Friday, June 4, 2010


Several weeks ago I showed you the pots I planted for my deck.  Thought I would give you an update on how they are doing!

I'm joining TOOTSIE TIME for Fertilizer Friday!  Go by and check out all the wonderful gardens out there in blog land!

(Tootsie has left a message to request prayer for her Dad who is having emergency surgery
check her blog for more information) Thanks!

Here is the photo I took on May 14th of one of the planters
 A few weeks later and lots of rain
I am happy with how it is looking.  The plant in the front is an ornamental sweet potato vine and I love the color
This is one of the other pots 
Just planted

This planter is doing well also!
Just planted
Just planted
Well this one just did not make it!
Not sure what happened but it died and all the others lived
I did buy clearance plants so maybe this one had something wrong with it.  I will try again with something new.  
Overall I'm pretty happy with my first attempts at container planting
My friend Dennis is helping me with some tomato plants this weekend and I will see how I do with those!

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sissie said...

Hey Linda girl,
I sure love your planted pots of lovelies. I really prefer container gardening because here in the coastal south we have lots of snakes and spiders! Besides things I plant in the ground never survive!
What I really love is your wire containers and stands.....ooooh and ahhhhhhh!

Gabby and Gizzy send their love to Charlie. They have hidded their toys you sent them. They disappeared the day I opened the box. I still plan to blog about it soon. So sweet of you.


Annesphamily said...

I'm coming over to get plant growing advice! You are the best along with Linda at Prairie Flower Farm! Always full of planting wisdom.

Your card came today! I will get your teapot off by Monday! Crazy busy with the recovering tonsil surgery girl here! Hugs Anne

Susan said...

Nice plants, Linda. Sincerely, Susan

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Linda. I'm really loving your sweet potato vine. They're an annual here - boohoo! I'd love to have them growing over my bricks. Don't feel bad about one dead plant. I killed one pot of sprouted seeds. You can always count on something biting the dust. I can just imagine what it will all look like in another month!

Mollye said...

Id say your thumb is pretty green.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Linda,
Wow, you have a knack for container planting! I was surprised when I read that they are your first ones. I love the before and after photos. I have my newly planted photos taken, but they aren't full enough for the after photos yet. They are growing, though.

rose said...

looks good green thumb is working have a good weekend rose

Jingle said...

lovely garden plants.
thank you for sharing.

Valerie said...

Beautiful plants. I enjoyed my visit.

Donna said...

Look what some rain and tlc can do! Don't you just love when you look out and see everything lush and green. Nice job! Donna...the 3rd sister

Laura said...

Everything looks great.
I always have something die somewhere!


Pondside said...

Really luscious planters you've got there! I'll bet that empty one will be just as full as the others in no time at all.

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Linda, everything is looking so beautiful! It is such a fun satisfaction in seeing all the pretty flowers fill out and thrive!

From the Kitchen said...

I'd say you are a "master" container gardener! My first attempt was on a small balcony outside our southern California apartment. It was a sad affair leaving me so disappointed that it took years for me to try again.


Paula said...

Love your potted plants before and now - thanks for sharing, Paula from Idaho