Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine Decorations!

It's time for Valentine's Day decorations to go up! 
I'm simplifying this year! 
In the cubbies I removed the cardinals and added a few Valentine items!
I used several of my red pottery pieces
Last year I found these cute place card holders on clearance
 and used them to hold vintage Valentines
This is one of my favorites!

Top of the cubbies
Some vintage nut cups, kissing birds, cupcake
 and a little girl mailing a Valentine
More reds and my favorite Maxine vase
More Valentines
I like the cubbies but may keep 'tweaking' them!

 I changed out the plate racks and used four white ironstone dinner plates.
The wooden heart my Dad made me many years ago and Last years Valentine from Mr ALC add some color!

The black and red heart dishes were found on clearance at Hobby Lobby last year.  I added vintage milk glass plates to add more texture!
My friend Deb at @ Garage Sale Gal and I did a Valentine Tag Swap!  
This is what she sent me!  Isn't it adorable!
I finally finished mine yesterday and they will get mailed to her tomorrow!   I am getting into crafting a little more and enjoying it a lot!

After returning to the Vet's this morning they decided that Mr. Toes was doing so well he could come home!  He goes back Friday for more blood work and next week to get his stitches out, but looks like our boy is home to stay! 
Thanks again for all you prayers!

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Wishing You JOY,

Monday, January 28, 2013

Guess What???

You're Gonna Love This

Mr. Toes is home
Only for the night 
But home!!
When we went to visit this morning this is what greeted us!  He was purring and rubbing against us.  The Dr's are so happy with his progress but he isn't eating.  We spent time with him and then the Dr said we could come back at the end of the day and bring him home for the night!!
We have to take him back tomorrow for his treatments but he is home right now!
Here he is showing off his shaved parts!
First thing he did when he got home was head for the food!  He as eaten a little bit, drank water and used the litter box.  I think he is so happy to be home and I know we are happy he is here!
We will take him back in the morning and let him stay the day, but I think they will take out his IV and let him come home since he is eating. 

We are so thankful and I know that all your good thoughts and prayers have helped our sweet Mr. Toes get better.  He is one strong cat! 

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You're Gonna Love It

Wishing You JOY,


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gratitude Sunday #4

It has been a hard week as most of you who read my blog know.  After last weeks gratitude post we learned that Mr. Toes injuries were more severe then we knew and he had surgery.  It has been touch and go for a week and he is not out of the woods yet, but he is so much better!  
Today I am so grateful for the wonderful Doctors and Staff of Douglasville Veterinary Hospital!
From the moment we took Toesie in a week ago through today the staff has been incredible! 
Dr Michelle Haynes was the first one to see him and hee compassion and care has not ceased!  She has called us and stops to see us every time we are there to see Mr. Toes! 
Dr Marjorie Porter did Toesies surgery and saved his life.  Both Dr's have been kind and caring and completely available to us during this time.
From the sweet ladies that greet us when we walk in the door to all the techs who are taking care of our baby, we do not think we could have found better care!  I am so grateful for these wonderful caring and loving professionals. 
Toesie is one of our furry children and we feel like we owe him this chance to recover and he could not do this without Douglasville Veterinary Hospital!

What are you Grateful for this week?

Wishing You JOY,


Friday, January 25, 2013

A Favorite Thing!

I have cat's on my mind and so I'm sharing a few of my favorite cat collectibles!
Sometimes a friend will send me a sweet kitty for my collection. Sometimes I buy one on Ebay (Fenton glass December Birthday cat).  I won a gift card from Novica and choose a Cat of Happiness box! 
The Wade cat is so modern, while the McCoy Cat string holder is so vintage.  This sweet plate is how I feel about my kitties! 

Update On Mr Toes
We visited him today and he is looking so much better.  Both of the Dr's stopped to talk to us about him.  Everyone there loves him, He is such a sweet guy and has really been struggling to survive! 
They think he has turned a corner!!  He is on a mega antibiotic and today we could see the spark back in his eyes.  He was happy to see us and we petted and talked to him for awhile!  
Thank you for all the good wishes and prayers! 
I am hoping he will come home next week! 

