Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Kindness of Friends!

Life is crazy busy these days and I'm thankful for that.  I'm coming out of my 'funk' and I must give some credit to a sweet group of ladies! 
You have seem some of my 'adventures' with my crazy Atlanta blogging buddies.  Well when Sue heard me having some 'sorry for myself' moments she immediately rallied the troops and set up a real 'Pitty Party' here in Athens, Ga.
Denise, Sandie and Sue
Rose and Cheri met me for lunch at 
The food was wonderful (my quiche) and the company perfection.  Laughter and tears, both so healing.  I am blessed to have these friends.

That's me saying 'Huh???'

They brought gifts!  Cheri made all of us crochet washcloths and Rose gave us awesome hand cream!
Sue and Joyce (who was out of town) made up this basket of goodies and a movie for me, so I could have my own pity party whenever I needed it!  Cute, thoughtful, funny...describes these ladies to a tee! 
This gift brought a moment of tears but mostly smiles.  My dear friend Denise was taking a sketching class when Charlie passed away and did this sketch from a photo on my blog.  She gave me the sketch and a frame for it.  I am so touched.
I will treasure this!
I of course had to give everyone something! 
You can't have a Pity Party without tissues! 
So much fun and laughter but we weren't done yet.  We loaded into our vehicles and I took them on a tour of some of my favorite thrift shops.  I think everyone but Sandie found something to buy!
Sue had to 'hop on' the Georgia Bulldog statue at the Goodwill.  There is a history of this behavior! 
This time the bulldog was hot hot hot from the sun and Sue got a hot crotch, which made us all laugh even more. 
The day flew by and it was time for them to leave.
I was uplifted by their love, laughter and concern.
My life is filled with Joy! 
Thank you my friends! 


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Junkin Finds!

Least you think I have stopped junkin, 
let me share my latest finds! 
I love cross body bags and when I saw this cute one at the thrift shop for $3 AND it had my initial on it I just had to have it!
I found this sweet little orphan salt shaker and a ceramic pink swan, both only .50 each!
A sweet teacup for a future project, miniature pottery and a blue bird of happiness for my collection!  Bargains all!
Habitat for Humanity had this grey planter for $1.99 and I love the shape.  I'll be looking in my books hoping to find a maker as the only mark is USA.
I haven't been buying Pyrex, in fact I downsized my collection, but finding this casserole that matches another piece I have was a great deal at $4
My latest find was this great shelving unit for $9
It is perfect under my window for plants, pottery and books!  I am always looking for pieces that are multi-functional. 

Thank you for all the sweet comments about my Grands and my family.  I am a very blessed lady! 

Wishing you JOY,

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It's Fun Turning One!!

Rosemary Scout turns one! 
I can't believe it's been a year since this sweet little girl entered our lives (fist first her Dad says)
It has been a wonderful year watching her grow and discover this world we live in.
She loves to play, talk, dance and walk!!
She is Grandma's Girl!
This is her Mimi (Kara, Sara's stepmom) who made the delicious strawberry cupcakes for the party.
She tried to eat the paper fringe while she waited for her first birthday cake (first time eating sweets)

What's this?
Frosting is good!!
Cake is good!
Oh the JOY~
She received lots of clothes and some play food and items for her kitchen.  I got her some books and
Miss Ballerina Mouse
and a water table!  
Which she loves!

With so much family in town, Sara and Blake decided to have the children baptized at church on Sunday. 
It was a lovely ceremony.
The church had a pot luck dinner after the service that day and we had a wonderful time of fellowship.
This little one is walking everywhere now!!
(that is Sara's Dad in the background)

Blake's Dad and Grandmother were able to join us also.
There were so many cameras it was hard to get everyone looking in the same direction at the same time.  

We also got a 4 generations photo with my Mom that I will treasure!
It was a wonderful weekend for our family! 

Wishing you JOY,


Monday, April 11, 2016

Turning Five!

April is a busy month around here! 
Three, count them 3 birthdays.
We start on April 3rd with my SIL Blake
This year he was able to go to a race at Martinsville Speedway and check that off his bucket list!

Next up is Tiger whose birthday is April 7th!
It starts with his birthday celebration at his school!
At a Montessori school they celebrate by singing a song about going around the sun for 12 months then you are (one, two, three etc).  At each year mark the child speaks about things from that year.  They bring photos and parents can add memories.
It's a very interesting way to celebrate! He walked around 5 times of course!
This is Tiger's last year here as he will be going to public Kindergarten next year.
For his birthday dinner, Tiger choose Cali-N-Tito's
The most child friendly restaurant I've been in! 
Lots of games, bikes that the kids can ride around the tables and open spaces for them to just play play play! 
You refill your water glasses at these stations! 
Tiger's chicken quesadilla almost fell apart!
Then it was present time!
Lots of fun toys and books.
A new bike helmet that he says is his race car helmet and we had trouble getting him to take off! 
What a fun day!
But Wait, there is more! 
Since Tiger and Blake have a birthday just a few days apart they usually do a birthday adventure,
this year it was to Stone Mountain Park
It was a chilly day for a hike but sunny!
Tiger could not understand why anyone would want to carve up that mountain (he told his Dad that...makes me smile)
At the top of Stone Mountain
The Birthday boys!

BUT WAIT...There is more!
Saturday afternoon Tiger had his friends over for a Birthday party!  They played and had a great time!

Pizza and fruit picnic! 
More presents! 
This amazing eagle outfit from IKEA was a hit with Tiger and all the kids! 
And that is how you celebrate turning FIVE!

Next up is Rosemary Scout who will turn one on April 16th!  I'll be sure to share her celebration with you soon! 

Wishing you JOY,


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Grandma! Don't Talk!!

Last Sunday when I saw Tiger he could tell I was losing my voice.  It was gone all week long.  Sore throat, coughing.  I knew it was viral but went to my Dr just to make sure.  So it just takes time, rest, lots of fluids and more rest to get better...
oh and no talking! 
I dropped by Friday for a couple of hugs and dinner!  I was talking in a pretty hoarse voice when Tiger said,
 'Grandma stop talking!!!'
I said a few more things and he said
'Grandma!!  Don't Talk!!'  
He wants me to get all well so I can celebrate his birthday on April 7th.  My big boy will be 5! 
Scout has turned into a Dare Devil!!
Climbing on everything!
This is her favorite chair in the living room.
She sits in it like a big girl!!

Since I was home all week 'resting' I did some more downsizing.  So here are some items I'm getting rid of.  Anyone interested in them? 
Low low prices plus postage!  
Let me know in comments if you are.
Four little piggies!  Orphan shakers, all vintage pigs.  Someone?  Anyone?  $2 + postage?
3 small egg coddlers!  $3 + postage
2 Large Egg Coddlers (they match) 
$4 + postage
2 Large Egg Coddlers  Birds/Flowers
$4 + postage
Green Boopie Swirl glasses 4 sherbets, 2 water glasses  $10+ postage

And a gift for me!
I received this Paris cover for my cell phone from my sweet Ashleigh this week.  I love the surprises she sends me.  I won't get to see her until the end of May and I miss her very much! 

So that has been my week.  I hope yours was a good one. 

Wishing you JOY,