Thursday, June 11, 2015

D is for Downsizing!

The scary word that all collectors hate, but that at some point must be done!
Two years ago when I decided to move from a large home with a basement and this dedicated 'dish closet' I knew that some serious downsizing was needed.
Before I even packed to move, I started donating dishes and glassware!  It was hard, but I knew that it could not all go with me to my new 2 bedroom duplex.  This was the first of many donations.
The new dish closet was smaller and I needed to make some decisions about what to keep and what to donate.
Beautiful dishes that I love but no longer had room for or the time to play with...
Life changes and so must my priorities!
So I also took a look at my napkins (this is only one drawer of two) and my placemats and tablecloths
I have found myself doing fewer and fewer tablescapes so it's time to downsize these items also
This pile has been donated
 but I think it's time to do another edit! 
So many sets of glasses and this isn't even all of them!  So now I'm downsizing to this!
I do have some glasses in my kitchen cupboards but these are the seldom used glasses, but so loved and can't part with...yet! 

My home is a work in progress and two years later I've donated so many things but still have too much.  I'm proud of my progress but will continue to downsize until I feel I have a comfortable amount of possessions.
I'm still working on downsizing some of my collections but the 'orphans' have found a home in my kitchen so they seem safe for now! 

Have you been downsizing and how do you feel about it?  

I'm joining Jenny for Alphabe-Thursday 
and the letter D

Wishing you JOY,



Terra said...

I like downsizing in the sense that it is simplifying and I do a little of that from time to time. We also don't buy much unless it is useful or pretty. I am sure people are enjoying your donated china right now.

Vicky Hunt said...

I've started downsizing a little so far this summer. I am getting rid of lots of clothing. Things I never wear because I don't like the way they fit or they are itchy, etc. I am planning to downsize my dishes and things a little as well. I already had two huge boxes of stuff to dontae/consign, but I will be adding to it!. Have fun downsizing...:)


Vonlipi said...

Since were are moving, buying new treasures has been forbidden! We also donate lots and lots of things, sheet sets, dishes, clothes etc...

as soon as a box is donated I start a new one!

Hang in there!

Hugs Valerie xxx

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

It's so hard to pick and choose what needs to go and what has to stay. I love your cubby with all the sweet singles. I managed to purge part of our master bedroom closet last week, and it felt wonderful!!!

Gayle said...

Maybe this will help; it does for me.
You are not downsizing; you are rightsizing. Changing to what is right for you at this time.

Susan said...

Oh Linda. SOOOO hard to do. I've been thinking of it. And doing it little by little but there is still a TON of things to do. My gosh. Who could tell that downsizing was sooooooooo hard? Susan

Mimi said...

I just picked up the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up this week at the library. I apparently am the last person on the planet to find out about the KonMari approach to organizing, but it has struck a chord with me already. I like that the emphasis is on choosing what to KEEP and not what to discard. I'm finding that not a lot of my things spark "joy" in me. Ha! My son is worried that he may be carted to Goodwill next... :-)

Looks like you're doing a wonderful job!

Mereknits said...

God for you, letting go of beloved collections is not easy. I love those green glasses on the left side of your shelf, my Grandmother has them when I was growing up and I can still picture mixing up chocolate milk in them. Hugs,

Lynn said...

I love the term "right sizing" above. I'm trying to get to the 'gotta love it, gotta use it' point myself:@)

Rose L said...



I'm working in my craft room...going thru papers, stamps, embellishments, etc...and it is going pretty good. Having a garage sale and then donate what doesn't sell:) In one of the photos I saw LuRay dishes...that you already donated. Bummer, I am collecting them. Looks like you are getting a lot done.

Ruby Manchanda said...

I think I am a hoarder. Especially if the stuff is this pretty or close to me.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

A difficult and time consuming task. You have done great Linda. If I buy odd dishes I use them in a tablescape and then donate, don't keep like I used to. I've donated a lot this spring, and I consign, but I still like to hit the thrifts and sales, so it is easy to fill up again. That is the most difficult, not to replace what I got rid of. Oh, and for me, tablecloths don't count. :)

Sarah said...

Oh, Linda, I could have used this same word for my post. Ha!
Yes, I know about downsizing, though our move has been postponed for the foreseeable future.
At least I've started the process and made good headway. Lots of things donated, but like you I need to give it a good edit a few more times.

mrs. c said...

I appreciate all the treasures you gave me! I hope that you get to keep those things that you love. We are always the booth!

svelteSTUFF said...

