Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hi Everyone!  What a fun day I had yesterday!  First of all it was just a beautiful Spring day in Atlanta, GA.  Yes the pollen is awful but I'm getting where I can breathe anyway and my eyes aren't as swollen.  Interesting how we are thankful for such things...LOL.
The yard is in bloom!  Such color!
But no time to admire it right to have lunch with the Atlanta Bloggers
We met at this charming Tea Room in Woodstock, Ga
Beautiful home over 100 years old
Turned into a lovely tea room 
This was my cup and saucer, we loved how everything was mix and match 
Sue was the only one of us who put on a hat, well at least for a photo op!  She blogged about this fun get-together here

I just had to 'borrow' this photo she took
Of me peeking around my menu!  We were having fun and just being silly.  Sue took more photos of the Tea Room so please check them out.
Four of us had High Tea and it was FABULOUS!
Wonderful scones fresh and warm
oh with the luscious lemon curd (my first time to have lemon curd~heaven) and Amaretto cream
Finger sandwiches ~ four kinds
egg salad, pimento cheese,cucumber & cream cheese & ham
Four different dessert 'bites'
Plus a sandwich, I chose Chicken Salad on a Croissent
We were welcomed and the service was excellent
Bottomless pots of tea, we tried three kinds all excellent
I should have taken a photo of the plates after we ate
It was so delicious and just fun to have so many bites of this and that
Group shot (minus me of course)
Necie (who does not have a blog but should), Sandie from Chatty Crone, Rose from Santamaker, Sue from Rue Mouffetard and Deb from Driven 55
So what do ladies do after they Lunch?
They shop of course
We went to a lovely Antique Mall and while it was fun it was a little pricey for me....come on you all know I am a thrifty girl
Lucky for me a couple of thrift stores were on my way home
I found a cute corner shelf I will paint white and show you at another time but these are two favorites finds from yesterday
A large Pyrex Casserole with Lid
This shows the beautiful Turquoise color in a snowflake pattern
and this charming basket
This was sitting on a shelf and a lady was standing in front of it looking at something else (thank goodness)..but I wasn't sure if it was 'hers' or not so I waited...she moved, I pounced it was mine~That sounds a little scary doesn't it?
But look it has the riser in it also!  I really love this and for $1.98 it joins me and my collection of baskets!
Just a glorious day all in all.  Good Friends, Good Food and Good Thrifting....what more could a girl want...but wait...home was bursting out with gorgeous blooms and I snapped these
Azaleas in bloom are spectacular
We were not living in our house last Spring so this is amazing to me that all this beauty is in my yard

Charlie watching me
From his screened in porch

Yes it was a wonderful day! 



Leah@Storybook Ranch said...

What a fun, fun day! Now, I really want a scone :)
All of your flowers are beautiful! We're still in daffodil season where I live, waiting patiently for tulips :)

Tara said...

I LOVE the basket! Would make for a great picnic basket for a trip to Stone Mountain! ; )


How great to get together with fellow bloggers. That tea looks scrumptious. I love the old pyrex dish.

Chatty Crone said...

We did have a wonderful time didn't we? The food was truly delicious.

And we had such a good time - a lot of laughs and good times.

Your pictures came out great. You covered just about everything.

Glad to see your final buys.

And your flowers - A W E S O M E !


Diann said...

It looks like you gals had a fun time! I swear, all the bloggers are down South. I am feeling so isolated up here in Michigan! LOL

Susan said...

Wow, Linda. Those flowers are gorgeous. So happy you had a wonderful day! Sounds like so much fun and if I lived near you all, I'd be right there with you! How wonderful you have other blogging friends there. I'm the lone ranger here (as far as I know anyway).
Loved your basket. I LOVE thrift store shopping! Sincerely, Susan

jeff campbell said...

Crazy great photos...the tea room looks super...maybe MrsC and I will go sometime...and I so love milk glass...thanks for your visit to my post...see ya later "soul sister" :-)

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Fun day, Linda! Everyone looked so happy and the food looked delicious! Food, friends, flowers and shopping...perfection!

Thanks for bringing us along your fun day!


Janean said...

linda, looks like you had a great time with your bloggy friends!!! i used to go to a place in hoschton, ga for high tea.



What a SUPER FUN DAY!!! I see your blog has a new banner and look to it!
Fun finds and love the milk glass post.
Happy weekend!
Deb :)

Chickens in the Basement said...

Looks like ya'll had a good time! Is your photo of orange flowers honeysuckle? It's very pretty. Your yard looks gorgeous!

Claudie said...

I guess I just missed the beautiful "pop" of spring didn't I Linda.
Isn't it the best time with bloggy friends? You had so much fun I can tell. I will go check your friends blog right after this comment.
I love your little Charlie boy. He is so darn cute. Great finds.
Happy Weekend Linda
Love Claudie

Walking on Sunshine... said...

