Sunday, September 27, 2015

S is for...

I am so far behind on everything!!
This will be my last week of babysitting 5 days@wk.  After this it will only be Tue/Thur and the occasional extra day.
I haven't left as many comments and some times I admit I've skimmed blogs but I'm trying.
So here I am doing my S post that was due last Thur...
better late then never.

I have been doing some pocket letters (and yes I'm behind there also) and needed a few extra things so I decided to stop at the Dollar Tree on my way home from Mom's place.  I usually don't find much there but it was on the way so I stopped!

S is for Score!
First of all I saw this rack of decorative tape and couldn't believe how cute they were for $1 each
 Then I found stickers
So many cute 3 dimensional sticker packs
 Bakers twine in 3 colors and multi colored paper clips.   What a great deal.  I need to check the Dollar Tree more often.

Joining Jenny Matlock's

Now back to work! 


Friday, September 18, 2015

R is for Rosemary

Rosemary Scout is a 5 months old! 
Trying to get a picture of this wiggle worm is so hard as she is always on the move (close to crawling also).
Unless she is asleep in Grandma's arms! 
She loves her swing!
and her big brother! 

Joining Alphabe-Thur for the letter R

Wishing you JOY,


Friday, September 11, 2015

Q is for Quiet

I have come to really enjoy some quiet time
The beach has always been a calming influence in my life.  I can sit and watch the water and think with only the sounds of the wind and the ocean as my companions.
The Majesty and beauty of the mountains inspires awe in me.  The quiet is so powerful.
When it first snows, the quiet surrounds you like the earth is standing still while covered in a blanket of white.
Nature is amazing and butterflies in all their beauty make me stop and look at my world without the hustle and bustle 
Listen to the Quiet 

Joining Alphabe-Thur

Wishing you JOY,


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Adding to the collections!

When I can get my junkin fix AND add to my collections it's the best kind of shopping!
Here are some recent finds that 
I was thrilled to add to my existing collections.
It was an exciting day when I found two items for the Flamingo collection AND this pink creamer!
If you are new to this blog you might not know about my Flamingo obsession!
A small bit of the collection in the cubbies
And many that don't fit in the cubbies.
I have a shelf I'm going to paint and hang in the bedroom and fill with this soon as I paint...and get the shelf soon :)
I hadn't really added to this collection in awhile but when I saw this framed vintage postcard for .50 oh yes I snapped it up!  Also found this at the same thrift store

So cute and only .25!  I really love my Flamingos and this has fired up my need for that shelf to get painted, and hung...soon!

I'm always looking for pink pottery and this sweet LuRay creamer was a happy find
I also found this cute cup
Milk on one side, juice on the other...maybe Miss Rosemary will drink out of this one of these days.
A recent church rummage sale scored me these items and some additions to collections
This will be displayed soon as a bring out my amber glass collection for Fall.  Can you see the price?  I know church sales are the best! 
This purchase just made me so happy!  Many years ago when I lived in New Orleans I had a special birthday dinner at Antoine's and this was the pattern of dishes they used.  I have found a couple of pieces at thrift shops but to find these 3 pieces for .50 made me so happy.  A future post is in the works about New Orleans and Antoine's! 
$2 purchased all these pieces of pottery.  I hope to plant some herbs in the small pots.
Last but not least is this addition to my Waechtersbach mug collection for .10
These are hard to find at the thrifts and are often in really bad condition but this one is perfect and one of my favorites.
This is my collection minus a few and with a few additions.  I need to get it all out and display it again!  

So what have you found lately to add to your collections? 

Wishing you JOY,


Thursday, September 3, 2015

P is for Pocket Letters

Have you heard of pocket letters?
I have been seeing a few posts about them and was curious.  
So I googled it and wow! 
Jeanette Lane is a blogger and she created pocket letters as a way to send fun mail to a pen pal.
You take a 9 pocket trading card protector and fill each pocket and send the whole thing to your pen pal.  So much fun!
Of course then I went to Pinterest and oh my! 
A few minutes hours later I had a board filled with great ideas from so many talented ladies out there!
My friend Deb who blogs at Garage Sale Gal hosted a Fall themed pocket letter swap.  I signed up and was partnered with Stephanie of The Enchanting Rose.  We exchanged some information and got to work.  Stephanie and I both decided to use the softer shades of Fall.
It was the first pocket letter for both of us so it took the pressure off to be perfect!  I must say I had so much fun!
My page came wrapped in this fabric so I KNEW I was going to love it and I do!!
Stephanie got me on the first try!  
She said after reading my blog she knew I would love a Paris/Fall theme!
 Each pocket was filled with goodies!
Things to craft with, tags and
a wonderful sachet made out of the Paris fabric
I love the colors and the beautiful things she made
She used all these gorgeous papers on the back side.  
I love everything about it,
but the best thing was making a new blogging friend! 
Stephanie will blog about my pocket letter soon but I will share a couple of photos of what I made her here.
As you can see we went with the same colors
I filled the center pocket with a little rose handkerchief since she told me Roses were her favorite flower.  I must say I had so much fun!
I also included lots of crafting goodies, stickers and a tea bag.  I was so happy with my first attempt at a pocket letter that I have already agreed to a couple of more swaps!!  I have one ready to mail to my Canada friend Jill at A Little Bit of Everything.
I can't share it with you yet since I want it to be a surprise for Jill.

If any of you would like to exchange a pocket letter, let me know!  It's fun! 


Wishing you JOY,