Thursday, April 1, 2010


I hope you enjoyed my first post about the Stagecoach Inn and 
KNICKKNACKS, if you missed it, you can read it HERE

I have more photos of this wonderful Stagecoach Inn in Chappell Hill, Texas.  It is also a Bed & Breakfast and has a small Antique Shop.    The bedrooms were wonderful so I wanted to share more photos of this amazing Inn.
Beautiful textiles on all the beds
This room was one of my favorites in the main house and if you look closely you can see the telephone.  This is the owners bedroom.
 This bed was in a large upstairs room that during the time it was used in the 1800's would have had bunk beds for travelers
No closets, just pegs....would not work for me!
This room is very small and was one of my favorites..lots of light
Very nice bedding
This is a large piece of original wall where travelers would write names....old time graffiti....
The owners have framed it and left it on the wall in this room
Another photo of the dining room mantel
This framed Ge'alogy Record on the wall was very interesting
Love this chair
This chest is beautiful
This room with the desk was one of my favorites
Behind the Inn are two buildings that were moved to this property and are the rooms that are rented out. This is the Coach House.
This one was occupied so no photos inside
This is the Weems House and has a room they rent and also their antique store
This bed was beautiful and the fireplace across the room would make this a romantic getaway 
These items were for sale
I enjoyed my visit to the Stagecoach Inn 
If you are interested in more information please contact them



Anonymous said...

Awesome. I'm a history buff of the 1800's, particularly women. Whenever I travel I like to hit the museums and old buildings. There's a pioneer museum near Amarillo that's awesome. I have a collection of women's diaries. Most women only had 1 everyday dress and 1 Sunday church dress. They didn't wash their dresses everyday, and I don't know what they wore when they finally did wash it. Thanks for sharing. I found it all very interesting. Have a wonderful Easter.

Chickens in the Basement said...

What a fun place. Would love to check out all of the quilts. Then, I want to sit in the rocking chair on the front porch!

D said...

Thanks for the great tour! I'm going back to see part 1. I love places like this.


Diann said...

Linda, this looks like such a fun place. I loved seeing "part 1". the fabrics in the bedrooms are amazing. And that desk is probably one of my favorite things you have shown us.

It looked like it was a beautiful day to do a little site seeing.

And why is it I said to Troy last night, "I'm glad Linda is having fun but, I can't wait for her to get home"? LOL Like I live next door or something! This internet world is just screwing with me I think! LOL

Julie Harward said...

I loved it...especially the lace work over the canopy bed! Have fun! :D

Susan said...

Enjoyed the tour, Linda. Especially loved the lacy overhead coverlet on the bed in the room with the fireplace. Lovely! Would like to stay there. Sincerely, Susan

sissie said...

Thanks for taking us to such a lovely Inn. It would be wonderful to cozy up in one of those beautiful beds.



Walking on Sunshine... said...

I enjoyed the tour! Love all the different textiles on the beds and yes, I would need a closet as well!

Mimi said...

Thanks for the tour, Linda. I love that old desk, just gorgeous.
As much as I love all the old things, I am glad that I have modern conveniences...sad, isn't it?

Chatty Crone said...

I liked where they wrote on the wall and how they framed that - I've never seen anything like that.

Almost time to come home!


Troy said...

I swear I could sit down at that desk, as it is, and start writing, it just looks so inviting and welcoming.

My name is PJ. said...

What a beautiful place! I'm always swept away by the vibe in places with an historical background.

My favorite thing was the old time graffiti! Loved it!

Happy Easter! Have a glorious weekend!!


Thank you for the encouragement to keep " A Charming Home" up and going. I sincerely appreciate your thoughtfullness.
This post is very interseting lovely and charming bedrooms. I agree I could not do pegs for clothing. The bed with the lace over it is pretty, but I think I would feel closed in under it.
Thanks for sharing all this.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What an amazing place! I loved the tour...thanks so much! (Also love you blog and have signed to follow!)

Sherrie said...

Unfortunately I never get a chance to vacation but if I did, it would be a place like Stagecoach Inn. Right now I would be excited to just drive over to NH for day trip of shopping. I am simple to please. I wanted to stop on by to say thank you for your research on my dishes. Yes that is the exact dish. Showing in the cobalt blue makes it so easy to see the design imprints. Thank you so much. I had to go back in to update my post to include your information and give you a big thank you. That really made my day. said...

Wow, thanks for such a great field trip! So many wonderful things, but the framed letter with lettering 'Linda Evan's did it say? That stopped me dead in my tracks. I live near Fort Worth & go to Austin a lot. I will make that a stop on our next visit. Happy Easter! Lisa

Sue said...

Hi Linda....I really enjoyed seeing this house...the bedrooms were wonderful especially the one with the canopy bed. My daughter lives in a house from houses are nice but old historic homes hold so much charm....See you soon!!

Jojo said...

I love the name of the inn! Happy Easter!

mary said...

Gorgeous Inn. Love the lines of the furniture and all the pretty bedding especially. We had a fish net canopy for 20 years, just took it off the bed and put it away. It was hard to keep clean, but I loved it!
Very nice blog!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

What a great fun place to stay. I love all the bedding. I would want to stay and stay...
Happy Easter.. hugs ~lynne~

Paula said...

Hi Linda...thanks for stopping by! Love the photos of this inn...if I ever get to Texas...{sigh}. :)
Happy Easter!

GardenofDaisies said...

Wow, this looks like a wonderful place!!! I love B&B's! And antique shops!