Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well it is really a BIG surprise for me!!!  I won a contest on Anna's blog CHICKENS IN THE BASEMENT

Oh it's here....a box full of surprises!  See she didn't have the giveaway picked out until after the drawing so it is a surprise!

A card with my name on it!!  Anna sent such a sweet note!

Oh it is full of goodies!  I can't wait to dig in! 

Vintage buttons!  Oh I love them!

A great dragonfly and some red hearts also...

A Christmas towel and a cute Mrs Santa Bell

A great vintage doily and a book about Australian Marine cool is that?

A very sweet circle pin in a cute little bag.
Two earrings with magnets on this little silver tray

Closer look at the circle pin

Such a box full of goodies!  I love it all!

Thank You Anna!!


Saturday, January 30, 2010


I am joining Beth over at  Gypsy Fish for Silver Sunday
Pleases stop by and check out all the wonderful posts!
So much Silver and only one more Sunday!  But guess what??

Beth is going to continue to host this party as a monthly event!
Check out her blog for more details.  Thanks Beth!  It's been too much fun to stop!

Just two weeks until Valentine's here is a wonderful heart I found at the GW today.

Charlie must think it is for him, but where is the food Mama????

I thought this pretty glass dish with the silver rim looks elegant

I will be using this on my Valentine's table (not for cat food...sorry Charlie!)

This silverplate dish with a top was a gift from my Grandmother.  She didn't have a lot of money but wanted to give me something that would last and I could pass down to my daughter.  

The inside has less tarnish on it, guess I should get out my wright's silver polish

This piece means a lot to me.  I lost my grandmother many years ago but a part of her is always with me. This will be passed on to one of my daughters. 

When packing to move last summer, we came across this bag with silverware wrapped in linen napkins.  My HH has no idea where it came from  There are enough pieces for 6 place settings.

The silver is marked Sterling ~ Reed & Barton and the pattern is Tara

I think it is lovely and I'm happy to have this set of silverware

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out all the other lovely Silver Sunday posts



Thursday, January 28, 2010


Do you ever have those days where the sun isn't shining, your kids are driving you crazy, your spouse or significant other makes you grind your teeth?  Well humor is the best antidote I know for the daily ups and downs of  life!  Today I want to share with you a few of my fellow bloggie friends that fit that catagory and make my day!

My newest friend is JennyMac at Let's have a cocktail she is having a fabulous giveaway you wouldn't want to miss! She is a fun Atlanta gal with lots of humor and well please see for yourself!

One of my favorite bloggers is JENNY MATLOCK! What can I say but that this gal is a HOOT!  She makes me laugh each and every post and her humor is contagious!  She is in the middle of getting ready for a huge 80th Birthday party for her Dad and I'm enjoying every step of the way.  Please take a moment and check out JENNY.

My last friend I think you would enjoy is Sandie at CHATTY CRONE.  She is a great gal who has a variety of interesting topics she blogs about and shares a lot of information.  She is funny in her own way but really makes me think also.  She has become a real friend and what more can you ask from BlogLand.

So I hope if your in the mood for some laughter, thoughtful insights and just plain old information you will check out one or more of these great ladies!  After all....Laughter is the best medicine!




Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Please join me as I participate in two blog parties today.  A new blog party Alphabe-Thursday with Jenny Matlock.  I am also joining in with Vintage Thingie Thursday with Suzanne  @ Coloradolady. Please check out both of these ladies and see what others are sharing for these two parties.
 This week we are on the letter  B 
So this week B is for Birds........

Have you ever found yourself with a collection you didn't know you had???  That's what has happened with me and these little birds.
It all started with this little guy.  I got him from my Bio-Dad's house after he passed away.  It just spoke to me.  

It is made by Goebel and I love the glazes on it

I remembered I had these salt & pepper shakers a good friend had given me for my birthday....they look a little angry don't they

This cute little bell with a bird on top came home with me one day

Soon Joined by more birds 

and MORE's an invasion!
NO, It's a collection!

These two are my current favorites.  I love the color and they are tiny and just too cute!  I got them in a 'junk' bag yesterday for 50 cents along with..

This cute little guy who is marked JAPAN

This one is a candle holder

You've seen these guys before and now they are my new header
 An all white bird

So yes I would say I have a collection, and this does not include all the cardinals I have that I use around Christmas.