I'm off to see Sara, Blake and Tiger this weekend but will have
 Gratitude Sunday up Saturday evening.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snowman Fun!

This week's Let's Dish is our January challenge
As I shopped the house looking for inspiration this guy caught my eye and I knew he was perfect for today's tablescape!
I found this Snowman cookie jar a few years ago at Goodwill for under $7, 
he is a great inspiration!
While the inspiration was easy the plate stack would not come together.  I layered and layered and it took forever to find a stack that made me happy....but I did!
Green place mats, white dinner plate, red lunch plate, green salad plate with a frosty glass plate on top of it for texture! 
 Then a small black dish to hold our dessert!
For glassware I choose a black stemmed wine glass
and a crystal water goblet from Mr ALC's family
Red plaid napkins in a black napkin ring
and a cute bobble head snowman at each place setting, 
place cards or fun phrases could be added!
Red handled flatware and It's a wrap!
I used a clear glass cake plate and added a black dinner plate for some interest.  The snowman looks very happy up there! 
I added a couple of lanterns and candles
I needed a candle on the other side of the snowman and to get some height I used a pilsner glass turned upside down as the candle holder!
(tip: you can use many things as candle holders, let your imagination guide you)
I think it turned out just like I wanted!
A winter table for two!

Update on Mr Toes:  He is doing much better!  Thank you so much for all your prayers and well wishes.  Mr ALC visited him today in the clinic and he looks so much better. A few more days of IV antibiotics and if he continues to do well he should be home soon! 

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Update On Mr Toes

It has been a really rough few days! 
If you missed my last post, I shared that our sweet cat Mr. Toes was shot with a pellet gun by someone.  We thought he was doing okay and didn't have any internal injuries.  Monday he went back to the Vet and they said he was running a fever.  They kept him and gave him iv fluids and pain meds.  Today they were able to give him an ultrasound and thought there was some damage so called us and discussed surgery.  We agreed and they went in.  They found the pellet had pierced the small intestine in two places, had bruised his stomach and he had peritonitis.  They removed the damaged intestine and cleaned out the infection.  He will be in the clinic for several more days while they give him antibiotics and continue to monitor his condition.  
Mr Toes is such a sweet cat and has a wonderful fun personality.  
We are praying for the best!
He is not out of the woods yet, but he is young and strong and we believe he has a strong will to survive!  After all he made it home after being shot.  
So Mr ALC, Charlie Kitty and myself all thank you for your prayers and good healing thoughts. 
It's amazing how much we love our furry babies!
Our home feels different without him here.

I'll try to get back to my regular blogging soon, my head and heart have not been up to it.  Those who I'm mailing things to, I promise I'll get them out soon.  

And to make us all smile....here are some photos of a different kind of 'cat'
Tiger has started Toddler Gymnastics
Checking out the musical choices
Playing Drums...has kept Tiger a busy boy! 
I hope to visit him this weekend!

Wishing You JOY,

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gratitude Sunday #3

Welcome back to Gratitude Sunday
Last week we had 19 linkups 
The most viewed was
Thank you all for joining in!

This week I am so grateful that we still have our sweet kitty boy, Mr Toes!
Mr Toes found us last summer and as we fed him and came to love him we decided he had found his forever home.  After being neutered we tried keeping him inside but he is very rambunctious young guy and so we started letting him go out during the day.  He is always home and inside before dark.
Yesterday when Mr ALC went to get him in he was on the screened porch.  He came in and was acting funny.  He hid under my bed.  He let us pet him but did not want to move.  Even worse he vomited several times during the evening.  He would not eat or drink.  We knew something was wrong.
First thing this morning Mr ALC took him to the Vet...thank goodness we did
The vet found a wound and shaved the area to find this....someone shot Toesie!
An XRay showed this
A pellet!  Someone shot my sweet kitty with a pellet gun.  They did more tests and felt like he was OK, no internal bleeding and it looked like it missed the organs but he does have a sore rib.  At this time they aren't going to remove it.  
Several shots later (antibiotics and pain) he came home and is resting! 
Toesie is a very sweet cat and we can't believe someone shot him with a pellet gun.  He will no longer be an inside/outside cat.  He will have to just be happy with the screened porch.  As the vet said, 'he dodged a bullet' literally!
I am so Grateful for my sweet Mr Toes!

