Tuesday, March 20, 2018


It is officially Spring!
Can someone tell the weather?
 I see some blooms here and there so it won't be long I hope, but for those still digging out of snow, it's just not fair!
The Avon Bunny Collection has made it's way out to the shelves and cubbies.
Along with the other bunnies that have found a home with me over the years!
I have finally gotten back to watercolors again.  I need to put in much more practice.  This is the tree in my front yard...Fall and Spring.

Scout wanted some 'pretty dresses Grammie' so I stopped at a thrift shop and hit the jackpot!  
Three dresses for well under $20
One was brand new with tags.
My favorite of the dresses! 
She wore the blue one which is long to the ground and played in it all night saying it was her Princess dress.
I was so proud of myself for not buying anything else but these dresses.
I'm really trying to cut down on my thrifting, well, because of space.
My friend Donna loves her 'frozen Charlottes' and gifted me one last year.  Donna has started doing Friday Frozen Charlotte stories on IG.  I wanted to join in!  So...
My frozen Charlotte was playing hide and seek, but it wasn't much fun by herself.  Donna to the rescue.
A gift in the mail!
These girls came to join in the fun!
Photos soon of the Frozen Charlotte Triplet Adventures!

Blogging friends are the best!
I've been a follower of Sharon at 
Queen of Fifty Cents for years.  She truly finds the best things for less money then most anyone else I know.  I love to follow her adventures.
Back in December Sharon found a bunch of great toys.  Several Steiff stuffed animals including a couple of Tigers.  I mentioned how much I love the Tigers since it's my Grandson's name and we collect them.  Sharon then gifted me with this Tiger!
He is so cute and sits on the back of this chair at my house.  My Tiger loves him and so do I.  Thank you Sharon for sharing such a generous find with me!

I am finally getting some energy back after surgery and I'm looking forward to getting some things done around my home.  More cleaning and downsizing for sure.  I find I really do want a less cluttered home, but I have a long way to go.  I'm better at bringing things in then taking them out it seems. 

Wishing you Joy,