Monday, June 17, 2013

Tiger Time Summer 2013

While I am busy packing, my sweet Tiger has been having a great time so far this summer!  
All these photos were taken by his parents!
A special Daddy/Tiger trip to the Mountains
Hiking! Come on Daddy!
Grill Man!
S'Mores with Great Grandma Joy
Another Hike at Brasstown Bald, the highest mountain in Georgia
A little pause for water
What a view!

Back home and some Mommy Time
Let's Make Cookies!!
Caught!  Spoon did not go back in cookie mix Mama said!
Chocolate, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies!
Tiger says they are done Mama!

Tiger wishing his Dad 
Happy Father's Day! 

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I am going to be really busy the next few weeks packing and moving.  So please bear with me as I don't post as often nor visit as much as I normally do! 

Wishing You JOY,



Nellie said...

What a special time Tiger has had with both Dad and Mom! Those cookies look delicious!

Take things a step at a time, Linda, and don't stress out too much!

xo Nellie

Kathe said...

Oh my goodness Linda! Tiger is so photogenic!! I'd be kissing those sweet cheeks whle he licked the spatula :-) Soon friend you we will be having Tiger time all of the time :-)


I had to catch up with you! What FUN you had with meeting bloggers and having a special lunch!
Tiger is looking older! What a fun day he had!
I hope the packing is going well and you aren't overwhelmed!

Anonymous said...

Tiger is growing up! Glad you're moving there now so you can catch lots of his growing up years, he's such a cutie. We understand about packing and moving, just very happy for you.


Susan said...

Ohhhh, so darling, Linda. He is growing up so quickly!

Don't worry about posting often. You WILL be busy. Moving is such an arduous task.

Take care. Susan

Laurie Ritchey said...

Oh how precious. Linda, I love that picture of him by the grill. He's growing up so fast. I know you'll be so glad to be closer to him. laurie

Chatty Crone said...

Linda - I am not worried about the cookies and a dirty spoon - but I am worried when I saw him sit on that ledge - in the mountains - I about had a heart attack! He is a doll. sandie

Art and Sand said...

I want a Tiger or a Kitten, or just about any type of grandbaby.

Good luck with your move. Have you ever explained what you are doing in the photo I see in my e-mail when I read your comments there? It is a fun photo.

Sarah said...

Precious photos, Linda. You are going to have so much fun being close to Tiger. Good luck with the move. I'd help if I lived close by.

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Adorable post. Tiger is just a doll! Good luck packing. Hoping all goes well!

Maureen said...

Tiger is turning into a regular, little boy. I kind of miss the baby! Get on with your packing and don't give a thought to us until you are all nicely settled.

Lynn@Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Love the pic of him sitting on the railing Linda! I see you have lots of incentive to pack quickly:@)

Cranberry Morning said...

What a cutie he is!!!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Such cute pictures as always. My favorite is the one with the bbq. Thanks for sharing Linda. Try not to get too overwhelmed with the move...I know, easier said than done. Hope all is going well so far.

Shelia said... cute! That little Tiger and I'm just amazed at he's growing. He's so tall! Good to see him being a man's man and then can pop into the kitchen and bake cookies with mom! :) Just darling, Linda, and I'm so happy you're going to be so close to him. Have fun packing.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Jenny said...

He is adorable!

Don't overdo it too much with your move!

Sending a hug and a prayer your way.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Your Little Tiger is so damn cute those cookies he made look yummy and eating the dough is special part of making them...........I wouldn't be able to sit on that ledge and look at the view being that I am scared of opened heights.........

Dawn@ We Call It said...

Linda, he is just precious! I love that shot of him with the mountains in the background. Good luck with the move! Hugs - Dawn