Thanks for stopping by..Do you have a collection you didn't know you had?  I would love to hear what it is!



  I am joining Sue over at It's a very Cherry World for Rednesday!   Be sure to go by and check out all the wonderful RED posts HERE.

I wasn't sure I had some red's for this week, but then yesterday I found a few things and when I went to gather them up found other things I had and well, I guess I DO have some REDS!

Yes, like I said I did 'find' some reds

This wonderful candle light will go great with my Santa I found before Christmas and it was only $1

A Linen Calendar from 1994~ love those cardnials

Cute hand towel with flipflops

I love the embroidery on this piece~ needs cleaning I could use some advise about cleaning vintage linens.  I don't want to ruin it.  Thanks!

Cute little pitcher with hand painted cherries?  hard to tell.  The juice glasses look like tomatoes but they look just fine together.  This was $2 total for all three pieces.

LOVE this red bakset, so many uses and only $1

Two red rose candles, wooden strawberry and a Liz Claiborne wallet $1.50 (whooHoo)

A CocaCola tablecloth for 25 cents, not in great shape but can be used for something
Hope you will visit the other REDnesday bloggers!


Sunday, January 24, 2010


I am joining Beth over at  Gypsy Fish for Silver Sunday
Pleases stop by and check out all the wonderful posts!

For today's post I'm showing you some of my favorite silver trinkets and jewelry.

First is the charm bracelet I had in high school...way more years ago then I care to remember....
I had wore this a lot in high school and then a few years ago started wearing it fun the jingle jangle the charms make.

This is a bracelet with some semiprecious stones that I got at a flea market...I love the connecting links.
The ring has two pearls (My June birthstone) and my Dad brought this to me in the 60's after being in Viet Nam.  The little box is a Judith Leiber design for Neiman Marcus!  I won this on an Ebay auction several years ago.  I love the butterfly design.

Two silver pill boxes.  These were bought at an Antique Show back in the 90's. I love the one that is shaped like a piece of candy!

This heart necklace has little diamonds and is very special.  It was the last birthday gift my bio-Dad gave me before he passed away.  I told a little about him here.

This is my Brighton TEXAS bracelet...I was born in TEXAS as was my Mother.  As my Mom says once a TEXAN always a TEXAN even if I do live in Georgia.

Sorry my photos were not the best this week.  Never photographed jewelry before!
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my trinkets


Saturday, January 23, 2010


I would not NORMALLY share this with the whole blogging world but all of you are my friends and well friends tell each other stuff like this so here goes:

Yesterday HH and I drove over to Augusta, Ga to meet a fellow junker that HH had won something from in an online auction.  Normally he would have had it shipped but we decided to go and meet this guy and also look at some other fabulous things he and a friend had.  I found some wonderful items and will share these with you on Monday.

We stopped by this rather large Antique Mall and since we were in a hurry we ran through the place pretty quickly.  For HH this means he checks it out and is in the car perusing his other goodies while I continue to scan the booths in search of?  well something that catches my eye but doesn't cost a lot since I had just spent most of my junkin budget.  I did find a very cute item in a 50% off booth.  Took it to the front, paid for it and left.  As I'm walking across the parking lot I see HH in the car looking over his previously purchased treasures.  He sees me coming and starts putting them away.  He looks up....where did I go?  Oh there I am, but why am I sitting on the ground in the parking lot...  He leaps out of the car and comes to my rescue!   Yep my dear friends I was walking briskly and a huge, I mean the size of a boulder (ok maybe not that large, but large! ok medium? oh all right smal) rock was there and I stepped on it, turned my ankle and down I went!  I sat there stunned!  Not that this was the first time I have fallen, I have these little feet for my height (that's my theory anyway) and I sometimes turn my ankle, loose my balance and fall.  I skinned my knee and twisted my back and neck.    THE GOOD NEWS???  Nothing was broken and by that I mean my little treasure I found.
It's Pink, It's a Creamer and well...I just love it!!

 So glad it did not break!  I'm OK but like a little sore today! Sigh...the things I do for junk!

 One note, I am so glad there were not a lot of people in that parking lot and also that there were NO PHOTOS!   Me sprawled on the ground, not pretty!

Speaking of pretty..Margo's Junkin Journal Is having a giveaway!
So head on over check it out and check out the Fabulous Margo and her wonderful Blog!

See you tomorrow for Silver Sunday!