Sunday, November 8, 2009


Just when we make plans, things happen! I was petting my beloved cat Charlie and I felt a lump on his side near his left rear leg. I was stunned, this was a large lump, golf ball size at least. Next morning took him to our wonderful vet and after the exam he said we needed to remove it. Surgery took place on Friday and Charlie who is 10 years old did just great. Dr Varner got it all and said it looked benign. I brought Charlie home yesterday and he has a huge incision site. BUT....he is doing great! Alert unless I've just given him his pain meds and moving around like a champ. So I'm very thankful he is doing so well!
I am having a hard time figuring out how to download photos from my camera to this computer so I can start posting. Frustrated is the word. But soon....I hope this will add some followers to my Blog

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Diann said...

I am so glad to hear Charlie is better and doing good! I know how much stress and heartache we go through when our furry little friends are going through pain.