Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Happy Birthday to my favorite Sister (in law)!  She is married to my brother Richard and has been for 35+  years!!!  She is now my official SISTER!  I love her and she is absolutely the best friend I have ever had.  Today is her birthday and she loves her pets so I am going to show you the 'whole' family....

 This is Gizmo!  He is the sweetest boy and very handsome!
This is Shadow.  She loves to follow you around and also will borrow shoes, pillows, towels....not to chew but to gather! 
She woke me up one morning with that cold nose in my face!
This is Miss Sheba!  She is very sweet and shy. 
This is the boss of the house
Why are you taking my picture he asks?
They have another cat Chole but she is uber shy and hides so I never got a good photo of her! 
Another thing my sister enjoys is her yard and garden
I got her this wonderful Carolina Jasmine since she is from North Carolina!
We planted it by the gazebo!
Here is the birthday girl on the move as always!
She does not like her photo taken but I snapped this one anyway!
Happy Birthday Sherrie! 
(29 again?)

In the interest of full disclosure here is a photo of my brother who is the lucky guy to be married to this wonderful woman!
Love you Richard! 

I was able to spend last weekend with them while visiting here in Texas!  Lots of talking and memories!  IT WAS A GREAT TIME!

Love you both!



CC said...

Happy Birthday to the beautiful birthday girl. She's just beautiful at 29 and holding...

Diann said...

Happy birthday Sherrie!!

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Birthday Sherrie - but you love having Linda as your sister too!

Your animals are adorable - they look relaxed and happy - but where was that second cat?

Anyway you got a nice scrub from Linda.

Happy Birthday.

Glad you have all that wonderful love Linda! That is so nice.


Susan said...

Happy birthday to Sherrie, Linda! I love that little Trouble...oh boy. He's a keeper! So happy you are having such wonderful memory-making times! Enjoy each moment. Sincerely, Susan

Mimi said...

Happy 29th birthday, Sherrie...I like that number, too! Nice to meet your family and pets.


Happy birthday to your sweet sister. Love those animal shots.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your sister. What sweet doggies. Sounds like you're having a great time with your family. That's wonderful.

Chickens in the Basement said...

Happy Birthday! Carolina Jasmine...you are a lucky girl! The smell will make you smile!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday to Sherrie! It's wonderful that you and your SIL are such good friends.

Sherrie said...

Imagine my surprise when I open up your blog and see Happy Birthday Sherrie spelled my way exactly. But it isn't my birthday, oh well so I will pass on greetings to the birthday girl instead. Hey anyone who spells their name with the ie on the end, is okay in my book. Just wanted to let you know that I will be posting all my goodwill finds this weekend. The new store is huge and crowded. Have a great day.

Julie Harward said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her, she does look and sound like a wonderful lady...love all the animals! Come say hi :D