Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thrifty Birthday Finds!

I love vintage and thrifty things!  
As I shopped this month I found some birthday gifts for myself!
I love vintage pottery planters and this one is super sweet!  I love the larger size and the green glaze.  Found at Habitat for Humanity it was $1
I have this great collection of Avon bunny items and these two plates were a great find.  I have one already so this makes three!  Each plate was .77 and a super bargain!
I found this transferware egg cup at my local thrift shop.  It was $2 and I couldn't wait to scoop it up.
Made in England it is a great addition for my collection.
Books always make me happy.  The vintage children's book was .25 and the novel was .50
Another red plaid thermos for my small collection and only $1
Not vintage, but these IKEA bowls are perfect for Grandchildren snacks and for .50 came home with me!
I had to have this cute little jar!  I found it at GW for .89 (has a Target tag) and I will add I love??? why Paris of course!

I've been having a great Birthday Month! 
I have some new Birthday gifts to share soon.
Tiger did make me a cake!  It was yummy!
I love carrot cake, so that is what he made.  After taking a bite, he said "Grandma, I don't like this cake but I am happy you like it" now that's a good kiddo.  He loves carrots, so I think it was spice cake part he didn't care for.  I'll pick chocolate next year! 

Tomorrow I join my crazy Atlanta Blogger friends for a fun Birthday Lunch at Sue's (links to the party in 2013 and you really should take a look).  I share a June birthday with Denise so she and I will be the Birthday girls.  It will be a blast I can guarantee it!

Wishing you Joy,



Vicky Hunt said...

You found some awesome gifts! Nothing better than finding something that makes your heart happy and only paying pennies for it...:) The plaid thermos is adorable. I'm always on the lookout for one and some day I'm going to get lucky...lol! Have fun with your friends celebrating your special day...again!


Barbara F. said...

Wow, Linda, you scored big. I am always amazed at the prices, here they would be ten times, not kidding! Love the egg cup and the bunny plates especially. Tiger's cake looks awesome. I enjoy carrot cake but of course my favorite would be chocolate. lol. Have fun at Sue's, I know it will be a blast.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What fun you've had! Love the family photo and your special cake. Maybe just imagining a cake made out of veggies throws it off! haha! Love the sweet Golden book of course and all of your fun finds. Have a great time with friends! Wish I was there! Hugs Sis, Diane

Shelia said...

Hi Linda! OH, love all of your findings and the Birthday Cake looks good! Cute little Tiger. Aren't the things they say so funny sometimes? Have a ball with your friends.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Marigene said...

You always find great things. ♥♥♥ the green planter...it really large. I always look for vintage green or aqua planters when out thrifting.
The bunny plates are really cute.
Tiger looks so happy showing off the cake.

Lynn said...

So glad you found some goodies Linda and I'm sure you'll have a blast tomorrow! That last pic, Tiger sure looks like his mom to me:@)


How sweet that Tiger made you a birthday cake :) Have fun with the blogging friends.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Some pretty great finds

Sarah said...

Wish I were in Atlanta so I could join you for a birthday lunch. Sounds like fun!
Glad you found some thrifty finds. That makes shopping fun. '-)

Jojo said...

Happy birthday Linda!!!

Simple and serene living Laura Walker said...

Can't wait to move to Georgia and start searching the thrift stores there. Have a fun birthday lunch with your friends. xo Laura

Susan said...

Fun, fun, fun Linda. I'm so glad you celebrate your birthday for an entire month! I love to do that, too. Susan

Angela ~ Call Her Blessed said...

Birthday blessings =)
I love the red plaid thermos!
Great find.

Chatty Crone said...

What a beautiful picture there of you and your family - I love carrot cake! See you tomorrow.

Melanie said...

I love that planter you found - and at such a fabulous price! Love the bunny plates, too...I have the bunny candle holders. How sweet that Tiger made you a cake and what he said about it. :-)

Diana Petrillo said...

Hi Linda! You found yourself some wonderful birthday presents :) The bunny plates and egg cup are just darling, and I could use that planter right about now--I've got plants galore right now. Happy, Happy Birthday month (it's my sweet husband's, too)! I know you'll have a terrific time with your blogging buddies--

Art and Sand said...

I love the little bunny dishes.

And, I can't believe how big Tiger looks.

Prosecco and Polka Dots said...

Happy Birthday Linda! Your gifts look lovely and you got exactly what you wanted !!! You sure do like a very happy G ma.

Susan said...

Oh Linda...Happy Birthday!! Your finds are just spectacular, as usual. Tiger is getting so big; does he like being a brother? Hope your day was perfect--sure looks that way with all the happy faces, XOXO

Vonlipi said...

Those bunny plates are adorable! The glazed green vase too!

Happy B-Day again! :)



Jill said...

Great bargains, Linda!!!

Keep on celebrating that birthday!!!

bj said...

Love all your finds...especially the plaid thermos....:)
Tell Tiger I'm not crazy about carrot cake either.

Donna Wilkes said...

Love the egg cup and the Thermos. Tiger is a great kid to bake a cake he does not like for someone he loves.