Thursday, October 26, 2017


I can't believe how October has flown by!  Life is busy busy and yet there has been some time for reflection.
I did dig out my one bin of Fall/Halloween decor and put up a few things in the cubbies.
I love the colored glass and this will stay until Christmas but the Halloween bears and owl will go back in the bin soon!  Maybe a few Thanksgiving items will take their place. 
My favorite witch is out with some lovely handmade pumpkins 
I can't seem to take a decent photo lately.  I guess I need to get out my 'better' camera.
These two continue to bring me such JOY!
Tiger is 6 going on 16 his Mother says! He is doing well in school and just getting to be such a big boy.  He has started calling me Grammie which I love!  
Scout at 2 and half is a tall girl and so smart! She is a mixture of rough and tumble and girly girl!  Her favorite color is pink!  I have such a good time buying her clothes and indulging her princess personality!
This little girl just celebrated her one year Gotcha Day!  She has brought much love into my life.  She has turned into a complete snuggle kitty.
I love this little face and those eyes!
Annie Belle I'm glad we found each other!

I haven't done much watercolor painting
I am happy with how this tree turned out!
I was happy with this wreath until I tried to add 'give thanks' to the middle and then I ruined it.  I need to practice before I try this again.  I'm hoping to make some Christmas gifts this year.
I have been having some health issues and would ask for your prayers
After my gallbladder surgery over a year ago I was feeling really good.  Then this past July I had an episode of pain that sent me to the ER.  They said it wasn't pancreatitis which was my fear but didn't give me any diagnosis.  The pain went away and I was just trying to be careful of fats in my diet.  Then about 3 weeks ago I had another 'attack'.  Almost as painful but this time it has been up and down in intensity.  I had blood work done which showed that my pancreas and liver functions are fine.  Monday I had an MRI to check to see if I have stones or some other blockage in my bile duct or whatever else is in there!  I'm waiting on the results.  As of now my pain comes and goes but the discomfort seems to be constant.  I've been eating but very small meals and very low fat hoping that will help.  All this has taken a toll on me.  No energy and doing much of anything has been hard.  We really need an answer to this.  Mom and I have a big trip planned for Thanksgiving for a family reunion in Texas.  She will see her brother and sisters and visit other family also.  We are praying that whatever is going on with me doesn't cancel this trip.  So prayers and good thoughts appreciated! 

Wishing you JOY,


oldgreymareprimitives said...

As I was reading i was thinking how "upbeat you sounded and that i would write so glad to see things going so well and then I came to the final paragraphs. Oh NO! I'm sorry you've been hurting. It sucks. You know i just came through my issues. It's scary and frustrating esp when they cannot tell you what is wrong! Sending up some prayers. Big hug

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Big hug from me too! Dang it, get better!

I think your favorite witch is my favorite too. And I think we will start celebrating Gotcha Day with our crew, I love that!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I'm sorry you're having pain. They do need to figure out what this is. Hopefully more tests will hone in on what it is. That little granddaughter Scout is growing like a weed!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear you have been having these pains. I was hoping once you recovered from the gallbladder all would be much better. Hopefully the MRI doesn't find anything really serious and they can resolve this soon for you and make you feel better. And I was thinking the same as others, your blog post was so peppy and then.. illness news. Dang it. And WOW, Scout is going to sprouting! But she may be like I was as child; I was tallest in my elementary classes until I was in 6th grade and I stopped ....everybody passed me by! I was 5'3" by 11 years old! But then only grew 1 more inch as a teen. Ha! So Scout may do the same. Anyways, please BE WELL and GET BETTER SOON.
Dawn P.

Cheapchick said...

I hope you are feeling better soon, so much frustration when they can't dermine what is wrong with you

Lynn said...

I hope you're feeling better soon Linda, I know you're all looking forward to that trip:@)

Cheri said...

I was wondering what was going on with you and I am sorry to hear you are having some health issues. Hopefully the MRI will give you some answers. Prayers are being sent to you and good juju.

