Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thrifty Things Friday #111

Diann and I hope you are ready to share your thrifty ideas, finds
 and money saving tips with us today! 
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This week I'm sharing a shopping trip to a thrift shop I took with my daughter and grandson!
At 2 years old Tiger grows so fast and clothes can be expensive!  So we always check out the thrift shops for everyday play wear! 
Sara found so many cute shirts
ranging in price from .75 to $3.99
Shorts and even a couple of swimsuits! 
All for a GREAT price!  If you don't thrift shop or yard sale for children's clothes, I encourage you to check it out!  You might be very surprised!
It always makes Tiger smile! 
We also pick up a couple of new books to read at bedtime!  

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Features From TTF #110

So many great posts last week it's hard to pick just two favorites!  Still I knew when I saw these two posts they spoke to me!  
I'm really drawn to the 'junkin' posts as that is where my heart is!

My first feature this week is Helen and Her Daughters, she found some awesome patterns and buttons at an Estate Sale that just made me swoon!
Look at these amazing patterns!!
Beautiful buttons and this Wedding Cake topper from the 1920's or 30's
I hope you will take the time to visit

My second feature of the week is 
These gals have a lot of fun thrifting 

These recent finds had me smiling and I'm totally in love with the miniature pink ball jug!!
So be sure to stop by and visit them!

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I hope to see you all tomorrow for 
TTF #111

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Count Down To Paris

Less then 100 days to my Dream Trip to Paris!
I showed you my inspiration board last week
I hinted that the cubbies were going to get a makeover
All things Paris!

This amazing adventure started a year ago 
while on vacation with my daughter Ashleigh in Las Vegas
On Mother's Day she surprised me with a dream trip to Paris...
you can read about that amazing gift here

I pulled together all my Paris items to fill the cubbies.  
Some have been treasures I've had for a long time, others have been gifts from friends and family as I've enjoyed this year of planning! 
The little Eiffel Tower on the top row was a gift from my daughter Sara when she went to France after graduating High School in 2000.  She was able to take that trip with her HS Choir and enjoyed many amazing adventures.  Now it's my turn! 
Some of you might recognize cards & gifts you have sent me!  
My Paris sign painted by my good friend Jenny Matlock tops the cubbies!  
More cards and gifts from friends!
This great box was found at Michael's and will be used to hold treasures from my trip.
More Eiffel Towers and of course Guide books!
All those pink ribbons mark things on my list to see and do in Paris!
This is an old French/English dictionary!
I better start studying!
This will be so much fun to add trinkets and other items as my trip grows closer! 
I've added a countdown on my sidebar!

I always love to hear your experiences and recommendations of what 'not to miss' in Paris! 

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Charlie Kitty

My sweet kitty Charlie is one of my favorite things in the world.  Here he is sleeping with another of my favorite things......
My laptop computer! 

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thrifty Things Friday #110

I'm sorry I'm a little late joining you for 
I was travelling today and I will be spending a few days with my daughter and family, that means 
Tiger Time! 

I hope you will hop over at Diann's blog to see all the Thrifty Things 
that everyone has to share this week

Here are my latest thrift shop finds!

 I found this unusual shaped individual creamer for .25 and just had to add it to my collection
It's also restaurant ware, most likely not vintage

So of course you know why I had to buy this cute coffee mug....A Tiger of course!  only .50

This Grey Poupon mustard jar is something I was excited to find in a thrift shop for only .25
I love the graphics and of course it's French! 

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Features from TTF #109

I had so much fun visiting all the great link ups at Thrifty Things Friday #109!
Diann and I thought it would be fun to feature a few posts each week!
I'll choose a couple of favorites I visited 
and Diann will pick a few random posts that catch her eye! 
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My first feature is Noreen Doll (isn't that the cutest name) from Crafty Journal her tutorial on making plastic lid stamps was easy, inexpensive and fun!
I will be doing this with my Grandson! 
 Noreen's blog is full of great crafts...check her out!

Back to my 'Junkin' roots I enjoyed Angela's post on Called Her Blessed 
and her Flea Market finds.
She found the most interesting canning jars I've ever seen.  
You can check out her other thrifty finds also! 

