Thursday, August 13, 2015

M is for McCoy Pottery

I love pottery! 
I am very drawn to it and have had various collections over the years.  One of my favorites is McCoy!  I think my first piece was this.
Found in a thrift shop for very little money it holds pens in my workroom!
Not a valuable piece by any means but one that makes me happy.
One day in a thrift shop I found this Aqua bud vase and was so excited.  I paid $1 for it and truly this started my McCoy collecting.  The yellow vase was found many years later and it was also $1.
In an Antique Mall I saw a very expensive piece I just knew I wanted.  I found one on Ebay at a reasonable price
With my love of cats this was a piece I really wanted (in pink) but love the blue/green glaze.
It's a yarn holder!
One year at the World's Longest Yard Sale I bought a collection of 8 ceramic baby shoes for $5 and this was among them.  It's unmarked McCoy and I've seen it in several reference books.

I didn't buy any more McCoy for a long time but began to get the collecting bug again on one of my last trips to the World's Longest Yard Sale when I found this piece.
From the 'Wild Rose Line' of McCoy the Pink flowers really called my name.

My blog friend Claudia @ Mockingbird Hill Cottage is a big collector of McCoy and I've learned so much from her.  I bought a couple of used reference books and learned even more.  
I sent her this piece for her birthday last year.
Also found at the WLYS, it makes me happy to know it's in her home!
When I found this sugar bowl at the thrift shop this Spring, my desire for some McCoy was ignited!
This gorgeous piece was found in a local Antique Mall and the owner of the booth happened to be there and gave me an incredible deal on it! 
A birthday present for myself! 
Claudia mentioned that she found some good deals on line so I started searching Etsy and Ebay.
One seller had this sweet bird planter 

and this unmarked piece from the Rustic Line
I made an offer for both and got a great deal!
Now I was on a roll and had some birthday money
so I looked some more.
This sweet pair of vases from the Blossomtime Line were on Ebay and I had a low bid and won!
I collect Pink Pottery and hadn't seen much pink in McCoy so when I saw this vase at a great price
I knew I wanted it for my collection.
From the Spring Wood Line it is a true pink.

At a local antique mall called Junk in the Trunk
I found this white planter for $5
This piece is from around the late 60's
Someone added some green felt to keep it from scratching a table I guess.  I like it's shape.
At this same place I found this piece of unmarked McCoy and had to have it.
I found it listed in both my books as McCoy.

So that's my collection so far.  Some of the gorgeous vases Claudia have call my name.  I keep on the lookout for good deals.  I 'may' have found one on Ebay the other night, but you'll have to wait and see! 

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Babysitting is going well and I'm so lucky to have this time with sweet Rosemary!

Wishing you JOY,



Chatty Crone said...

I have to admit I don't know much about antiquing - as you know - but I do like the McCoy pieces. Mt favorite one is the last one - in pink - the 'real McCoy" - do you remember that show?


Very nice collection!!! Collecting what you love is great. Your little grandgirl is so sweet.
Have you down for the pocket letter swap and will post partners on Sunday if not sooner!

Sarah Beth said...

Beautiful collection! I especially love the bird planter, that gorgeous green vase and the Blossomtime vases! And, being a crocheter and a lover of cats... I absolutely adore the kitty yarn holder!! Rosemary is as cute as a button too!

oldgreymareprimitives said...

I love the soft green that resembles franciscan but only collected white ,and now not for many many years. Baby girl is soo big!

Elizabeth said...

A nice collection! I have a few pieces of McCoy!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I'd say you have quite a large collection going there. I've always loved the glazes on McCoy pottery, and the pink pieces have always been my favorites. Thanks for sharing your collection at Vintage Inspiration Party.
Such a cute picture of Rosemary!!!

Lynn said...

Lovin' the smiley face mug and yarn bowl Linda! Fun collection:@)

Donna Wilkes said...

I love the colors and shapes of the figural pieces of pottery. You have quite a collection.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Beautiful collection Linda! I love pottery almost as much as vintage tablecloths. I don't think I've posted mine so I may steal your idea. Your McCoy is a beautiful mix of styles and colors, just lovely! The kiity string holder is adorable, like your Charley. :)

Audrey said...

Great collection Linda. My favorite ... the green planter with the bird and the dark green vase pictured just before it. I have a few pieces, but not a collection.. Thanks for sharing.

carol fun said...

Wonderful collection of McCoy... it is my favorite too! I have several pieces in yellow. I'm partial to tulips and birds so I'm always on the hunt for those. Earlier this year I picked up a couple of pieces in pink and blue too. Happy hunting!

Sarah said...

Fun collection, Linda! I love that it is Made in the US! '-)

Melissa said...

I should share my McCoy collection one day. I collect the planters that look like planters! I probably have 20-25 :)

Curtains in My Tree said...

I love the blue kitty string holder

Claudia said...

Your collection has become quite impressive, Linda! And you have some pieces that I would love to have! I think McCoy Pottery is such a cheery thing to collect. Here's to many more pieces landing in your collection, my friend.

Art and Sand said...

I have a pink McCoy pitcher that my mother used for iced tea at picnics. I will take a pic of it for you to see. If you like it, I will figure out a way to send it to you. I would hate to have it break in mailing.

Vicky Hunt said...

Such a nice collection Linda! The smiley mug is my favorite though. So fun! I almost always sign my name with a smiley in the Y at the end of Vicky. It started at school and do it everywhere except on checks. LOL! That sweet little Miss Rosemary is growing! She is so precious. Wish I could snuggle her up and get some sweet baby sugar! Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Vicky

Su-sieee! Mac said...

You have a lovely collection. I could easily want to collect them after getting my first two or three pieces by chance. Thanks for sharing.
The View from the Top of the Ladder

Rue said...

Beautiful collection, Linda :)

That grand baby of yours is even more so ;)


Susan Anderson said...

I really like this stuff! Especially that first one, which brings back memories.


Monica said...

What fun! I love your collection. That yarn holder is a great idea!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Wow, what a great collection, I have only one piece of McCoy and love it! What an adorable grandbaby! Having so much fun catching up on your blog!


Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

You have the GREATEST collection of McCoy!!! I enjoy my few pieces - they make me think of my Florida Grandma. ALL her plants were in McCoys.
You have a sweetie there - But I know that you already know that!!!