Sunday, February 21, 2010


Saturday morning was one of those beautiful February days we sometimes get in Georgia.  Cool but with the sun shining and a promise of a warming day.  We head out early after a stop for coffee, I love those machines in the QT that give you the Vanilla Cappuccino! Moving onward to Chattanooga, TN.  We are headed to the other side of the mountain and a small town where we are to pick up a tube tester that my DH has bought.  The man has told us it is his Grandfathers and that he once had a TV shop and they are now selling off all these old electronics.  DH is a old radio guy (or a guy who likes old radios) and loves all these old electronics so it's a exciting trip for him.  Me, well it's a beautiful day and there is a promise of stopping at a few Thrifts on the way home.
We arrive and while waiting for the man to meet us we start looking around.  It's an old building, with a huge amount of 'stuff' everywhere.  I see this old tractor with a snowplow blade and I think that would make a good photo...
While the men are looking over all the electronic stuff I continue to wander around and take photos of all this great rusty stuff


Then I spy this box and well the lid is off and so I peek inside
Lots of just junk but also I see a few treasures
I inquire if they are for sale and he says make me an offer 
I did and picked out five items for $5!

This item below is the one we drove up here for...
He is pleased with his purchase of this tube tester and is making a pile of other stuff to buy, he is a happy 'picker' right now

This was just a small portion of the stuff he was sorting through
I go back to snooping, I mean looking  and I find some other items that look fun to photograph...
Very cool canning jar lids


Just laying there in the dirt

 This is one very cool, very rusty & dirty lantern

 I am in love with all it's rusty coolness!  Can it be bought?  Yes!!
So I bring home six items including my lantern for $6
Oil & Vinegar with a salt & pepper shaker
Cute little 'dutch' boy planter 

Such fun finds.... DH finds several items and he is happy as we load up the car....

This is really 'guy stuff' and I have no idea what it all is but there were lots of little smiles of happiness on his face so I guess it was some really good finds.......we enjoyed our pickin in Tennessee! 
 Ya'll come back now!



Mimi said...

Linda, looks like you made out pretty should have bought the tractor with the snowplow...never know when you will need it!
What is the cute little figure with the black cap, is it a vase?
Have a great week

Chatty Crone said...

You had yourself one exciting adventure.

I have no idea what DH 'stuff' was - my FIL was into ham radios - is that the same?

But I loved your 'stuff'. What are you going to do what that lantern? I bet you will do something wonderful.

Wasn't the weather gorgeous?


Douce France..... said...

That sound like so much fun!
I also try to ask sometime, they can only say no..
Nice buy! I read somewhere that tractor seat are very collectable???
Have a nice evening,

KarenSue said...

Great junk! We would have lots of fun junking together.
Have a good Monday!

Leah@storybookranch said...

How fun! I love that Dutch Boy planter.

Polly said...

Looks like such fun! You did well with your purchases!



Julie Schuler said...

What a lot of great stuff!

Debbie said...

Now that is what I call thrifting!!~ I love that stuff, and once cleaned up you have yourself some cool items......

Chatty Crone said...

Come visit my blog for a little 'sunshine' today. sandie

Carol............. said...

You did hit the jackpot! What fun treasures to find.





Chickens in the Basement said...

That sounds like so much fun! I love rummaging through old barns...if only I had the nerve to knock on doors and ask to look around.

Paige said...

They should have let you do a guest spot on the show "Pickers"! I love the lantern and Dutch boy planter. Glad you found some good stuff!

Jenny said...

Linda! I love this! Please come link it! I love this! Oh man. I gotta come visit you! We can go junkin' all day! Totally awesome!

Joyce said...

Your junk looks pretty good to me and the little dutch boy is so cute. What a fun day you and hubby had picking up your junk/treasures. It sure was a nice day weather wise on Saturday. I think that Spring may be coming shortly:)

Kathy said...

Hi Linda...Thanks for stopping by!...always enjoy your visits.
Wow...$6 bucks for all your treasures!!! What a fun sunny Georgia day...glad you had so much fun, have a great week my friend,
xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Shelia said...

Hi Linda and thank you for popping in to see me. Oh, how much fun to find all of these olden things. I'm in love with that little dutch boy vase.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Wow, you found lots of goodies and a great price! I love finding old stuff like that and it's kinda hard to do these days!


Diann said...

Well Linda, it looks like you and DH had a great day finding some treasures! I love the old laterns as well. I have two that were my grandpa's and until just recently were part of our living room decor. They still work just fine. I also did a little dumpster diving this past summer and retrieve an old latern for Troy. It needed a new mantle but now works great and is at our trailer.

Claudie said...

Probably cost you a fortune in gas to get there, but when you can get to pick in Tennessee...I say why not.
Here's hoping that Julie and find some treasures along our route.
Did you watch Jake tonight? I'm sure him and Ali get together.. that stupid Roselyn, what's with her?
My tooth hurts. Thank god it's a fake crown. My next appointment isn't till March 1st. Unreal.
Love Ya
I like the little dutch boy the best : )

Troy said...

Every guy should have a tube tester. I remember our first TV was given to us by a neighbor who moved and didn't want to move it, it had a bad tube and my dad took them out one at a time and took them in to be tested.

When I studied electronics in trade school, tubes were almost obsolete, and transistors were cutting edge.

Now, transistors are obsolete.

I hate to admit I have lived through three entire generations of technology.

Amy said...

Don't you just love days like that!!!?

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

I am seriously loving the finds, girl!

My Book Barn said...

Looks like you had a great time & got some really nice treasures! Congrats! Wishing you many more great picks ahead!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog! I love old stuff too and love the dirty lantern. Clean that baby up and it'll be very cool!!