Monday, August 8, 2016

The First Week of August!

So many changes last week!
Sara started back to work with teacher workdays.  Blake started his student teaching.  Scout started full time daycare and Tiger had mornings with friends and afternoons with Grandma.  He starts Kindergarten tomorrow!
Scout was not a happy little girl last Monday but as the week wore on she adjusted.  
By Friday...
happy girl and all smiles!

Tiger has been getting ready to start Kindergarten.  He is so excited.  I know he will love it.  Today he will spend the afternoon with me and we will do something special, 
maybe a movie!
and ice cream!!

I was able to make a few thrift store stops and found some treasures! 
(for those of you who mentioned my downsizing and now acquiring, well...I never said I was stopping buying just buying less, and I am!  big smile)
I found another cubby!  I think I will paint this one white and use it in my bedroom! 
This little step shelf was .99 and will be great for displaying some small things! 
I love lap quilts and this one was $3 and such a pretty blue
Pretty design with shells! 
These were $2 each and so a bargain as new one's are about $5 each.  These will be used to organize my spare room.
Some very cool items!
Aluminum hammered tray .50, pink heart dish .50, nut dish .25 and two books .50 each!
Love the red pitcher and the milk glass toothpick holder.  Under $2 for both.
This was my best find.  These little couches are loved by the Grands and for $3 I took a chance that I could get the cover clean...but someone else fell in love with it as soon as it hit the floor!
Mr. Toes has claimed this as his own!
So cute! 

Wishing you JOY,



the cape on the corner said...

haha, mr. toes thinks that couch is for him. i can't believe tiger is starting kindergarten, where does the time go? i have to catch up with you...did you say you had a health situation?? hope things are better!

Donna Wilkes said...

Mr. Toes knows a good deal when he sees one! Happy kindergarten to Tiger! Great finds - and all small!

My thrift store addiction said...

Oh that little Scout is a doll! I know Tiger is excited, Ginger Grand starts kindergarten next week too--how is that possible! I have a green and yellow creamer like your red one. Mine aren't marked but I found out they are Hazel Atlas Platonite. Hope you had a fun afternoon with Tiger!

Audrey said...

Your grandchildren are so precious. I know your really enjoy watching them learn.
Love your finds ... it will be fun to see who wins ownership of the little couch.
Scout or Mr. Toes.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yeah I had one of those little fold out beds for my granddaughters when they were little and spending time with nanny and papa and they love it.

Chatty Crone said...

I bet she misses her grandma - but she will make it.
Who is Mr. Toes? Your new cat?
You got some nice deals there Linda.
Good luck to Tiger in school.
Love, sandie

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I think Mr. Toes will need to learn how to share. Fun finds, Linda. So many exciting changes and milestones for the grands. Adorable pictures!

Susan said...

Cats always think everything you buy is for them! You are a busy lady and I know you love having the grands so close. They're getting so big, XOXO

Lynn said...

Ah! Mr. Toes looks very comfy in HIS new chair:@)


It is fun to watch your grand's grow up! Funny Mr. Toes!
School seems to start so soon for some areas. My grandgirl starts after Labor day.

Shelia said...

Hi Linda! Oh, poor little Scout! It's hard sometimes for little ones to get used to a change. Glad it's all working out. I'm sure Tiger will love school! Most little ones are so eager to learn. Now about your thrifting - I love it!
I'm giggling about the 'cat chair'! ;)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Barbara said...

I have a child's chair that's different but the same. Buddy the dog loved it so much, I had to buy another one the girls could actually use.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh my Scout's pouty face in the 1st photo is the cutest! Glad she is happy now, so cute! Sweet finds Linda. I love the red pitcher, is it marked? Feel like I know it but can't bring to mind. Mr. Toes looks adorable on "his" new couch. I wouldn't want to try and take it away from him. :)

Susan said...

Oh Linda, the kids are so darling.Do you live close by? Susan

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Such a cute photo of Mr Toes...hopefully he will share with the grands!

Melanie said...

The grands are always so cute - I'm sure Tiger will love Kindergarten. I hope Scout adjusts to her daycare. Mr Toes is so funny in the kid's chair! I love how cats take over sleeping spots.

EM said...

That Mr Toes is one chill dude! Scout has the pouty face down, for sure. Great finds. It's okay to still buy, just buy less (like you said) and keep the flow of stuff out the door going!

Pondside said...

Kindergarten already! Time is flying by at a terrible rate! Good luck to Tiger and to his little sister as she adjusts to daycare.

Vicky Hunt said...

Sounds like life is treating you well! I hope Tiger is loving kinder! I am sure he is a model student! Scout is getting so big...she is so stinkin' cute! You found some great things. My favorite is the cubby. I look forward to seeing what you display inside. Mr. Toes looks so comfy on the couch...too cute! Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Vicky

Susan said...

I just love seeing your darling grands. I'm glad you have another cat; I have to admit, I love mine to death:-D

Diann said...

I can't believe how much the kids are growing! So cute! Wow, you found some wonderful thrift finds! Great bargains Linda!