Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This is my fourth year of shopping the WLYS and it was not my favorite.  Not sure if it was the weather (super hot), the economy, gas prices or a combination of all.  It seemed there were fewer sellers, higher prices and lots more 'junk'!  I mean real junk, like dollar store uglies that have been rejects left in the rain for days.  Bundles of socks or knockoff purses.  Just not what I was looking for this year.  Still I had a pretty good time and did find some treasures.  Wed we drove up to London, Ky so we could get a good start on Thur morning and shop heading south
This was our first stop on Thur right below Russell Springs, Ky 
There was a fair amount of sellers here 
Loved all the variety of items

This was my first purchase on WLYS 2011
A Pyrex #401 Pink Gooseberry Bowl
I bargained this one down as far as I could
But this dealer knew his Pyrex and even with a few condition issues I paid $3
I love my first purchase!
At this location I also found these items
 These Anchor Hocking Sandwich glass bowls were marked down to $2 ea, I offered $1 ea and bought all three
I have found several pieces in this pattern and color lately so was happy to add these small 5" bowls

Blue Birds of Happiness
I found both of these on the same table
When I asked the price the man said $2 and aren't there two of them?  I said yes and he said $2 for both....oh yes!
I got an Adult and a Baby Blue Bird of Happiness!
These are hand made in Arkansas at the Terra Nova studio and are dated and signed.  I already have a mini Bluebird so this makes three for my windows!  They are so pretty when the light hits them!
I was pretty darn pleased with my first stop.  Moving south we stopped several times and these are my treasures!
I bought this shaving mug for Mr ALC's collection for $1 and also this adorable white cup & saucer made by FireKing again $1
I was asking the price of this dish and it was .50 but then the dealer said he would wrap up all the clear glass in this pile for $1 so I took it.  In addition to the above bowl I got all this
I can always use clear glass dishes to take cookies or candy 
as a hostess gift.

I bought these two plates and sugar and creamer from the same man for $2.  They are Anchor Hocking Rainbow in Tangerine and not worth a great deal since these have condition issues but I thought they would look great on a Halloween tablescape
These are a few random pieces of glass
The Pyrex lid .25, Boopie dessert .50 and this old ink bottle .25
 This was a promising looking area so we stopped here...not really sure if we were in Ky or Tenn
I found some great bargains here
I found 3 pieces of the Blue Snowflake fridgie set without lids, still for $7 they seemed a pretty good purchase
This white creamer was .10 and the milk glass bathtub was .25
I love these Raffia cups and happily paid $1 each for them
Walking along I then found this
A 2.5 Qt baking dish in one of my favorite patterns Verde
In wonderful shape I bargained this down to $7
I found this pink planter and dresser scarf for $1 each....I also found a few items here for Deb who won my will have to wait a little bit longer to see what all I got for her!
The center of this piece has some stains that I hope will come out, but I love the butterfly on the edges and just had to have this piece
So ends our first day!  We were tired and happy to find our wonderful room at Fall Creek Falls State Park in TN.  
It was dusk and the deer were out feeding, these beauties were by the side of the road and I managed this pic before they ran away!

I will continue tomorrow with part 2.
I'm tired just thinking about day one!



Barbara F. said...

I'd say you did very well at the WLYS. How do you know where to start? Is there a website? I love the photos, first the deer, and there is one with an Amish lady walking, great shot. I like the Pyrex bowl with the autumn leaves. xo,

Blondie's Journal said...

In spite of your disappointments, you were able to snag some great things, Linda. I have missed the WLYS for the past tow years, it comes through Michigan and I am so sorry! Maybe next year!

Love your bluebirds and glass dishes!!


A Vintage Green said...

Love the bluebirds and the info on where/who made them. Good stuff you did buy.

Vonlipi said...

Holly Pyrex Linda! You did great!

You go girl! :)

Michele Smith said...

Looks like your found some great things!
Can't wait to see part 2!

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

It looks like the prices weren't too bad! Of course you bargined with them:) Nice finds for the first day!
Aww...deers are so cool!
deb :)

Tara Beaulieu said...

Oh my gosh I am in love with your Pyrex finds (and they great prices!) Those snowflake fridgies are just adorable, I collect that pattern but have no fridgies of it yet. Way to go, can't wait to see what else you find! I've always wanted to go but with the journey from RI it would have to be a BIG summer vacation trip for us, so it's not really feasible. *jealous* :)

Chatty Crone said...

Linda it was wonderful to see what it looked like - it is hard to imagine.

You got so many nice things I am not sure which one is my favorite. And you even have more for tomorrow.

You go girl!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Looks like you found some goodies...I so wish this sale was in the late Fall and cooler!!!


Susan said...

Linda, I am so jealous! You were in my home state! I lived about two hours from London most of my life!!
My favorite of your finds were the bluebirds of happiness! I hope dear friend they bring you much happiness in your life!!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Verde is a nice pattern!

Those birds are nice. I would have probably paid sticker price for that Gooseberry.

