Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday, Monday!

It is a bit cloudy and rainy today and the perfect time to catch up with what's Going On!
This was all the Valentine's decorating I did this year.  The red heart was made by my Dad many years ago and is very special to me.
I took balloons and a little candy to the Grands and enjoyed a few hugs.
Scout has discovered my watercolors and is very interested in painting.  We will do much more soon!  I have some brushes and paints just for her.
Winter has been so dreary that I wanted a little color so found this cute pillow cover on Amazon.  I love having lots of pillow covers so I can change them out for seasonal and holiday decor. 
Annie has been napping with me most every day.  I'm healing well and slowly and I do mean slowly getting my energy back.  I went to WalMart with my Mom one day and made the mistake of walking instead of taking one of the riding carts.  I was more then ready to come home and it took me two days to recover.  However my Mom did buy me this for Valentine's Day!
I love Flamingos and this cute girl just jumped in my cart and came home with me.  I've named her Rose (Pink in French).  Along with my Flamingo pillow covers she makes a sweet corner on the couch!
A little trip to Trader Joe's was fun and this little Hyacinth plant was only $2.99
I can't wait for it to bloom!

So not much else going on.  
I've binged watched several shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime.  Read at least 3 books and slept a great deal.  Healing is hard work.  

Wishing you Joy!


Sunday, February 4, 2018

A Weekend In Downton Abbey

What to do on a weekend with nothing to do but stay home and heal.
How about a trip to Downton Abbey!
No I didn't get to travel to England but I did have a marathon of watching this wonderful production from Masterpiece Theater.  Oh yes I've seen all the episodes in the series and I've even watched most of them at least twice, but I felt like I needed a 'get away' and this was it.
Maybe someday I'll get to really visit
Highclere Castle
Of course watching Dame Maggie Smith brings many smiles and outright laughs.  Such an amazing actress.
In fact the whole cast is excellent and draws you into their lives!
 Marriages, Births, Deaths and so much more in this series that covers 12 years from 1912 until 1926.
So many things to love but of course the costumes are truly amazing.
Several years ago there was a traveling exhibition of Downton Abbey costumes and it came to The Biltmore Estate.  This estate was built by George Vanderbilt and it is comparable to the style of Downton Abbey.  
A group of my friends and I went and had a grand time.  I blogged about it here.  No photos were allowed inside but I found many photos online that I could share.
So back to my weekend at Downton Abbey!  I've enjoyed submersing myself in this lovely show.  It's given me a lovely trip back in time and I might even have 'acquired' a British accent!

If you somehow missed Downton Abbey I encourage you to watch it.
Also one of my favorite quotes comes from this show!
I wish you many memories!