  After it dried I used Gesso on the page to give it texture.
I used a bright red acrylic paint to swoosh some hearts on the page.  I then added those I love to the hearts with a soft black pencil.
I added another layer of color using 'true blue'
I painted it on then using a paper towel took a lot of it off
I have a lot of heart/valentine stamps and I randomly used then on the pages as another layer
I have a lot of cancelled stamps and envelopes and used a heart punch to make some hearts. I added them to the page for yet another layer.
My last layer was Gesso with pale pink acrylic paint brushed on and paper toweled off.
I added 'Layers of Love' with my new alphabet stamps
 and called it done.
I'm not use to having so many layers so it was a good exercise for me.  I can't say I love this page but I'm satisfied that I did the challenge.

Thanks for joining me~


Friday, February 13, 2015

Junkin Finds 2-13-15

I've had a busy week between taking Mom to the heart Dr and also staying with Tiger several days while he has been sick with a cold!
I still have a few items to share with you.
I found this great light to use on my craft table...
$3.50 and I love it!
I stopped into a Goodwill near where I get my hair cut and saw this lamp base!  Its hard to tell but it's pink and so pretty and only $ has a shade that isn't the best but usable until I find another one.  Perfect in my bedroom.
I am still picking up jars for my craft room and for .25 each I couldn't pass them up
This little bulletin board was also .25 and will be used also in my craft room
Tiger will love this new space ship pillowcase next time he spends the night and only .25
These books were .50 each.  I'm reading 'Big Little Lies' and it's pretty good.  I love the Cranberry series of books and this was a great addition to my collection.  You can never go wrong with a reader!
This Tiara Jack and Jill glass isn't in great shape
But worth .59 to me
A pretty little glass creamer/pitcher .25
This sugar bowl was in the free box and I had to save it

My best find in a long time is this
This Bordallo Pinheiro soup tureen was $4.99 at the Goodwill and I couldn't get it in my cart fast enough!  I love it.  Now if I could only find some bowls or plates for a great thrifty price! 

What have you found lately?

Wishing You JOY,


Monday, February 9, 2015


I am not doing a lot of Valentine decorations but did keep out my white Christmas tree and put lots of hearts on it.  
This was a good transition from Christmas and keeps some pretty lights out for several weeks!
Many of these pink hearts are the one's I put on my bedroom Christmas tree.  Moving the tree out to the living room and adding more hearts just made me happy!
Most of these hearts have been bought at after Christmas and Valentine sales
I've had this heart made from an old quilt for years
I have this pair of earrings made from a vintage bracelet (Betsy).  They are a bit big to wear very often but I LOVE them hanging on this tree!
I bought the pink Barbie shoe on clearance to remember the fun party we had (post here)
I also have my Princess Tiara and wand under the tree along with some other decorations!
One cubbie decorated for Valentine's Day
Red pottery and a few little special items
I love this little girl getting her Valentine in the mail!
Lots of Love in my home!

Wishing you JOY