Those Grands of yours are just as adorable as can be and you are right...they bring us so much joy. Annie Belle...well I am glad that you found each other. A pet helps so much when you are living alone (even if they can't talk back). They are good company. My MIL just got (the other day) an 8 week old Doberman puppy because she lost hers this past summer and she was lonely.

Hope you can still do your trip. Please let me know what the MRI says. Thinking of you.

Big hugs...

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm so sorry about your health issues. I hope you find out what exactly is causing the pain my friend. I'll keep you in my prayers and hope you get to make the big trip. I love your tree AND wreath. Your art is beautiful and I know it gives you joy...just like that precious grands and your kitty. Sweet hugs Sis, Diane

Chatty Crone said...

Oh Linda - I didn't know you were sick - I am so sorry. I hope they find out what it is - let us know when you find out. I wonder what it could be. I hope that you get to go on your trip. The kids are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sandie

Donna said...

Hi Linda,
So sorry to hear you're having health issues. How frustrating to have so many tests and no answers yet. Praying you feel better soon! Love the pics of your grandkids and sweet kitty:)!

Junkchiccottage said...

Sorry about your health issues and not getting any answers. That has to be so frustrating. Hoping that you will get some answers soon. Love the pictures of the grands. Scout is a tall girl for 2.5 years old. What a cutie pie. Have a great rest of the week and wonderful weekend. Hope you feel better.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Prayers Linda and hugs and love.

mary scott said...

A friend started feeling bad off and on. Nothing could be found by the doctors. Turns out that cutting out gluten has made all the difference. If she eats anything with gluten, she feels ill again. Hope you are well enough to make that Thanksgiving trip. Love your kitty & your watercolor tree. Can't believe how big Scout is now. Hug from me too!

Jeanie said...

Oh Linda, I am SO sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. Fortunately you are doing all the right things and hopefully your current tests will reveal results and soon. It certainly is frustrating when you are out there doing your best for it and still nothing concrete. Of course you have prayers!

Loved all the photos -- fun to see your art. (I gave up trying to letter with watercolor and now use Pitt Pens. Sort of a copout, maybe -- or maybe not. And the pics of the kids and your adorable Annie Belle are wonderful. What joy. That's something good to grab onto while you are waiting for your results. Hope they are soon,.


Praying that the dr will find out what is going on and that you will enjoy the family gathering. Your grands are growing up! It's fun to watch them. I really like the fall tree you painted!!

Vonlipi said...

Dear Linda, my prayers are with you.

I am hoping this is just a little scare and nothing serious.

Funny that we've never met, yet I care so much about you well being.

stay safe my friend

Valerie xxxx

Rose L said...

Praying that you have an answer to your pain so you can treat it. I do also hope it does not impede your trip. Lovely family and my, how the grads are growing! The watercolor tree is lovely, too.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Really enjoyed your October catch up Linda, until I came to the end. Sorry you have health problems. Have had my share this year, and it certainly affects enjoying life. Sending prayers for you.

Can't believe how big your adorable grands have gotten! Love your display. I'm almost ready to switch out for some Thanksgiving decor myself. Take Care!

Melanie said...

Happy post with lovely goings-on until I read the end. I am so sorry to hear about these health problems you're having. Please keep us posted as to what's going on. I'm worried about you. xoxo

Art and Sand said...

Oh, dear! I hope you get some answers soon.

Mereknits said...

Linda, I am sending you prayers for good test results and an easy solution to the pain. Hang in there.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well, Linda! I hope the doctors can help you soon.
Your little grandchildren are beautiful and fun-loving...I know they bring you great joy!

Nancy Blue Moon said...

You are so lucky to have those precious grand kids Linda...Scout does look very tall for her age...and sweet Annie Belle...don't you wonder how people give up such sweet pets?..Oh well...lucky for you that they did I guess...So sorry that you are having pain problems again...I know that mind of misery and I wish you some answers and relief soon...Your watercolors are very pretty...take care Linda...