and before I forget....
**The winner of the Valentine's Giveaway is......
Shelia @ Note Songs!!!
Send me your address and I will get your box of goodies out to you next week! 

I thank all of you for joining in Gratitude Sunday!
Please make sure you have a link in your post back to this party!

Wishing You JOY,

Friday, January 18, 2013

J'adore Paris

If you are a regular reader here at 
A La Carte
Then you know that my oldest daughter gifted me a trip to Paris.  I've decided that 2013 is the year I will go!!   I am so excited as I start to plan this trip! 
I have started this year with a new favorite thing!
 This amazing sign was made by my good friend and fellow blogger Jenny Matlock!
She has a great Etsy shop
Where she makes great signs.  You can buy from her samples or she will do a made to order as she did for me! I asked her to make me a Paris sign and requested pale pink and black, after a few emails back and forth she had it!
It came out better then I could have dreamed!
I love it.  Pale pink with a charcoal Paris and an Eiffel Tower....Perfect! 
This is going to hang over my bed as I dream about my trip to Paris!
 Thank you Jenny! 

As I make plans I will be sharing some of that here on my blog.  
This is a trip of a lifetime!
I was in Target the other day and saw this....
Isn't it just too cute!  In the dollar spot at Target, of course I got one for me...but I also got one for you!  Well one of you! 
 I will be adding little items to it monthly as we lead up to the trip.  I'll do a giveaway before I go and one lucky reader will get the bag and contents AND I will buy them something in Paris!  

Paris Update~January
My cousin was planning to be my travel partner on my trip, but unfortunately it's not to be.  A few weeks before Christmas she went to the Dr about a persistent cough.  While there he realized she had Afib and Immediately sent her to the hospital emergency room.  She ended up spending almost 4 weeks in the hospital and there were some touch and go moments.  She is home now but wearing what they call a 'life vest' that monitors her heart.  She cannot drive yet and since this appears to be a long term problem has reluctantly decided she cannot go on this trip.  I will miss her company but have decided I will continue my plans to make this trip in September! 
My first big decision will be where to stay.  I am looking at staying in a studio apt so I can have a small kitchen.  I will be staying at least 10 days so this seems a good idea.  Anyone who has been to Paris and has recommendations please share with me.  I am open to all suggestions!

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Next 25!

I'm back for more PU! 
Yes Purgers United! 
The first 25 items felt so good to let go of I'm back with more!  I heard from lots of you that you need to join in and many of you found items you liked!
Doing this will make more room for new treasures because I will not stop thrifting!
The pink cups are from the Tickled Pink pattern.  I have more cups then saucers so these are going.  A cute little dish and a candle holder...
A wire teapot (I was going to paint it) and Two Birthday Girls age 7 & 8
Milk glass planter, 4 white dishes with pink/green (one plate cracked) and 3 of the Violet snack plates
Pin cushion, bird egg cup, candle ring, 4 punch cups and a matching sugar bowl and a cracked but cute McCoy Smiley Mug
Set of oil and vinegar cruets with matching s&p, vinegar cruet with s&p and two individual creamers, one saucer, one bowl 
Cream and sugar, old cup, 6 Tupperware glasses
There were a few more items but they have been promised already! 
Boy this feels good!  
Linking up with Thrifty Things Friday!

Wishing you JOY,