Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back To Regular Life!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments about my trip to Paris.  I'm home and rested and ready to get back to regular life!
I've been spending lots of great time with Tiger and enjoying it so much.  His parents have been planning to buy him a new bed to give him more play space in his room.  I've been saving my change for a long time and decided to use it to help get Tiger a new bed!
This bed from IKEA is a perfect solution and it was on sale!
It isn't very high, but it gives him a perfect play place!
Tiger loves it of course! 
I had an IKEA Malm dresser that looks great and gives Tiger clothes storage!
Mom and Dad also got him a new bookcase
from IKEA
He loves his room!

I have enjoyed many of the IKEA pieces I've bought over the years. 
This TV stand is one I've had for several years
I wanted to get a new entertainment center with bookcases and more storage but found the cost too much for my small budget.  While looking at the IKEA catalog I found that I could add BILLY bookcases in the same finish as my TV stand and make a wall unit.  At $80 each that was affordable so I had Sara & Blake pick them up for me
to replace these thrift shop bookcases I had been using in the living room.
(Charlie checking out the new shelves)
My wonderful son-in-law Blake put them together for me!
They were taller then I expected but I am so happy!
Just add the shelves where I want them and fill!
I have a lot more 'tweaking' to do but I think I'm really going to enjoy these shelves.  
I will need something over the TV to balance out the tall bookcases...ideas?

**Ideas so far:  a board connecting the bookcases, I think this would be hard to match the wood but a good idea.  A large clock and I do like that idea but they seem expensive.  My idea is to have one of my Eiffel Tower photos that is very architectural made into a canvas and hang that....keep the ideas coming!**  

I'm joining 

Wishing you JOY,



20 North Ora said...

Linda - If you have someone that can do it, run a board across the bookshelf, the open space and the other bookshelf and then add crown moulding atop it. It'll make it look like all one piece and not quite so open in the middle.

Bet Tiger loves his room. A perfect bed for a little boy!


Vonlipi said...

Tiger is growing up soooo fast!

I bet he loves his spiffy new room.

I'm with Judy, it would look great with a board on top of it, uniting the 2 tall book shelves.

Or you could wall mount the tv, but I have no idea how much it costs.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

I know Linda that you'll always keep your fond memories of Paris!! but now you can start planning for another journey!
Tiger has a WONDERFUL new bedroom at your house!! WOW!! bet he doesn't ever want to go home!!
What a neat bed and tent and bookshelves!

Lynn@Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Lovin' Tiger's new bed Linda! I'm sure he feels like such a big boy climbing up and the roads/town on the bottom are just too fun:@)

Kathe said...

So happy to have you back!! Tiger's room looks like so much fun for a growing boy :-) And, you know I love my Ikea in my office!! Oh and I forgot, our new TV console is from Ikea too! Love how you can keep adding to them!! Looking forward to seeing more of your new place too :-)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I bet he does like his new bed - perfect for a little boy. They love to climb.

Nancy Carr said...

I would add a really big round clock in the middle of the bookcases above the TV. Blessings

Anonymous said...

Oh wow wouldn't you have loved a bed like that when you were a kid?! I know Tiger loves it! And your new bookcases look really good flanking the TV cabinet.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I think a grouping of your Paris photos all framed in the same frames would be beautiful and something you would really enjoy! Love that cute boy bed, too! Sweet hugs!

Nellie said...

Tiger's bed reminds me of the arrangement our grandson has, only his bed didn't come from IKEA. I've never shopped at one of those stores, but one of our daughters has and really loves it!

I'd need to add another book shelf above the TV.:-)

xo Nellie

Vicky Hunt said...

Lovin' Tiger's new bed and your new shelves. I love IKEA and wish I were just a little closer! I keep hoping they will build one in Tallahassee one day so I can go when I visit my daughter. Love the idea of having a canvas made....:)

Blessings, Vicky
Life On Willie Mae Lane

Chatty Crone said...

Tiger's room is AWESOME! I know you will always have Paris in your heart and Tiger too - he is so cute. I want to see some Paris pictures!!!

Melanie said...

Welcome home! What a cute new bed Tiger has. We have some IKEA furniture and really like it; it actually holds up pretty well for inexpensive stuff. As for what to put above the TV on the wall, I'm thinking one large statement piece - some kind of sculptural element or a clock. Or, you could mount the TV on the wall.

Sarah said...

What a fun new bed for Tiger. Just look at the smile on his sweet face. '-)

Art and Sand said...

Ikea is great.

My two favorite Ikea purchases are my Ektorp sofa that I recently sold and my Expedit.

Susan said...

Ohhhhh, Tiger's bed is adorable, Linda.Just adorable.

I'd put a big, colorful painting on the wall above the tv OR a very pretty mirror to reflect light.

Welcome back to your USA life, filled with beautiful memories of Paris! Susan

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

What a perfect bed for Tiger. Love all the storage space underneath and the shelves on the side. I'm sure he loves it.

Shelia said...

Hi Linda! Oh, how sweet to get the bed for little Tiger. It's so cute and I see the joy on his little face! Now I love your bookcases you've gotten. You're going to love them. I'm happy for you and appreciate your friendship, sweet friend.
Shelia ;)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

A normal life... how sweet that sounds after the summer we've had with Mom's death, my accident (am trying to type with a broken hand), etc. This is my first attempt at blogging all summer, and we shall see how the hand holds up. I feel so thankful that things are healing nicely.

I'm happy you had fun on your trip and love seeing your pics of Tiger. His bed is really cool, and I love your bookcase set up. I think I would put a large painting there, Linda. I would echo the shape of the bookcases with it. Or maybe a mirror. I just love art, and a mirror might be busy depending on what it is reflecting from the other side of the room. I would love some sort of Andy Warhol type poster of Tiger up there. Something fun and colorful of your sweet little guy.

Sending you hugs across the miles.



Diann said...

Tiger's new bed is awesome! I bet he just loves it. And your book cases are perfect. It gives you space to "play"!

Ivy and Elephants said...

What a cute and perfect bed for a little boy! He must adore it. What a cutie!

scott7258 said...

Hang a blown-up photo of whatever makes you happy to enjoy every day, all day long in that room! Mary

Sue said...

love the t.v. wall!! I think you should get a big clock.Ikea has a fabulous one and I believe I just saw it online on sale for maybe $39 down from $50...they also have that beautiful large aqua one that we saw when you and me were there....I think that was $50 also....that might add a nice punch of color.

Van said...

The bedroom is adorable, always loved that set from IKEA. Playing catch-up on your blog, jealous of the Paris trip!

Claudia said...

I have plans to order two of those bookcases for the den - in white. Hopefully they can house some books until the day I can get built-in bookcases for the den. Tiger looks awfully happy with his new things.


Debra at HOMESPUN: http://www.thehomespun.com said...

You need a picture of Tiger over the TV, of course! :)

I just LOVE his bed and the room colors and decor ...so vibrant and cheerful and HAPPY! :)

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

How about an old window with photos in every pane? I do like your idea of a canvas, too.

Tiger's got the perfect room for a little boy! I bet he loves his new big boy bed!

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Linda said...

Hi Linda,
Love Tiger's new bed, etc! I, too, love Ikea furnishings! As for an idea above your tv, I would not recommend any type of painting or print. Reason is that the brain has difficulty deciding where to focus (tv or artwork?). We just experienced this in our apartment with our new HD tv. When you watch television you want to relax, not start a "conflict." You will think of something or maybe just leave it "white space." Success ;) Linda@Wetcreek Blog

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