Saturday, April 24, 2010




I have been thinking about opening an ETSY shop for months.  I have had encouragement from my daughters, Mr. ALC and many friends.  I've sought advice from other Etsy folk who have been very generous with their advice and most helpful. 
 Before going to Texas I had the bones of the business ready
Just waiting for me to list some items
I was waiting until I returned from my long visit to my Mom.
Then a few weeks rocked on and finally a very good friend said when are you going to do it!  So I made a promise and 
Friday I listed 4 items!!
It's a start! 

I will be adding items every day (I hope)
Lots of photos to take and items to describe and postage rates to figure out.
I am happier then I imagined I would be!
It is called

  Giving New Life to Old Treasures
This hand embroidered scarf I found was the inspiration for my Etsy me it just says...vintage

 This is big for me since I lost my job last August and I'm hoping my love of junk, I mean 'vintage' will turn into an income 
I promise not to turn my blog into an advertisement for what I'm listing in my Etsy shop.   I may do one post a week about it since it will be important to me, but it is not the focus of my blog nor do I want it to be. 

So it's a new Adventure and a new Venture all at the same time!

Thanks to you all! 


Susan said...

WOW, Linda. Congratulations!!! That was fabulous news. How wonderful to have our own Etsy shop. Hope it will be a smashing success. I know all about losing jobs as mine ended last summer. Let me know how the shop goes! I'm so happy for you. Oh! New banner is gorgeous! Sincerely, Susan

Chatty Crone said...

I second what Susan said - congratulations - I hope if will become a huge success for you - I know there is a big market out there for these items.

You go girl!


Sherrie said...

I am so happy and proud of you. Honestly I feel like we are sisters. I am getting ready to open both a physical shop and Etsy. Again as I shared with you earlier, because of financial woes but also for me, to give me a sense of purpose and happiness. Boy will I be asking you a hundred questions when I get ready to start up online. I love love love the name. Honest I really am so happy for you.

Douce France..... said...

All the best Linda!
Sorry to have lost you as a follower. Hope i did't do anything to offense you..we never know...
I wish you Good Luck with your Etsy store. I opened one too a few weeks ago but it is time consuming.
I hope you will have better luck than me! I missed you sincerely,