I recently purged 1/2 of my white pottery (HAEGER!) - it's H.A.R.D. ...but you know what, I don't even miss it.
GOOD LUCK ~ Stay STRONG ~ You're doing GREAT!!

Susan said...

I know it has to happen--starting with my studio, then, the cookbooks, and finally some kitchen stuff, but honestly, don't we all tell us we can do it tomorrow. I admire your dedication. Happy Summer, dear friend, XOXO

Hartwood Roses said...

I have told you this before, and I tell you again ... right here where everyone can see it ... you are my downsizing HERO, Linda!! You are an inspiration to me in the infancy of my own downsizing journey, and I often think to myself, "What would Linda do?" She would drop that [whatever] into the donation box or find a way to use it, that's what she'd do. Thank you for inspiring me!

Barbara F. said...

Best thing I did, I HAD to do it for financial reasons, and I have never looked back! Once I discovered blogging, I started shopping! Bad I am now cleaning out once again. But certainly not as bad as before. Guess I learned a few lessons.

Annesphamily said...

Linda, you are a dear heart! I say downsize and I shiver! LOL! But I do admit when Jeremy bought his home and moved some of his things out I opened up a tiny bit of space int he garage. We are getting better at downsizing. It is just so darn hard. I wish I were closer to you, I would at least helped you downsize the table linens. I seem to never have enough when I have the kids all here together.

Haver a great weekend and catch up on the kiddos please! xo Anne

20 North Ora said...

I hate downsizing! I love all of my "stuff" and just shutter to think about getting rid of any of it. I keep telling Tiffany it'll all be hers someday and then she starts to shutter!! LOL

Proud of what you have accomplished.


Betty said...

I want to downsize. I start and never finish. When I moved here two years ago I knew I'd never want to lug everything to another house again. Although this house is bigger it's more open and has lots of windows. I have less space to hang stuff! Weeks ago I dragged boxes out of the closet. Lots of pictures and sentimental stuff that I have no room for now. I need to make decisions and hang what I'm keeping.

I also started going through dolls and doll stuff. I put things I want to get rid of in a box and then end up taking them out! I'm constantly changing my mind. It might be hopeless.

Give yourself a pat on the back! You've done well.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

No doubt others are now treasuring the dishes, napkins, glassware, and other items that you've donated. The Husband and I have downsized from a 3-bedroom house to a 2-bedroom apartment to two rooms in the Mama's house. Most of our belongings are still in storage after 12 years. Whenever I open a box, it feels like Christmas. But, it's time to begin letting go of more stuff.
The View from the Top of the Ladder

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

I'm in the process of downsizing too...I've simply run out of room! No more hiding places, no more shelves, no more. So I'm starting this process too...and it ain't easy or pretty. I worry will someone who buys/finds them love them as much as me?

Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel said...

You've done so great Linda. I know it can be hard deciding what to keep and what to donate. I purged a lot of stuff years ago and really don't like too much clutter. I love to collect things, but I also loce to sell them. It's the hunt that I really enjoy I guess, and saving things. Only the really special things stay around for a long time. In my house if things are coming in then things have to be going out. Every spring and fall I feel the need to purge with abandon, and it's very liberating.

noexcuses said...

Great post,and I can see from the comments how you have inspired others! I had to downsize...quickly...about a year ago. My kids were not interested in most of the stuff. It was so painful and many tears were shed, but it all came down to the fact that "it's just stuff!" I donated most of it, but like you, find it hard to let go of so many memories. It can be done, and the feeling of accomplishment is like no other! Thank you for sharing! Stopping by from Jenny Matlock.

Monica said...

Wow...a dish CLOSET! I don't like to downsize, but you're doing a great job!

Art and Sand said...

When we moved from our big two story house to this little cottage I purged so much. There are a few things I regret getting rid of, but certainly I can continue a happy life without them.

Good luck.

Deanies Stash said...

I am in the process of downsizing my stash of stuff to sell. I am going through it and if it is a project that I might not get to, it is going. It is a hard process. You have done great.


Jenny said...

I am forever downsizing. Some things I'm just still so attached to. I keep reminding myself that it's only stuff.

You are an inspiration, though!

You have definitely done the downsizing deed proud!

Thanks for linking to the letter D.


Jenny said...

Hi Linda. I am in the market for the pyrex square round serving bowls with lids. I had two and used them all the time but my husband had a little 'accident' and shattered all four pieces.

Started to look to order from etsy or e-bay and then thought of you and thought I'd ask you first!