Thursday, December 31, 2009


In April Carter and I bought a home together.  This 1969 Brick Ranch....It was the best Thrifty find of 2009!
We fell in love with this home on  first sight.  It was in foreclosure and at a price we could not resist.  Our offer was accepted and we closed on May 1st.  We got a 15 year mortgage at 4.25% (no points!).  We were thrilled and spent our first night in the house in sleeping bags!  Moved the bed and essentials the next day!  It was closer to my job (15 minutes as opposed to 1hr) so it was perfect. It is in a quiet older neighborhood with lots of trees.  Close to a state park and shopping.   A three bedroom, 2 bath home.  Living/Dining room, den with fireplace, remolded kitchen, laundry room and two (count them) screened porches. A full finished basement so lots of storage. 

Here is the house in the spring with dogwood's blooming and lots of grass that needs cutting.
This is a view of the back with the deck and screened porch.  It needs some yard work but has great bones!

One last photo of the house from the street view....

I love this house and I'm so happy to be here.  We have many projects yet to be completed but we have had a lot of set backs.  We were in the house 3 months when I lost my job.  Layoffs....what a stunning blow.  We are so lucky that we were able to buy this home at such a good price,  I could not afford to rent cheaper then our house payment and our utilities are reasonable.  So this is my thrifty find of 2009.

I hope in 2010 to show you more of my home as projects get completed and decorating gets done.  The house has beautiful hardwood floors, wonderful 60's tiled bathrooms and so much potential.   I haven't owned a home in a long time and this is one I can live in for years and years.

I am so happy to have discovered this blogging community and so many new friends! I love the sharing of thrifty finds, recipes, tablescapping, our ups and downs and so much more.  I thank each and every one of you who has visited by blog, left a comment (so much encouragement) and become follwers.  I lift my glass to toast all of you.....To Friendship!




D said...

I'm happy for you Linda. I envy those screened porches. You sure got a great deal!


Leah@storybookranch said...

What a great home, I really love it!

Susan Wicker said...

Hello Linda. Congratulations on your house! You will have a lot of fun decorating it to your taste. This was a year of job loss for me, too. Time will tell what will come next. Take care and have a great new year of life! Sincerely, Susan from

My Vintage Studio said...

What a great home!
Best of luck in your new home for the New Year.

Nice to meet you.