Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Keeping UP

I have been super busy the last few months, no job so I'm sleeping, reading, watching TV and just doing all those exciting life fulfilling things I've longed to do........ NOT! so OK, I've indulged myself long enough time to get life on the move again.
Jobs are just not there right now and I'm OK with it. I'm able to live on what I'm getting on UnEmployment and I've got a lead on a job after the first of the year (fingers crossed). But till then I have realized I need to keep moving forward and not stagnating. Recently I have been reading many a BLOG about Thrifting, Junking and Collecting and I have become inspired again. I have decided to try to Blog more and share my thrift store finds and enjoy meeting new friends in the Blog world, makes me feel not alone! So thanks to the comments on my last post and I am going to continue to post and 'Keep up' with things.


Jingle said...

I'm glad you are okay with things as they are for now. That is the best way to move through it! I understand, as my husband was out of work for almost a full year.

Keetha Broyles said...

I'm sorry you are out of work. But I gotta be honest - - - there are DAYS at school when I WISH I was.

Then again, there are those OTHER days - - -

I hope the right job comes your way soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you lost your job, and sorry for all the others who did, too. I hope you keep up the great attitude and enjoy this period of time for yourself. Take care,

Diann said...

Hi! I can relae to being out of work. I got laid off and have been living the thrifty lifestyle for awhile now. I look forward to seeing what finds you come up with!

Have a wonderful weekend!