C'est moi Claudette said...

Hello my friend. It's been awhile hasn't it? I'm getting back to normal here.
I have that same blue bird of happiness. My godmother gave it to me years ago, and I knew nothing about it.. now I know everything about it. Thanks gf.
Have fun tomorrow. I would LOVE to be there with you.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Despite the heat, looks like you got some good deals. You are more adventurous than I am. I would not have wanted to deal with the intense heat and traffic/parking problems. Falls Creek Falls - beautiful area.

The Tablescaper said...

Oh my, this looks like SO much fun. I love the tangerine and think it will be great for Halloween. I'm also loving the sandwich glass.

- The Tablescaper

Ames said...

I hope tomorrow is a better day for you Linda. I would have liked to have gone. Never been.~Ames

D said...

What fun! I love those "long" garage sales.
You found some really great stuff. Love those blue birds!

xinex said...

What a fun day rummaging, Linda. You got some great finds with great prices. Someday I would like to be able to do that..Christine

Becky said...

Linda, I am so jealous that you got to go on this trip!! I have wanted to go to the WLYS for years!!! I love all the pieces that you found. The pyrex dishes and blue birds are my favorites!

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

You have the largest, most interesting collection of Pyrex that I've ever seen!

DearHelenHartman said...

I totally agree with you about the WLS - not my favorite year. Same reasons. Only a few purchases for me this year and far too many overpriced goodies with vendors who didn't want to budge on prices. LOVE your pyrex finds.

Patti said...

One of these years, I hope to attend the WLYS. Sounds like a ball!!

I LOVE that dresser scarf. It's beautiful! And I can't believe the price on it...such a steal!!

My grandparents had a couple sets of those raffia mugs. They had handled mugs like that...and some tall tumblers. Seeing raffia ware always reminds me of them.

I have a bluebird of happiness just like you have. He's packed in a box...hasn't been out of the box since we moved from Florida.

Have a great day.


Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

I agree with you, Linda. There was way too much BAD junk this year, but you still found some great treasures!!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I adore all the pyrex that you found!

I have a linky party called Wayfaring Wednesdays and you should link this gem up.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

how fun, and look at the Pyrex your finding! Love learing the patterns from you. I agree the orange plate will look great for Halloween! Be safe and watch those deer!

Anonymous said...

Wow Linda! You got some great items! I love all the Pyrex you found, and all the other odds and ends too!! I've always wanted to do the WLYS but never have. Do you collect the boopie glasses?

Scarlett said...

Wow you did really well, love all the pyrex but its those little blue birds which have won my heart :o) Scarlett x

Curtains In My Tree said...


you found a lot of smalls on your longest yard sale trip

I think I have had every item just about at my yard sales this summer. so far I have had 5 yard sales and one more coming up.
I am cleaning out lots of odds and ends sort of speaking.

I always wanted to make that trip to longest yard sale but none of my girl friends were into that sort of thing


the cape on the corner said...

love those blue birds! you totally scored with all that pyrex!

Shelia said...

Hi Linda! Oh, I would love to do this! Even if it wasn't your favorite long yard sale - you got some great things. I love the old pyrex and it's expensive around here!
The little blue birds are so cute!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Ann said...

It looks to me like you had a pretty good first day.

Charlotte said...

I am so jealous!! I told my husband that we are going next year!! Last time I said that I spent two weeks in the hospital :-( Hope that doesn't happen again! You got some great deals.

Charlotte said...

My comment sounded like my husbnd put me in the hospital :-O No, I had emergency back surgery.

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

You got some GREAT finds!!! Thanks so much for sharing! I've been dying to get back to the WLYS and was bummed that I couldn't go this year. It is nice to tag along on your trip so to speak! :)

Ms. Bake-it said...

Great finds! I especially love the Blue Birds of Happiness, Blue Snowflake fridgie set and the Raffia cups! Twin fawns - how sweet!


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh My Gosh! She's gone and done it again! What great bargains Linda! I love the blue birds, and of course, the Pyrex. The raffia cups are so cute, and such a sweet little tablecloth. I wish I could have gone to this. But, I know it was really hot. Your hot deals made up for it though. laurie

~~Carol~~ said...

So glad you found some Pyrex pieces for your collection, but all I can think about it how I can't wait to see your Halloween tablescape, using those orange dishes!

Anonymous said...

Love your blue birds. The Amish or Mennonite people in the photos caught my attention. Don't see them carrying any packages though.

I think the toughest part would be seeling all that potential good stuff and trying to stick to a budget, making the money last several days.
I would have to give myself a daily budget...with an exceptions list, of course.

Thanks for taking us along.

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Hubby and I went for the first time ever this year to WLYS. I have no desire to EVER go back, and I LOVE junk! I have never seen such outrageous prices anywhere, and certainly not at a yard sale. I was so very disappointed. We just thought it was the area that we were in. I did get one great find, and only spent $4.00.

Carmie of the Single Nester said...

Oh my word! Those are some outrageous deals!!