That looks like so much fun!! I have never been to a tea type restaurant. I've had teas in my house and church, but never in a restaurant. I think I deserve one!!! The flowers are beautiful, love all the colors. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Pondside said...

I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon - tea, friends and poking around in the shops - bliss!

T's Daily Treasures said...

That does look like a most wonderful day -- friends, food and beautiful blooms to welcome you home. Lucky you! :) Have a great weekend. Tammy

My name is PJ. said...

The flower photos were beautiful!

I've never been to a high tea and the whole idea appeals to me on every level.

Tina said...

I love a high tea. A friend treated me recently and it was a day to remember. If you're ever in Longmont, CO you should visit Cee at the Thompson House B&B and tea room.

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Sounds like a fun day. I've yet to meet a fellow blogger in person. Too bad I live in southern California. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment. I truly appreciate it.

santamaker said...

I agree, it was a great day and nice to get to chat with everyone!

Catherine said...

What a lovely day ... the tearoom and all the goodies was wonderful. I LOVE Lemon Curd, it is delicious. The basket was a great find!
Gorgeous flowers in your yard. You really should make jelly with those violets!
Charley looks like a wonderful friend, I miss having cats; I'm looking forward to adding one to the family very, very soon!
Catherine :)

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are so beautiful...I love spring!! The tea room looked fun, made me want one of those scones. I appreciate your prayers, thanks!

Deb said...

Thanks for stopping by. I know it is so hard to lose a cat and not know for sure what happened. My cats all stay around the yard but years back I worried about some that liked to roam the neighbourhood. Loving your blog. Deb

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

What a fun time you gals had and of course ThriftyLinda's Finds are fantastic. I see you have Pyrexia, too. I keep hoping for a cure, but it seems more pyrex is the best medicine! The flowers in your yard are just beautiful. We just had a big rain and I'm looking forward to the April Showers May Flowers Thingie in Texas. Thank you for your prayers for my brother Stacy and for your visits to my blog. You are a good blog friend and I enjoy your comments and visiting your blog as well....Sue

shana said...

Hi Linda,

Thank you for nice comment. I am really enjoying this blogging. Is that a word? I love all the old pyrex pieces. I just started collecting the gooseberry pattern. Pounce is a very good word because that is what we sometimes have to do. Take care.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

That looks like so mucn fun!
I wish I knew more bloggers in my area, it's nice to connect with kindred spirits. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

GardenofDaisies said...

What a fun day! The tea look just perfect! I LOVE lemon curd and little tea sandwiches. Yummy! And it looks like you had great company, so that would make any day wonderful! Your yard is just gorgeous in bloom! Lucky you to find two lovely items at the thrift store.

GardenofDaisies said...

Be sure to send me a pictures of your cheese lady when you get one! :-)

Sherrie said...

I am jealous of the day...being with friends, good food, thrift store shopping and coming home to gorgeous flowers. What could be better? By the way, I will be serving lemon curd for the bridal shower menu and my tarragon chicken salad. I will be posting recipes and more photos.

Jenny said...

Wow, what a glorious time. Beautiful day, beautiful flowers, beautiful finds, beautiful friends and beautiful ladies!

Hooray for all of you!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

I am so enjoying all of your spring blooms, sweet tea and snacks and your lovely friends!!! What an awesome day to get together :)
I'm so happy you took me along...however...looking at the photos of those yummy plates, I hope that doesn't make me put on another 10 pounds ;)

KarenSue said...

And now I'm smiling! Looks like you'll had a wonderful time.
Beautiful flowers.
Hope your Sunday is just as nice.

Sheri said...

Hi Linda! Oh what a great blog to see today. I've been feeling sorry for myself watching all these beautiful blogs with sunshine and flowers. But yours took the cake! Or should I say the BLOOM! We're still working our way out of winter up here in Montana (I'm only about 40 miles from the Canadian border -- as a crow flies, as they say).

But looking at your pictures and reading your prose reminded me to be thankful and patient. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures.

And thank you for the comment you left for me on my blog.

Sheri @ Blooms to Heirlooms

Mollye said...

Oh you girls were having waaaaaaay more fun than was legal. High tea. Doesn't it just make you feel like royalty? Hugs, Mollye

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Looks like a wonderful time, perfect with all my fav tea foods, then shopping afterward!

I love, love lemon curd!! I have a great microwave recipe for it!

Beautiful flowers in your yard, some of my favorites - wild violets, honeysuckle, etc!


Tina said...

Oh what gorgeous azaleas! They are one thing I miss from my days of living on the East Coast. Your high tea looked just wonderful, too. I've had the pleasure of such outings too. Thanks for sharing!

Troy said...

I really like your ladder flowers! What a creative way to plant and showcase such delicate flowers

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie!! What a cutiepie~
Wow, you had some fun and I love the Pyrex you found. The flowers you pictured are just beautiful :) Taco you later~