Sunday, June 14, 2015

Art Project Weeks 20,21 & 22

I am still doing the Art Project and enjoying it.
I found myself getting far behind but caught up on all the weeks in May.

May Challenge
Touchy Feely (Texture)

Week 20
Art Challenge: Modeling Paste
Journal Prompt: Rising to the Occasion

Modeling paste is expensive but they gave us recipes to make homemade, which is what I did.
Baking soda, glue, paint and water
Then I used a stencil and put it on the page with a plastic knife
It dried pretty quickly and was a bit chalky but still lots of texture
I wanted to spray some paint, so put a few drops of color in a spray bottle and watered it down
It worked great!
I used pink and a purple.  Added hot pink arrows and my journal entry was 'Rise Up To Your Life'
I sprayed it with Hairspray to hopefully set the paste.

Week 21
Art Prompt: Cheesecloth
Journal Prompt:  Say Cheese
I didn't have cheese cloth but instead used a gauze bandage I had and spray painted it green.
I used the pink spray paint again and then sponged paint on the page using a new stencil I bought.  I really like the shape of this flower.
I used the green gauze as leaves shaping it with mod podge.  
I added a smiling photo of my daughter Sara and 'Say Cheese' was done!

Week 22
Art Challenge: Textured Paper
Journal Prompt:  I'm So Not Feeling It

This was a fun page for me!  I started with some gorgeous handmade paper with leaves in it for some really good texture.  Then I layered different kinds of paper and dictionary page pieces, mod podging as I went along.
I also had some washi tape and brown paper I added
My finished page! 

I enjoyed May's pages very much! 
On to the June Challenges!

Wishing you JOY,


The Documented Life Project can be found


Vicky Hunt said...

I am so happy you stuck with this project...:) I just had too many irons in the fire as they say to stick with it. I do enjoy looking at your projects though! They all look great...very creative. Hope you're having a lovely Sunday!


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Good for you for taking the time to catch up with your art projects. Great job, Linda. My favorite is the pretty pink flowers with Sara's picture.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I wish I was artistic but alas I am not, you, however, are quiet good at it


I think it cool that you are doing this...projects outside of your comfort zone!

dianne said...

Are the Art Projects something you give yourself to do, or is it an organized group or class with assigned things to work on? I do love looking at your work.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Dianne, you are a no reply blogger so I hope you stop by and see this answer to your question. This is an online project called 'The Documented Life Project'. It is hosted by some very talented artists. I have learned so much. Here is the link if you would like to check it out.

Susan said...

Oh my goodness, Linda.You come up with some very creative art pages! So wonderful to use your imagination, isn't it, and come out with a lovely creation. Susan

dianne said...

Thank you for your quick reply. i visited the site and it looks very interesting. I don't know what a no reply blogger is, but that is o.k.

Teresa@magazineyourhome said...

You are so creative Linda, loved the project with the baking soda!

Art and Sand said...

I definitely need to take an art class.

Consider It All Joy said...

I truly love these Linda! I especially like #20 with the modeling paste but as I continued to view all of them, I liked them all! You are really doing a great job and seeming to enjoy it more and more! Thank you for sharing your art journey! Blessings, Cindy

Diana Petrillo said...

I've enjoyed seeing all your art pages on facebook, Linda. I can tell you're having fun with it and your artwork is just lovely. I'm going to have to get the recipe for the modeling paste. Such a clever idea using a stencil to apply it. Love the flower stencil by the way :) Hope the rest of your week is terrific--