Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Finally Finished!

As June is coming to a close, I'm finally finished celebrating my birthday!  I think I've milked it as long as I can this time!  
Last week the my friend Sue @Rue Mouffetard hosted a birthday party for myself and Denise (the other June birthday in our group)
She greeted us with this array of appetizers! 
Oh my goodness!
  I can't begin to tell you how good it all was! 
All homemade by Sue!
The table was set with the cutest bird theme!
Vintage china from her mother-in-law.  She used the greens and purples of the cute little bird boxes she found and filled with Madeleine's for each of us.
Purple Ball Jars with candles
Lunch was Croque Monsieur and oh my was it good!!  Ham and cheese gone wild! 
A fresh salad with orange poppy seed dressing.
Not much left on any of our plates! 

Sandie (Chatty Crone), Maureen (Sue's neighbor and fantastic artist), Me and the other birthday girl Denise!  
Rose and our hostess Sue 
Dessert!  Amazing Strawberry Cake!

We couldn't leave Sue's without taking a closer look at her new car
Yes, this is a Ferrari!  As close as I'll get to one I'm sure.  
It is gorgeous!
Here we are with Sue's husband, 'The Boss' as she calls him.  He is a hoot and we always enjoy his company!

Of course there were presents!
Guess which bag is for me??
You can never have too many note cards, especially if they have the Eiffel Tower on them
(do my friends know me or what)
Sue gave me this cute creamer with a pink bird on the handle and this wonderful kitchen towel
Already hanging in the kitchen! 
Sandie gave me this cute it! 
Denise gave me a Starbucks gift card...I can't wait for some yummy iced coffee soon!
Denise and I look forward to this party at Sue's each year!   
Thank you Sue!  You rock my friend!

Now a few gifts I bought for myself in the new category (as opposed to thrifty finds)
This awesome tote was found at WalMart for $10 I love it and have used it several times already
I found this fun summer purse at Marshall's
I love it!  Lots of pockets and such a fun color!
Some new clothes and a new pair of shoes and I am a very happy Birthday girl! 

Thanks for joining me in my June birthday celebrations and yes they are Finally done.
Wishing you JOY,



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a fun get together with friends! A real PARTY!!! I love your Paris pretties and that cute bag you found too! I haven't been shopping much. I wish you were close so that we could go together! Enjoy your evening Sis! Hugs, Diane

Ivy and Elephants said...

Let me be the first (TODAY!) to wish you, Happy Birthday! Girl, it looks like you have been doing it up big for sure! What amazing and thoughtful friends. The only thing better would be if she gave you the keys to that Ferrari!!!
Hugs and happy,

Shelia said...

Now how many times have I said 'Happy Birthday'? :) Good grief, girlfriend, you do do it right. What a wonderful luncheon for you all and you even got presents. I need to learn how to milk my birthday too! ;)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

carol l mckenna said...

Well ~ Happy Birthday to y'all ~ What a scumptious delight ~ friends, food and fun presents! Wonderful post for F!

Happy Weekend coming to you,
artmusedog and carol

Sue said...

It's always a pleasure to host a party for you and Necie....I think it's fine that you "milk" all of the month a June for your sure is better then the "Year of Linda"....LOL.

Sarah said...

I saw the older we get the more we need to celebrate those birthdays. Stretch it out for as long as you can. Sue's party was certainly a beautiful celebration, Linda. ;-)

Vicky Hunt said...

What a fun birthday celebration! The food looks divine and that! I really love that tote you found at Wal Mart...too cute! And, of course, I love the color of the new purse too. I'm glad you have had such a wonderful birthday month my friend! Hugs...:)

Deb said...

Well, if that doesn't take the cake...a month long birthday. haha! Looks like a lot of fun with many special friends. :)OK - for the last time - "Happy Birthday, Linda." hugs, deb

Susan said...

Oh Linda. What a totally delightful birthday month you have had! Now I can't hardly wait for September. ha hahha You deserve all the fanfare possible! Hope your new year of life is glorious. Susan

Lady of the Manor said...

It looks like you had a great party! Great gifts and, oh, that cake!!! Happy birthday!

Chatty Crone said...

What nice memories - I am going to save this post too - I didn't take any photos - you did a great job. So glad it was your birthday and so lucky I got to come. You sure did get some nice things. The food was to die for! Happy birthday. sandie

Chatty Crone said...

PS Love your new header!

Lynn said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun and a great B-Day month Linda! I'm lovin' your new paisley basket-enjoy:@)

svelteSTUFF said...

SUPER 'month' of celebrating!!
There are still a few days left, you may be able to fit in a bit more!!

Cheri said...

You got some wonderful gifts and fantastic lunch with some awesome ladies. Wish I could have been there.

Sarah Beth said...

I LOVE that bird with the flowers on her head! So delightfully cute!! Looks like a fabulous lunch -- love the bird theme and that strawberry cake is to die for!! There are a few more days in the month.... maybe someone will sneak in another celebration!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

What an amazing group of friends you have. The month isn't over yet, so you can continue to celebrate if you still have the energy.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

How fun to have a REAL party with lovely food and gifts!

Donna said...

Happy belated birthday, Linda! Your party sounds like a blast, and I was drooling over your yummy menu. Love your gifts, esp. the Parisian themed ones:) You have a great group of friends!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Wow what a fun time
great company, food and great gifts

Happy Birthday

Ruby Manchanda said...

Hope you gad

mrs. c said...

Happy birthday and what a celebration! What a great time you ladies had!!!!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Linda, you sure do know how to rock a birthday month! Thanks for sharing your fun. :)

Claudia said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday month - you deserve it, my friend!


Simple and serene living Laura Walker said...

Looks like you had so much fun, Linda. Nothing better than milking your birthday for a whole month. xo Laura

Mereknits said...

Friends are just the best aren't they? It looks like both you and Denise were appropriately spoiled. And that car.....WOW!

Donna Wilkes said...

Wow, such a delightful luncheon - are you sure the car was not one of your gifts? Love the tote. You do know how to celebrate a birthday.

My thrift store addiction said...

Happy belated birthday Linda! What a delightful celebration! Blessings, Cecilia

Linda said...

Happy belated birthday to you, Linda! Looks like you had an amazing and fun time. Beautiful photos! :)

Susan said...

A Perfect Birthday Month! Love the theme and those happy smiles; life is too short not to laugh and be with friends, XOXO

Have a Daily said...

Well Happy Birthday to you! Milk it as long as you can girl. lol! What a fabulous party! Wonderful friends indeed. Love your gifts and that Wal-Mart tote is to die for. Gotta go see if I can get one! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

I think you've started a trend.... a birthday MONTH, not just a birthday DAY! Love your french-inspired gifts!!! Enjoy the last day of YOUR month!!!

Have a Daily said...

Linda, I'm looking for a tote at Walmart. No luck so far. Do u remember what depr. It was in?

Rue said...

Oh my goodness, Linda... that food! I'm ready to rummage my kitchen for something to shove in my mouth LOL

I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday :)


Pam Beers. said...

What a lovely birthday! All that scrumptious food made with love. Happy belated birthday.

Nancy's Notes said...

What a fabulous birthday party!Happy Belated BD! So much fun to see the photographs of all of you, the are great! You all look like you are having such a grand time! Oh my, the food looks delicious! Oh and must say, what a great looking car too!

Jenny said...

Wow. Just wow!

What a fabulous party...and such beautiful party goers!

Happy, happy belated birthday!

This was just so much fun to come and tag along!

Thank you for linking.


Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

A very happy Birthday to you Linda and was awesome to see Sandie!!! You and your Girlfriends are looking great!!