Thank you for sharing you posts with us!
and thank all of you for a great party last week!
We hope to see you tomorrow for TTF #110

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Memoire Visuelle

As I prepare for my trip to Paris in September
I wanted to create an inspiration board
Last year I saw a post on my friend Betsy's blog My Salvaged Treasure's where she made this great cork board with a wonderful printed Eiffel tower on it!  I fell in love!  
I contacted Betsy and she was so wonderful and said she would make me a piece of burlap with this stencil on it.  
I was so excited and she was so generous to take the time to do this for me!
This is how Betsy's turned out and was my inspiration!  I kept looking for a frame and did not find one I liked.  So I finally decided to just put it on a cork board!
This really ugly cork board was found at GW for under $3....
first thing I did was paint the frame black
I trimmed the burlap to 'fit' and used a spray adhesive to attached it to the cork board
The burlap was hard to trim to the exact size so I decided to edge it with ribbon or tape.  I didn't have wide enough black tape and I was so impatient I decided to use this decorative tape I had bought at Michael's on clearance.  I like how it looks and it was easy to apply.  To make sure that everything stayed where I wanted it too, I used these great tacks I found on clearance at Marshall's.  Very 'frenchy' looking!
I must say I am really pleased with how it turned out. It has a few wrinkles but I'm hoping that as I add items to the board it won't be so noticeable! I'm not very 'crafty' but I had so much fun doing this, it's encouraged me to try some other creative endeavors! 
This is going to be part of a display I'm working on
Here's a sneak peek!
Thanks again to Betsy for all your help!

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Window Glass

I like to set glass in my front windows to catch the light.  One of my collections has a permanent place in the dining room pretty Blue Birds of Happiness.  Not all of mine are made by the famous Terra Studios, but most of them are.  I've found them all at thrifts and yard sales. 
Here is what the window looked like for quite awhile.  I love the blue glass pitchers also.
Recently I decided to change it up a bit and while in Hobby Lobby found two items for my window.
These pretty little glass tiles.  
Dragonflies are very special to me!
There were two patterns and since I couldn't decide which one and they were 1/2 price...
I got both!
So these are some of my new favorite things along with some of my old favorite things! 

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thrifty Things Friday #109

I hope you will join Diann and I for 
You can find the Link up at The Thrifty Groove

I had a great time visiting every one last week!

Here are some of my latest thrift shop finds
Mr ALC and I had a little getaway and we thrifted our way back home from Tennessee
I found some new chargers ($1/ea) and some other little things.  I am trying to downsize some but it's hard to completely quite thrifting!
I found another individual creamer for my collection for $1
I keep finding these small pottery pieces in this wonderful red glaze.  No markings on them, but I am starting to get a small collection of them...this one $ seemed to be my price for that day!
I recently found these wonderful butterfly napkins for .49 ea
 and you will be seeing them in a tablescape soon.
Two large green plates and two cute Martha Stewart covered individual casseroles were a great score on 1/2 price day at my local thrift! 

Lots of new things to use tablescaping so keep an eye out for my new items to show up! 

Be sure to head over to The Thrifty Groove to link up your thrifty posts and I'll see you soon!

Linda & Diann

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Springtime Breakfast

Spring brings beautiful blue skies and amazing flowers!  
It inspired this simple breakfast table!

The butterfly egg coddlers set the color scheme

Blue, white and yellow
The dinner plates are some from my dish closet and I think the little flower detail is fun!
A blue lunch plate, milk glass bowl and the egg coddler completes the stack
The bright yellow place mat is a sunny way to start the day!  The glass is vintage and is good for juice or milk...your choice!
The floral napkins with the faceted napkin rings pick up all the colors
Simple white handled flatware completes the place setting
I grabbed a blue jar for a vase and added some flowers from my yard...white Azaleas were in bloom at the time and some yellow 'weeds' but I like how they added another color
My salt and pepper shakers have hummingbirds etched on them
More blues and yellows

Thanks for joining me for a spring breakfast!

Wishing you JOY,


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